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What is periodontal disease, its causes. Gum disease treatment at home
Poor personal hygiene can lead to such unpleasant diseases such as periodontal disease. The disease is difficult to diagnose yourself, because most often it is asymptomatic. On the occurrence of periodontal disease is affected by the deposition of bacterial plaque on the soft tissues surrounding the tooth (periodontium). Initially, plaque accumulates and forms a hard porous deposits called Tartar.

In case of failure to remove stones, bacteria can penetrate deep into the tissue and begin to destroy the bone. This process can lead to loosening and loss of teeth, because dentists recommend carefully monitor the condition of the oral cavity.
Modern medicine does not emit any single reason that can cause periodontal disease. Most often, its manifestation is affected by untimely or poor teeth cleaning, but in some cases, undetectable and genetic predisposition. Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, endocrine system and other chronic diseases can also be the causative agents of periodontal disease. Long-term use of drugs, hormonal disorders and poor environmental background are factors affecting diseases of soft tissues of the oral cavity. If you have been diagnosed with periodontal disease, people's treatment can give good effect but to abandon the advice of a dentist is not worth it in any case. Timely detection of problems will help you to choose the most effective therapy that will help in the short term to get rid of the problem and save the teeth.
To cure periodontal disease your teeth at home, but most dentists recommend a professional cleaning in the clinic. After the technician removes bacterial plaque on the teeth and subgenomic pockets, you have to use rinsing agents. Sandrine is the best fit to those who are struggling with lesions of the teeth and soft tissues. The product is made exclusively from plant components, it does not cause allergies, because it is shown to pregnant women and children. The Sandrine is an extract of Spradley, very rare Bulgarian plants. This extract has astringent effect as it contains a lot of tannin. Sandrine will help you safely fix the problem, it reduces swelling, disinfects the mucous, heals minor wounds. Using the drug, you may feel relief after a few days.

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Отзывы специалистов о системах имплантации зубов.
Профессиональные стоматологи высоко оценивают качество продукции Astra Tek. Несмотря на то, что стоимость их одна из самых высоких на рынке, функциональность имплантов этого бренда во много превосходит импланты бюджетной ценовой категории. При этом стоимость самой хирургической процедуры имплантации для города Самары практически одинакова.Отмечают они и более быструю заживляемость этих имплантов по сравнению с другими производителями. После операции установки импланта заживление десны происходит очень быстро благодаря высокому качеству поверхности импланта и специально разработанной форме переходной зоны.
Зубной налет присутствует в минимальном количестве. Тем не менее врачи Самары не устают напоминать о необходимости высокого уровня гигиены полости рта.
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