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Spiecies:lust demi-god
Gender: mostly male (can change gender through shape shifting)
Sexuality: straight ages 14-27

Likes: fiesty girls,drinking, orgies,seducing
Dislikes: All threats to mating

Family:children from multiple spouces used as vessles for reincarnation.

Weakness:Sex with decendent of first mate before turning 18.To ensure no reincarnation forge horns into a cross in the next 24 hours.

Diet: human/monster life energy
Abilities:shape shifting, mind control, infinite sperm,

Behavior:Constant mating.Extremely skilled in making any female comfortable enough to mate human or not.If all fails a poison gas iminates from thier body causing instant arousal.Very possesive since they really do think of themselvs as gods.

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Name: Slinky J

Age: 16

Species: Lycan (Werewolf)

Sexuality: Straight

Occupation: High school student

Gender: Male

Likes: Girls who like to have a good time, video games, martial arts, staying up late

Dislikes: Haters, bullies, anything annoying, rules

Diet: Omnivorous, but prefers meat

Religion: Atheist, yet spiritual

Family: Orphaned

Weaknesses: Silver

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heres my profile X3 ill make more too
Name: Chrome Artiste

Species: Succubus



Sexuality: bi "i will go either way as long as i get some specimens from my partner"

Powers: necromancy doll crafting and some healing magic

Kinks: i enjoy dominating my partner from time to time

Personality: I'm usually shy to people i do not know and will send my experiments to check them out and kind to people i know though i will will be aggressive if some one messes with my specimens or experiments i am doing

Bio: i am a Succubus from the house of Artiste my family use to serve the previous monster lord before she banished us from her house ever since then i have taken up necromancy to create the perfect zombies to show the monster lord that i am worthy of to be by her side 

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Mine and +Sho Minamimoto​'s character

Name: Andrew

Age: 17

likes: slime girls, nekos, video games, spiders, neko slimes,
food, swimming

dislikes: BDSM, spiders, hights

bio: was a normal boy but after getting the soul of the monster king, Andrew is now the monster prince. For sone reason he has a natural well of spirit energy that can't empty. He was given a chance to return to earth, but denied it. 2 of his mamono friends died and gabe him a part of their soul to him so he may use the abilities well

abilities: dragon's flame, alurane's whip (vine whip), nerid's gills (breaths underwater), arachne's silk (spits a string of web), harpy's flight (can jump high and float down slowly), Chain grapple (a spirit energy chain that comes from the wrists*

looks: is 6' 1", brown eyes and hair, white, curly hair, 7" dick

penots: 1500

please join my freinds my freinds community is dead
+dragon Girl+Gygar Orochi+Sirocco Ferrari+Polar - Dog+Wargreyguy25​

Can i use my Eda character? He has the soul of a monster king in him

Hey is this place still active? I have some characters..........

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