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How Digital Displays helps in in Revenue Growth? 

Digital Displays are the best way for promoting the business offline and also Digital displays helps in creating the popularity of brand.Here I suggest some points helps in getting idea that how digital displays helps in Revenue Growth? 

Influencing buyer decision making  
Enhancing shopping experience 
Eliminating cost of print campaigns 

More about these points use this :

Digital billboards are revolutionizing the outdoor advertising industry. Digital billboard advertising gives advertisers the ability to instantly change ads on one billboard or on hundreds of billboards simultaneously at the simple keystroke of a computer

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How important is the hashtag ? I think , thanks to Twitter and now Google+ it's maturing into a global conceptual think tank. The hashtag I'm are promoting at the moment is #TeamCentralCoast  . Basically promoting good people and work from a region just north of Sydney.

The internet feels pretty big and is undoubtably full of energy. Yet if e=mc2 where 'e' is energy, 'm' is mass and 'c' the speed of light. The internet is reportably only a few grams in weight and therefore has as much energy as a pea. Weird ? 

Watching children play these days is both a joy and a worry. They are so digitally connected to each other, yet do they ever get the bigger picture and bigger messages?
They seem very good souls, most of them, yet do they have the rough and tumble to make it in the real world.
The communicate so much, yet will they be able to talk to us when we're older, and will we understand? 

I suspect we'll increasing be work from home or at a nearby cafe? Let me put it this way, after a brief survey of commuters I wouldn't be investing in CBD commercial space the way the sentiment was.
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