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Attention, members: At the end of April, the Book of the Month will be centralized on Goodreads. Any members who wish to continue participating should sign up there. On May 1, The Google Plus and Facebook Communities will be deleted. PLease join us on Goodreads. This is because having members scattered around the Internet has made it too confusing for me. We hope you will join us at Goodreads and continue the fun. 

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#free   this week (11/9-14). Prosecco & Paparazzi! To read Chapter One on Wattpad!
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Love #fashion & #romance? PREMIERE of my new #booktrailer

#Paris, #Friendship, Decadence, in Kathleen's Undressed!
An  #ebook  on #Amazon

Announcing book #2 for April, Captured Lies by our very own Maggie Thom!

This is a mystery suspense with some romantic elements. If you like a whodunit, this one will capture you. ;)

As a reminder, please join us on Goodreads starting in May as we are consolidating our internet groups to GR. Thank you all for your participation and interest.

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Announcing: the Book of the Month for April 1-15 is Operation Ivy Bells by Robert Williscroft. It is military fiction but a surprisingly easy read, and has some hilarious scenes. (My favorite was one involving a large fish). Enjoy, and post your review when ready.

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My Review of Kissing Demons by Jen Winters! :-)

Kissing Demons, by Jen Winters, is one of the sweetest, happiest stories I've read in a long time.  You wouldn't think it would be given that the premise is a heroine, Geneva, who is a Guardian charged by God to protect humanity from the supernatural world, and a hero, Alex, who is a half demon (incubus) and half werewolf, but Ms. Winters spins these characters into a truly enchanting tale. The story is full of tender moments, characters working together for the common good, and "people" who truly care about others.

The God in Kissing Demons is a god of love and peace who only wants his children to be happy.  It was the most positive take on religion I think I've ever had the privilege to read about.  The romance in this story is both hot, and very sweet.  Even the villain is deep enough that the reader is led to believe there might be more to his story than is discussed in this book.  I can't wait to see what Ms. Winters comes up with next! :-) 

Howdy, everyone. I found this group via link somewhere . . .I'm also a member of the Goodreads version of this group.

I'm a 13 day old author who finally published her first book after several years of perfecting her craft. The second is already maturing in Scrivener as are several others.

My review of Transitory by Ian Williams! :-)

Transitory by Ian Williams was an interesting concept and certainly one of the more unique books that I have read in quite some time. The author blends science fiction and an element of the fantastic into a successful book that keeps you interested and curious about the characters and what they will learn next. The book was edited well and there were only a few very minor grammatical or spelling errors which did not detract in the least from the story. 
Throughout the book there were some areas were it seemed as though what was happening was insufficiently explained or was in contradiction to what was said earlier in the book but again, these did not detract from the over all story arc and I am sure that it is something that could be corrected easily enough in future books. Definitely worth a read and hope to see more books from this writer in the future.

I utterly rave about this book to everyone I know who plays Minecraft. I adore the story that Stone Marshall has created here. Flynn finds himself suddenly a digital player in a Minecraft world; the story takes you through his days beginning as a new digitized person and how he comes to find his purpose in the game.

The best thing I can say about this book is that it gave my daughter the desire to learn to read. I am a homeschooling parent and I was honestly afraid my daughter would hate reading for her entire life. And then I found this book. I started reading it to her, hoping against hope to ignite a fire for books in her. That was two months ago. Now she is reading it to me (re-reading). Two months ago, I was lucky to get her to read an early reader book, and because of this one I have a girl who loves a good story and is happy to learn to read it for herself.

That is the best thing I can say as a mom, author, and reader. As a reviewer, I think this story is fantastic, the characters and plot draw you in and let you escape into a world full of mystery, surprise, danger, and adventure. it is well written and a highlight of elementary/middle-grade reads.
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