So that’s is two listeners foolish (er I meant enthusiastic) enough to join us in Slack...
The more who join in the more fun the conversation tends to get.
Also of course you have a direct line for feedback, suggestions, ideas for discussion and perhaps even the chance to get asked to join in on the podcast!

Slack room now open to interested listeners - contact us here, on Twitter (@essentalapple, @serenak) or email for an invite ( or

Essential Apple Podcast 32 is out - should be available on all good podcatchers - iTunes, etc
Mark and I take our usual ramble around the news, and lose our way a few times 😛

OK so we are going to open the Slack room to you the listeners.

Before I go making the thing public I want a person or two to give it a go to make sure it is working properly

If you want to be the Beta Testa shout out in here or Tweet @serenak and I will send you an invite

No one has taken up the baton of testing the Slack - I'll make it live regardless but don't come whine to us poor admins if there are flaky bits 😜 if no one tests it!

OK - to be fair Slack is sound enough and l will go live regardless but it'd be nice if someone wanted to check it's working - we can't because we're already signed up and signed in 

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I've not seen this yet, any good?
John Wick by Chad Stahelski & David Leitch

Hello all you lovely listeners - I would like to say that in case you haven’t already seen it Mark and I posted a new EAP yesterday...

We apologise for the extended delay but after the Christmas debacle of personal problems for Mark and a family of sick people for me we recorded a show (which I think was rather good) only to find that somehow Mark’s audio had got messed up... anyway despite Mark trying to salvage that I said give it up as a bad loss and let’’s just record a new show...

So thanks for sticking with us - we appreciate it, and if you haven’t already feel free to download and listen, retweet to your friends and followers and generally let anyone who will listen know that the Essential Apple is big, and bad, and back on the podcasting scene :D

Oh and btw Mark spelled “Gernsback” wrong in the title :D


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Found these 2 on offer
Trainspotting by Danny Boyle

Prometheus by Ridley Scott

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Found this today
Unbreakable by M. Night Shyamalan

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Another bundle which I've bought
Fast & Furious 7 Movie Collection by Universal Studios Home Entertainment
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