Thank you Stephen for sharing what you believe. But it doesn't belong in any of my communities. I'm sorry I took it down but some came to me that they found it inappropriate for it to be on here. But, do please, share it. Embrace you! Again, sorry I took it down.

Your 3rd newest moderator is +kitty roar​ . Whatever she and the other two moderators have to say, please, please, PLEASE!! Listen to them! I don't want anyone to have any issues and I don't wanna hurt anyones feelings by choosing a side or kicking someone out. I love you all. Have a nice day.

Here's the national suicide hotline: 18002738255 if anyone wants their state one then I'm glad to search for it

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+Gintoki Sakata​ and +Scarlett Angel Lynn​ are the moderators. They're allowed to post up any rules or anything like that but i suggest you two please, if you do make some rules, run them by me first. But you don't necessarily have to but i suggest it. Thx

Hey yall its Scar here's my rule
1) this is a Three Strikes Your Out of you are caught hating on people her you will have one strike, do it two more times you'll be banned

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How i feel in the morning on my during my first core class before lunch

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hello my dearies. Welcome to the Dark Life community. Please feel free to comment anything but anything vulgar. You won't be hurt here. Honest. I'm Sydney. You can call me Mittens if you want. So ya. Hi
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