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Dear Sir Or Ms

Thank you for reading this

I would like to take this opportunity to give you some more information about our revolutionary product and explain how it can help your council reduce the operating costs and carbon footprint of its vehicle fleet.

The product is TOHO 9000, an oil fortifier that delivers a range of benefits including the following :

 Extends engine oil change intervals to 120,000+ kilometres or 2,500 operating hours
 Reduces engine oil consumption and waste oil disposal by 85%
 Increases power and performance and reduces fuel consumption by up to 7%
 Reduces engine wear and prolongs engine life
 Reduces engine emissions and noise
 Reduced time on preventative maintenance
 Reduces down time / increases productive time and extends productive life
 Extends oil life and reduces wear when added to hydraulic systems and gearboxes

One treatment of TOHO 9000 in heavy duty diesel trucks (such as prime movers, garbage and concrete trucks) replaces 9 oil changes and 8 filter changes over a 2500 hour operating cycle. In passenger and utility vehicles the TOHO 9000 product will increase the engine oil change cycle to 200,000 kilometres.

TOHO 9000 is the product of research by scientists at the University of Tokyo and has been tested and certified by the AVL Laboratory in Austria. The product was initially trialed by Japan Airlines (JAL) then introduced to all the JAL ground fleet vehicles.

TOHO 9000 has been trialed in Australia for over 5 years. During this time over 600 oil samples taken from a range of operational vehicles have been subjected to testing by Oil Check Pty Ltd, an independent testing laboratory based in Sydney. This process has further verified the ability of TOHO 9000 to deliver the promised benefits in the field.

With the rising price of oil, and the increasing community awareness and focus on carbon outputs it is an appropriate time for councils with significant fleets to explore opportunities to reduce oil consumption as well as cost. A number of councils have already successfully introduced TOHO 9000 into their vehicles and other plant.

I have attached an Information Pack which explains the product more fully, provides details of prospective cost savings, customer referee contact details, product warranty and an actual client experience of product performance well beyond the product warranty.

A representative will call you shortly to discuss how we can help your council lower costs and position itself for future changes to the operating environment. If you would like to contact someone in the mean time please call [02 96633963] on [ 0420227663] or email us at

Yours truly,
Swee Kim Ng

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The world 1st proven invention on Mineral Petroleum Based Nano particles Technology

Toho9000 oil additive the ultimate petroleum lubrication protection our product is a sophisticated, environmentally sustainable breakthrough in engine oil and lubricants.

It stands as one and only proven oil protection product that contributing superior performance. Above all, Toho9000 exceeds all levels of aspect requirements to sustain its long-lasting operational conditions, providing efficiency, excellent performance, radically reduce emissions.

Toho9000 maintains the satisfactory viscosity oil or Lubricants level throughout the extended lifespan by 10 to 20 times longer of your choice, Nano size oil particles minimizing friction to reduce positive ions accumulation from friction.

most of all remarkable fuel saving by 10 to 20% through out 200,000 km

With continuous usage, Toho9000 will double the lifespan of the engine’s working life. This innovation functions like a vitamin for all types of oil, upgrading the quality of oil by an enormous amount – exceeding any conventional projections or life expediencies for any conventional oil.

It has taken 15 long years of invaluable research and development by 6 university scientists in Japan with remarkable foresight. This creation of the Toho9000 formula has allowed end users ample preparation for the present Peak Oil Crisis imposed on us. The hard work and dedication of these scientists have achieved uniquely remarkable evidence and proven results from trial and operational usage in the past two decades.

As an organization, we continue to learn and share from this sophisticated product that will bring true sustainability to out 21st century way of life. As most of us are aware, petroleum is the foundation of society’s infrastructure and subsequently our personal lifestyle and conveniences. Toho9000 provides the solution to the critical issues of our petroleum-based society.petroleum diesel is been replacing by bi low diesel gradually

what replaces engine oil lubricants? Toho9000 way to go. we stand by our company's integrity we Guarantee our products performance through out the 200,000 km or 2500 operating Hours.

In the face of an increasingly amount of natural resources for our ways of consumption, we understand that it is a crime to waste water.

However, we should not forget that it is a sin to waste oil, the fuel that our society depends on to remain functional for now till man can come up with something that can totally replace oil.

Electric cars yes it takes away using fuel. but where the power is created by?

1. Coal generated power.2 Diesel generated power. 3 Nuclear power.

4 Solar power. 5 windmill power.

for now there is only 0.03% Electric cars and how about the 97% of cars and trucks that are still running on oil and fuel. what are we going to do with them?

Sadly with all the news from all over the world about oil. The day to totally replace oil is still a long way from now. Oil and fuel saving for our way of life today tomorrow and for future generations is vital. How much time do we really have? the point is we must save as much as we can in anyway...

Be proactive today... you know what is right..

TOHO9000 is the way to go, the longer you use it the better it gets.

Changing oil was once in the past- - Since Toho9000 was invented.

Note to everyone this is not my problem this is the hole world's problem.

we must change our way of thinking before we can change anything.

Our company has been working for the past 20 years and still continuing to share and wait for you to take advantage and be part of Toho9000.
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Oil report from Oil Check NSW
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Toho9000 Nano size oil particles report
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Crude Oil Futures Fell Today
Rising inventories in the United States pressured both Brent and U.S. contracts and countered expectations for recovering demand. Brent's premium to U.S. crude increased to $12.06 intraday on Thursday, the widest since January 2014. U.S. crude inventories continue to grow, adding another 8.4 million barrels to storage last week.
OIL WATCH – Google+
OIL WATCH – Google+

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We did all the trial and error for your peace of MIND. 
There is Nothing to worry about using Toho9000. All you get by using Toho9000 will only be the true enjoyment driving your pride and joy car. 
It will be the best thing for any car owner, we can GUARANTEE that..
Toho9000 will save you twenty times of oil changes and minimum of 5 to 10% of your fuel bill.
The bast part of using Toho9000 oil additive was the longer it been used the better it get. Sounded too good to be true??
The only way for us to prove to you is please give it a go, You never know You may like and tell all your fiends and family. 
Using Toho9000 not only help you save. You are actually preparing your self toward PEAK-OIL Crisis indirectly. 
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