Does anyone know why my Hapara will not let me into highlights anymore. I can't see them in any of my classes accounts...?

Any idea when the new Google Sites will be available for working in Hapara ?

My problem is when teachers are in the Hapara Dashboard and choose Highlights, it requires them to use google to log in. They choose their google account and then it loops back to the log in page. Pop ups are not blocked.

I have added a student to multiple groups in error in Workspace, and now want to remove her, but the groups have all started working on the documents already. It therefore gives me a message saying that I can't remove her. But she isn't working on the documents (and shouldn't be!), and doesn't want to see them - they are clogging up her Workspace. Any ideas on how I could resolve this?

Hi! I'm working with teachers who want to know if there is a way to grab 5 files at a time to smartshare instead of the need to go back into drive for each individual file. Or, if it will default back to my location in drive to find the files. Thank you!

Getting reports from a teacher that her classes are showing this when she opens Highlights "School is finished for the day."
We clearly are not finished for the day, our day just started about an hour ago. Any ideas what might be causing this?

Any idea why we are unable to remove student groups from unarchived workspaces? It just says "access denied"

Hi, l am having trouble sharing a document through Workspaces. I have my students in groups and want the group to share-read-write into the one document.
When l click one Copy per student it is only shared with the teacher. When l click Copy per roup l still only get it shared with the teacher and the student.
Any suggestion of how to solve this?

We have G-Suite. We will no longer be using Hapara this year.
How do I a mass delete of all the groups that Hapara created in my google admin? I just talked to Google and they said they do not support this 3rd party app. Somebody out there knows how to do this.

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