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A list of free and up-to-date resources to get into the world of Free Pascal and Lazarus development.

If you know other resources which are worth to mention, please add a comment and I will update this post!


Beginner's Guide to Lazarus IDE

Modern Object Pascal Introduction for Programmers

Start Programming using Object Pascal

Object Pascal Tutorial

Blogs (active at least in the last year)


ALBs Blog (Free Pascal on AmigaOS)


Pascal Programming for Schools

Video Tutorials

Free Pascal Program Tutorials - Lazarus IDE - SchoolFreeware

Learning programming with Lazarus/Delphi

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The development of OmniPascal is going on!

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Seems like new bug was discovered in Delphi Classic compilers.

Double-free of long (ref-counted) strings.

Can FPC guys give it a test?
Classic compiler (Win32) strings double-free crash because of error in reference-counting.
Tested with XE2 and 10.1 Berlin

Test applications:

One single workaround, better streamlined:
See post at 14:10 and the spoiler within it.

The repro requirement - the project should find its dproj-file and then its dpr-file to run the bug triggering code path.

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ClipPlane allows you to define custom clipping planes. See our documentation of nodes, X3D documentation of ClipPlane, and a simple demo or very complicated demo. Remember that this node can be specified in an X3D file (which you can open using e.g.…

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Finally, we ported #TRichView to #Lazarus!
TRichView 17.5 can be used to compile 32-bit and 64-bit applications in Lazarus.
The following sets of components are ported: TRichView (advanced rich text editor), parsers for #ASpell and #HunSpell, RichViewXML, RvHtmlImporter.
To-do: we plan to port RichViewActions (UI for rich text editor), ScaleRichView (WYSIWYG editor) and Report Workshop (rich text reporting). I hope we will be able to complete it already in this Summer.
TRichView is not free and not open source, source code is available after purchase. Additional information:
Special offer: 15% discount on our components, enter the coupon code "Lazarus" (till August, 20)


So I am trying to use Lazarus and I was experimenting with fpcdeluxe, but I have crappy BitDefender 2018 and every file that fpcdeluxe built or moved or handled it thought was a virus or malware or an attack.

BitDefender has been fine until now, but I can't use it going forward it's a total bag of sh*t. I did have one or two Delphi builds prior to this where it wiped out the DLL or EXE I was trying to build.

What do people use to protect their kit on this forum ? What is the best ( by best I mean not full of false positive triggering ) Virus protector out there

Also, does anyone know why Delphi / Lazarus is being treated like lepers by the virus guard writing community. It's bloody frustrating and these coders doing this should be castrated preferably upside side down and in public too. Not that I feel strongly about it you understand ;-)

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Happy August from Devart!
We really love August. It's a very special month for Devart - we celebrate our twenty-first anniversary.
We treat our users and subscribers with a 10% discount on any new Devart license purchased in August.
To take advantage of the deal, simply apply the promo code DEVART10AUGUST during the checkout.
But wait, there is more! Find additional opportunities to get more discounts here #DevartHappyAugust

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New class TCastleScreenEffects offers easier, and at the same time more flexible API to control screen effects. It has a simple AddScreenEffect method that takes X3D node graph with TScreenEffectNode. New demo showing screen effects is in…

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Eugene Loza implemented basic Minecraft mechanics as a Castle Game Engine demo! You can build with right-click or dig with left-click. The complete (clean and simple) source code is available on . See the movie:
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