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Some research studies have shown that there are people who are resilient by #nature   – they have the ability to adapt to #stress   and adversity with ease. Yet, what is very important to note is that #resilience   is not a rare ability – all of us have it but we have not spent enough time and effort in developing it.  However #deficient   we may be in resilience, what should be noted is that it can be learned, developed and nurtured.

Prior to Western conact there where roughly a million Hawaiians living here.  They were self sufficient and imported nothing.

Today the population of Hawaii is around 1.3 million and we import 85% of our food and 95% of our energy. We have less than a two week supply of food in our islands.

Have a month's supply of food and enough cash to survive till the ATMs are restored.  It could take a month or more for power to be restored after a hurricane.

Personal resilience requires us to have the skills needed to respond to opportunity and the tools and supplies needed to respond to any emergency.

Our aquaponics garden is fun and easy.  Fish fertilize the water and automatic watering make the garden grow like crazy. Not having to stoop is a bonus for my 80 year old back. 
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