There are still few active accounts in Ancymonki guild. We need an officer account to be able to kick out inactive players and invite active ones instead. This way we will have a chance to become strong guild, otherwise this quild will be dead in few weeks.

So far there is only one sergant but no use of him except accepting guild quests.

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Proposed guild merger - PLEASE READ.

So as we have discussed with some of you in the Guild chat in-game, in order to have stronger, more active, more organized guild we are proposing the guild merger.

Who is this other guild?

They are the creators of well-known website (who doesn't know this site yet I encourage to check it out, many useful info and video), ran by a family of active MMHO gamers. 

What have they built already in their province?

Initiative shrine complete (we have it too)
Magic shrine complete (we have it too)
Luck shrine complete (we have 90% complete)
Creatures defence shrine 50% complete (we have 15% complete)
Heroic support shrine 20% complete (we have 0%)
Spirit shrine 70% complete (we have 0%)

Scribes and Runestones traders (we have it too)

Expedition Gate 1 open (we have it too)
Expedition Gate 2 33% complete (we have 20% complete)

Dwelling building 1 complete, producing Shadow Lurkers
Dwelling 2 for Thunderbirds in early stages
Dwelling 3 for Faceless in early stages
(we don't have even decided nor started any of the Dwellings)

We have Traders' alley for 5-20lvl artefacts though (they don't), which, let's admit, is pretty useless. 

But that's just buildings. Let's talk about community.

They have at minimum 10+ active friendly strong (30lvl+ all) members online at any time (well maybe except at night), we at best have up to 10 at the time, mostly it's 2-3 of us online.

They have active guild leaders, who organize daily Raids and Expeditions.

They have active and running website along with comment section to discuss doings and make announcements. 

What do we (proponents of the merger) propose?

We move to the other guild, approx. estimation is, if all of us (who are active) move, we make full roster there. They have a rule about 1 main + 1 alt acc if needed, however the rule is flexible, we'll see what we can do if someone wants to move more (strong) alts. 

What would happen with the current guild?

It stays. It would be used for our weaker alts, and for those who are still lower level players and could not fully participate in Raids or Expeditions in the main guild. With time rotation will be possible.

What would happen with buildings in our current province?

They stay, we just don't contribute towards them any more. If there's a wish, our alts could continue on building shrines, but for the forseeable future resources would go towards our new home at Fabled Dreamers guild.

What is exactly Fabled Dreamers?

Do they have any rules?

Yes. Mandatory 100 crystals/day donation to the Province buildings. Also during the events donating at least few Champion creatures would show unity. 

Also there are daily raids/expeditions at 3-4PM CET, but obviously participation is not required. You are free to do as you want, it would just a bigger pool of players to party with.

Also you can check website of what they are discussing, what kind of artefacts they are trying to complete.

How exactly the process of moving would go?

At first we will need to leave our current guild, and after 24hrs we will be able to join the new one. 

Everything is already discussed with the Fabled Dreamers, we (old Ancymonki members) would have representation in Officers ranks, we would form one strong helpful active community.

So, if you have any questions, comments or suggestions, feel free to respond. Your opinion is important, as nothing has yet been decided, only proposed. 

Edit: Move is in process, more info and details in guild chat.
Fabled Dreamers -
Fabled Dreamers -

Hi, I started to collect activity list and keeping list updated for a week.

After that, we need to discuss about what to do nonactives etc.

Any info about alts would be great.



Activity number (alts included) 26/50

- R4mpachi

















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