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Welcome to the Video Game Club community! By request, and by it being a good idea, I thought I'd start a community for our parallel game playing. It is going to have a little bit of a structure and (very few) rules. For now!

- Monthly Game: There's a section for this where we can talk about the game we're all playing together. The game will change at the beginning of every month with the release of the new Humble Monthly Bundle, and will be put to a vote between one of the games in the previous month's bundle and the current game for the current month's.
- Other Games: Talk about any other video games you're enjoying and playing.
- Multiplayer: Organize multiplayer game nights of any game with the rest of the club.
- Giveaways: Free Steam keys to those who want them.

- Be cool. These are video games, so there's no reason to not be cool. Basically don't pick fights. I'm not really expecting any problems in this department, but just in case there's a rule.
- Hold your horses. Keep posts to the sections to one/day each. This is just to keep us from getting overwhelmed by posts.
- No self-promotion. That includes me, don't worry, so you won't have to hear about my stream or Let's Plays or anything like that. We'll just talk about playing games.
- Lurk away. Post or don't post. Comment or don't. There's no commitment to play or post. As long as you're interested in being here and being a part of the community you're welcome. That's it!



There is a ton to love about Mass Effect: Andromeda but the eyeballs are a good example of shabby programming that would seem trivial, but falls foul of the human brain's processing capacity but lands the humans right in the uncanny valley. I suspect that the extent to which the aliens look weird depends on how much a given player interprets them as human. For me, the Asari look odd, but the others don't.

The way they work in the game is that there is a focal point for the gaze, that determines a direction and the two eyeballs point in parallel in that direction. That's not how eyeballs work IRL: again there's a focal point, but each eyeball looks at that point (and focuses, so for a real eyeball distance matters), and they're very rarely in parallel.

That offset matters; we use it to tell when someone is paying attention to our face or looking off in to the distance, and it astounds me that a premier tier game got released with such a rudimentary error. The environment is really stunning and it is totally let down by the eyeballs.


I haven't played Stellaris in awhile. 2.0 did not thrill me (e.g., I never played with hyperlanes, but now everything was hyperlanes), but the big changes in 2.2 sounded interesting. I opened up the game, took one look at the all the new crap on the screen, and switched back over to Civ VI. Maybe next year...

Hey Vidja Game Club folks!

If anyone has been holding out on purchasing a Steam Link streaming device, now's the time to buy: it's being discontinued and it's nearly sold out in the U.S.A. (apparently it is sold out in the U.K.).

I figure most of you folks already own one or decided you didn't want one long ago, but on the off chance you've been hemmin' and hawin', here ya go. It's only $2.50 (plus shipping).

Hey Vidja Game Club folk!

Does anyone want a Steam coupon for Divinity Original Sin 2 Definitive edition or Total War: Warhammer II?

The Divinity 2 coupon is for 33% off and expires on 19/11/2018, the Total War: Warhammer II is 50% off and expires 21/11/2018. So ya gotta hop on these if you want them.

First come, first served! No cash or trades or anything required, but if you feel inclined I'd dig some Rocket League Steam trading cards if you have them and don't plan to do anything with them.

I'll be on Steam most of today - I'm DefSheppard if you don't already have me in your friends list.

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I just finished my attempt to complete the NES Legend of Zelda using only the manual as a guide. I've never played it before (though I watched a friend play a bunch of it in the 80s). The experience was tremendously enjoyable (and stressful).

The original manual for that game is a clunky masterwork of information and suggestion. The answers to the vast majority of the game's puzzles are contained within, or at least hinted at. That "figuring it out" process is the game for me.

I had to look up one hint, which I sort of regret; I bet I could have figured it out after some more thought + trial & error.

I do not think I will be tackling the Second Quest.

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Total War has been on a tear recently.

PCGamesN: Total War: Warhammer 2’s new DLC tease is probably about Sartosa and the Vampire Coast.

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Sometimes you have to take a moment to just... stop and smell the vidya games.
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So, it looks like Overwatch is in the next Humble bundle?! I didn't see that coming. Anyway I don't do Humble because I'm broke but I already have Overwatch and I know some of y'all do Humble, so if you're gonna be new and want a friendly player to teach you the ropes, hit me up. Add me on Battlenet, I'm WizrdXploded#1811.

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Jesus that’s a lot of Universal Paperclips

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