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Hello everyone!! Thank you for joining and I hope you read the rules! I really hope everyone would have a good time here and would follow the rules! I just want to say how grateful I am that you guys joined my RP community! There is no godmodding allowed here BUT I do have a community for just that very thing! Please be respectful to everyone and report any rule-breakers to me and I would like proof of the rule brake so no one innocent would get banned please.

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Class C RP!

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Name: Cinnamon
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Species: Cinccino
Type: normal
Ability: technician
Bio: Cinnamon got her name because of her fiery temper, she is normally a lovely pokemon but if she get's angerred by something or someone she becomes a thing to be feared, she doesn't truly know any of her family members which leads her to act like she is the only pokemon who didn't get born and instead just appeared although she knows she was born.
Moves: tail slap, toxic, rest and rock blast
Anything else: she actually found out she could mega evolve ever since she touched a strange stone she found deep in the forest
(Cinnamon and her mega evolution in the pics)

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Name: Kai

Age: 16

Species: Pikachu

Gender: Male

Abilities: Psychokinesis, Mind-speaking (I forgot the term for talking with your mind), Electrokinesis, Time-Stopping (with very short duration. His mother, Mother Blue, a shiny Mew, can stop time for as long as she wishes.).

Bio: Kai came here to this school because he wants to learn control. He was trained minimally by his mother at a young age, but she was rarely around. He ended up leaving home at age 10 and exploring the world, training to control his abilities. His pendant, shaped like a blue lightning bolt, inhibits his full, true power, and he can only use it if his life and someone he cares deeply for is in mortal danger. That power remains dormant until that circumstance arrives. (I'm trying not to God Mod him.) He has very good control over his electric power, but little control over his other powers due to him not knowing how. He likes to make friends and rivals, and hopes his time here will be worth the journey.

Extras: Appearance: Kai has silver fur, and electric-blue eyes. His cheeks are blue, and his stripes are black.

Is in the gym with Justin
Why'd the legends send their weekiest member here
Justin: shut it
Gavin: make me assmunch
Justin draws his sword
Gavin: draws his sword
Justin: I've had enough of your crap Gavin
Gavin: that's to bad I really have a lot more to give

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Son Leonidus "Leon"
Age: 18.5 (really 32)
Leon is a pure Saiyan and has completed feats that no one has dared to do he was born on planet vegeta but was sent away on a astray astroid to universe 4 15 seconds before it was blown up and he trained and lived there his whole life until he met the universe 7 saiyans so he went to talkedto them and he stayed with them from that moment on
Likes food, training, friends, family, and a good fight
Dislikes harm comin to his loved ones, his food being taken, losing, being called weaker than goku and vegeta
Forms see images
Ssj1, 2,3,4 and 5 golden and white kaioken the most unknown of his forms and most unstable
Personality is light hearted and fun loving but will kick the shit out of people when needed
Quote "hey you look strong wanna train sometime?" Or "Now you will now fear!!"
gohan's anger

Goku ssj3 theme
Abilities: Big Bang attack, final Kamehame ha, dragon fist, bluff kamehame ha, final flash, super spirt bomb, God sword, and times infinity final Big Bang kamehame ha
Techniques: afterimage and instant transmission
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Thx for letting me in

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Here's a new profile this one will actually follow orders and go to class
Name: Justin Jones
Age: 15
Weapon: skilled with any weapon but carries a katana
Abilitys: can use 39% of his brain (older version can use 87%) agile knows every marshal art style quick learner is incredibly smart can run 20 miles per hour and is skilled in erble medicine
Profession: vigalaty, Assassin
Bio: when Justin was born he was born with the abillity to use more percent of his brain for anything comeing him skiled in any field he was orphaned at age five and thought and raised by a solder after his training he became unstoppable
Feta: he has stoped countless crimes built his own katana defeted brother guns (a different of of mine I make them fight) and even surpassed the master who trained him


Anybody wanna go head to head

Is on the roof enjoying my lunch he can't harass me about class now that I've actually went to class
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