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 Dino RP ref (The new one. Add a Feeding Type) 

• Name:
• Nicknames:
• Age:
• D.O.B:
• Place of Birth:
• Dinosaur Species: (Hybrid, Indominus, Velociraptor, etc.)
• Genetic Makeup: (what DNA does he/she have)
• Threat level:
• Feeding type: (Herbivore, Carnivore, Omnivore)
•Residence: (Raptor Paddock, Indominus Cage, Cave, etc.)
•Feathers: (Yes or No, Colors)
•Eye Color:
•Scales/feathers: (description)
 •Overall Personality:
 • Fun facts:

And please min.1pic. but better are 2pics

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Name: Dread/Spike
Age: ????
Gender: M
Powers/Ability: Venomous spit, Paralyzing Saliva, Fangs, Poisonus Claws, blinding venom, acid Spit, Hypnosis Rattle
Species: Hybird
Bio: he is a hybrid of a Spinosaurus, T rex, Diplosaurus, Cobra, Velociraptor, Rattle Snake, Indominus, and was created in a research lab and attacked all the lab scientists and escaped

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• Name: Grimlock
• Nicknames: lock
• Age: 16
• D.O.B: December 11, 1999
• Place of Birth: Isla Nublar
• Dinosaur Species: Indominus Rex
• Genetic Makeup: Tyrannosaurus, Raptor, Carnotaurus, Giganotosaurus, Rugops, Abeliasaurus, snake, cuddle fish
• Threat level: very high
• Feeding: Carnivore
•Residence: Indominus Cage
•Height: 21 ft
•Weight: 18,569 pounds
•Feathers: yes, white
•Eye Color: red with yellow pupil
•Scales/feathers: a few quill like feathers
 •Overall Personality: aggressive
  •Likes: Killing, domination, darkness
  •Dislikes: everything else
  •Fears: Mosasaurs
  •Flaws: over thinks of her self
  •Abilities: camouflage, the agility of a Raptor, the bite of a Tyrannosaur
 • Fun facts: She is the largest I.rex in the park, she will be 60 ft when fully grow n
 •Family: the original Indominus
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Darla roams the area around the old Jurassic Park Visitor Center, looking for a suitable place to sleep for the night and comes to the ruins of the visitor center. Tired from the long day and the long walk through the woods, she lies down, in the main entrance area of the visitor center, sleep. After a few hours after Darla had lain down, it slowly begins to rain and the patter of rain on the trees and the old road in front of the visitor center is like a relaxation for everyone.

((open RP))

+The All Knowing Ankylosaurus​ roleplay? I need to come in again. 

someone rp? 

with a second character is the danger of losing a character in a fight, given. So be careful with whom or with which you are fighting and please consider well before which character can be sacrifice, should there be a loss of a character.

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• Name: Tyrant Sail
• Nicknames: Spinoceratops, S.rex
• Age: 3, but he's full grown
• D.O.B: 19 May, 2013
• Place of Birth: The Hammond Creation Lab
• Dinosaur Species:Spinoceratops Rex (hybrid)
• Genetic Makeup: 70% Spinosaurus Aegyptiacus, 20% Tyrannosaurus Rex, 10% Triceratops Horridus
• Threat level: Medium
• Feeding type: Omnivorous, but prefers meat
•Residence: His own paddock
•Height: 4 meters to the hip
•Weight: 7 tons
•Feathers: Kinda, they're hair like protofeathers
•Eye Color: Amber
•Scales/feathers: Tiger-like colors in the neck, snout and sail and green body
•Overall Personality: Curious, calm
•Likes: Fishing, swimming, ceratopsians
•Dislikes: Big theropods
•Fears: Big tyrannosaurus because of the triceratops DNA
•Flaws: His mixed DNA between two carnivores and a herbivore can be a problem
•Abilities: Can swim very well, has a powerful jaw and long arms
• Fun facts: He has green feathers in his horns to camouflage as a log because of the Spinosaurus DNA (A theory I made up :P )
•Family/NestMates: None

(Art is mine)

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Repost ( ´cauz the picture)

• Name: Darla
• Nicknames: Nightmare (some enemies) 
• Age: 16 (spinosaurus years) 8 (human years)
• D.O.B: unknown
• Place of Birth: Isla Sorna, Lab 
• Dinosaur Species: Spinosaurus aegyptiacus
• Genetic Makeup: unknown
• Threat level: Very High
• Feeding type: Carnivore
•Residence: Restricted area and sometimes Gyrosphere Plains
• Lenght: 17.5m
•Weight: 20 tonnes
•Feathers: No
•Eye Color: yellowish green
•Scales/feathers: dark green scales, grey underbelly, Red stripes on the head
•Overall Personality: most aggressive, helping others against T-Rexes and Indominus
•Likes: be alone, hunting other large carnivores and herbivores,             swimming
 •Dislikes: human vehicles, T-Rexes, Indominus, Guns
 •Fears: Indominus, 
 •Flaws: easily seen by her size
 •Abilities: can use her arms to stand up and hold her prey
 • Fun facts: doesn´t kill before eating
 •Family/NestMates: Sister (eaten by her)

Human Ref v1.0

• Name:
• Nicknames:
• Age:
• D.O.B:
• Place of Birth: (US, Costa Rica, etc. ) 
• Residence: (ACU-Securityoffice, Visitor Centre, Camp, etc. )
• Height:
• Weight:
• Appearance: (clothes, skin, hair)
• Eye Color:
•Mental Toughness: (Slightly scared, hard to convince)
•Overall Personality:
• Fun facts:

+Indominus Rex if you want to create a Dinosaur Character for the RP, then write it here.
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