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Welcome to the Video Game Club community! By request, and by it being a good idea, I thought I'd start a community for our parallel game playing. It is going to have a little bit of a structure and (very few) rules. For now!

- Monthly Game: There's a section for this where we can talk about the game we're all playing together. The game will change at the beginning of every month with the release of the new Humble Monthly Bundle, and will be put to a vote between one of the games in the previous month's bundle and the current game for the current month's.
- Other Games: Talk about any other video games you're enjoying and playing.
- Multiplayer: Organize multiplayer game nights of any game with the rest of the club.
- Giveaways: Free Steam keys to those who want them.

- Be cool. These are video games, so there's no reason to not be cool. Basically don't pick fights. I'm not really expecting any problems in this department, but just in case there's a rule.
- Hold your horses. Keep posts to the sections to one/day each. This is just to keep us from getting overwhelmed by posts.
- No self-promotion. That includes me, don't worry, so you won't have to hear about my stream or Let's Plays or anything like that. We'll just talk about playing games.
- Lurk away. Post or don't post. Comment or don't. There's no commitment to play or post. As long as you're interested in being here and being a part of the community you're welcome. That's it!


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Started a Dark Souls run using the Item Randomizer Mod ( with a tweak on the "Use What You See" self-imposed game type. That is:
1. All items are randomly placed (i.e. the "glowies" are all in the same spots, but almost any item could be in each one, without locking keylike items behind spots those items are needed to get past).
2. If I pick up an item, I have to equip and use it if possible, dropping the previous item in that slot. The only exception is for items I don't have the stats to use effectively (which is why I'm pouring souls into STR and DEX).

So far, so good. This could be a real endless pit for me.

Here is Duumed preparing to enter the next bit of the Undead Burg for the first time:

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This launched quietly this week. It's a free to play hero shooter. I'm checking it out if anyone wants to jump into a game together.


Recently I got the game because I've been interested for a while and it's on Steam Early Release (I think nearing release, but you shouldn't care!), and it seemed fun.

It's great. My first victory was on a peaceful world, and the win condition was easier than I thought, even given that. My vision is such that I wanted to get the hang of the UI without trying to survive and stuff, which I have (barring complex train systems).

Now that I know what's what, I've started a new rail world, where the biters can attack but not re-occupy cleared and covered areas; they're dangerous, but it's possible to make the visible world safe. When I have robots to do the tedious building, I can build walls and defenses and keep them out. 0.15 has blueprints from the start, which is such a good QoL improvement. By the time you want to build complex things and scale up, you have robots to take away the tedium.

One thing that seems unbalanced to me is the speed of research. Like many games, your technology level gates features of play, and that's fine, but it feels like the gates are in the wrong places or some technologies are gated by the wrong things, or some QoL features are dependent on technologies that are troublesome or that your research just goes too fast for a lot of tech. For me, it needs some adjustment there, particularly the latter, especially the way research works: basically it's possible to scale up research so much that you run out.

Also, trees are a pain and grenades are great.

Philosophically, the way pollution works is good, but the premise is a bit iffy. You're essentially a blithe invader and the indigenous life is universally hostile, only inconveniencing you en route to technological supremacy. You have one mechanism to remove that inconvenience: obliteration. It's still great fun, though.

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A penguin invasion of the Don't Starve base +Marshall Burns built.

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Hello everyone. I've set up a Don't Starve Together server, complete with caves. The name is "Pseudos Video Game Club." The password is HeyMrWilson (case sensitive.)

Here is a link to the Discord channel if you'd like to chat while you starve. Feel free to post in the multiplayer category if you'd like to coordinate with other people to play.

I'm happy to host the server for as long as handful of people are interested in playing. :)

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I think a lot of us are working our way through Steam sale gettin's, so I'm going to do a different kind of Monthly Game - setting up a multiplayer server for something.

Vote if you'd be interested in trying to get some regular server play going for either of these. I can set up a server.
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Don't Starve Together

I've been playing S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat. I didn't know much about S.T.A.L.K.E.R. other than it's alt-Chernobyl weirdness and people kept bringing it up as a point of comparison for Rustbelt and MADcorp but I thought I'd give it a shot. I'm liking it quite a bit. The gunfeel is pretty awful but the atmosphere makes up for it. There's some pretty crazy monsters! Tentacle-mouthed vampires with thermoptic camo; evil man-faced doggos that project phantom man-faced doggos; psychokinetic duergar. It took me a while to figure out how anomalies and finding artifacts work, but now I'm strapped with some pretty fancy artifacts and I want to collect them all. I'm also collecting all the guns so I can upgrade them all.

There was a really neat dungeon with an old-fashioned space loop, which was a nice surprise and came off as sufficiently freaky in context. When I cracked it, it led me to an artifact that is apparently so legendary that whenever I tell someone I have it, they don't believe me.

I am disappointed in the main character, in that a) you don't create them and can only be a dude (actually I'm pretty sure every character in the game is a dude), and b) he's not even a Stalker, he's military posing as a Stalker on a secret mission. Like, why is there a need to make the player-character an outsider to the thing the game is about? Like just a while ago I started playing Red Faction: Guerilla and instead of just saying "okay, you're Red Faction, let's guerilla stuff" they felt the need to do this contrived and embarrassing intro sequence where you become Red Faction because your brother died. It's weird. I dunno.

Anyone want a key for Armello?


My progress with Dark Souls was minimal, as my progress has been for pretty much every monthly game except Stellaris.


Maybe someone besides me should pick and MC the monthly game on a rotating basis?
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