CHR Mikrotik IPsec performance

Hi, folks! had very slow VPN IPSec site2site performance! ~20mbits

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boleh minta tutorial mtcna yang tingkat lanjut atau dasar

Good Morning !
I would like to know how do I use Routerboard as a wireless router, but I want to use it on a standard router for telephony, because the signal is weak, so I wanted to put Mikrotik as a router, but I have no idea

Hi, I'm new to RouterOS. I bought an RB2011U.
I'm searching info about configuring failover of two wan (both ISP give me dynamic IP/gateway).
Any doc/video you can point me?

Hello I want disable connect to my raspberry in my local network it is and this is not working could you help me ?

add chain=forward dst-address= src-mac-address=60:d9:c7:22:72:80 action=drop is raspberry
and mac address is pc which must be block
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