Anyone wanna RP???

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Can I use any of these?

No RP?

Can I be Stephanie Brown?

this is a serious RP, not one that goes with one or two sentences....
(Also this is kinda a mix of Justice League Unlimited and YJ)

Amanda took a look at her lastest set of experiments and frowned. "How stable are they?"

"E-each have various degrees of stability. So far only Wind Dragon and D-down Pour are stable enough t-to interact with the outside world." A scientist stumbled.

"..." Amanda paused and smiled. "Down load the Alice Jade memory set into Down Pour and the Ichigo Abe memory set into Wind Dragon. We'll let these two get adjusted to the out side before doing anything hefty with them."

"A-a-are you sure that's a good idea?"


Soon after the two people had their memories downloaded and we're set to wake up in their homes but Amanda took them instead and have them wake at her house. They were confused at first but some memories did justify this strange occurrence. They were weak at first but as the days went by, they got stronger. Soon Amanda enrolled both kids in school and after school, they met Wally who stood talking to some of his friends.

"Hi! I'm Ichigo! This is my friend Alice." Ichigo smiled nervously.


Miss Martian and Martian Manhunter came back from Mars but a stowaway tags along. They didn't notice but Sphere and Wolf did.

Wolf Barks and growl at the stowaway and Sphere calls the others attention to it.

:fsh!: The stowaway tried to hush them but it didn't work.

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Rp starter/idea:

A sly little smirk played on Boy Wonder's lips as he leaned causually against the kitchen counter, eyeing his friend, the yellow speedster who stood in front of him, carefully.
"So.. Wally.. Back in Biyalia? You and Artemis.."

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the name for young justice 3x01 is tba

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Max like it hurts u can carry both of ur sisters
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