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Name: Shadow
Race: male Pegasus
Rank: Master Chief Petty Officer
Looks: a metal right hind hoof, coat is black, has a blue mane, cutie mark is a Spartan 2 helmet with a sound board
Bio: Shadow was one of the most elite and secret soldiers during service to the royal sisters and one of the best. He was put in status before Luna was sent to the moon and was taken out after she came back. since he has been in the cyro tube he doesn't age the same rate as everyone else. And he is in the Special Forces. He has seen over two decades of war.
Dislike: Ponies that think that their problem are so devastating.

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May I join?
Name: Floral Heart
Gender: Female
Age: (in rp) 15
Favorite Colors: Pink Purple Magenta Light Blue Light Green Buttercream yellow and White.
Friend thats not in the university: Melody Lily
Personality: Kind, Caring, and Happy
Loves: Nature, Stuffed Toys, Cute things, and Otters
Hates: Scary things, Bullying, Inappropriate things
Short Back story (idk what it's called): Floral Heart was born as a white coated unicorn who always dreamed of going to Equestria University. When she got her cutie mark, It was clear she loved nature. Her parents had gone to Equestria University and they absolutely loved it. So they sent her too. She hopes to get accepted!
Mother's name: Music Star
Father's name: Unknown, he died when her sister was born
Sister's name: Musical Heart
Cutie Mark: Tulip with blue petals, with random color streaks going through it.
Mane and Tail color: Lavender, Lavender (one color of Lavender is more pink than the purple color) Light Blue, Light Green.
Mane Outline: Light yellow
Coat Color: White
Eye Color: Aqua
Coat outline: Gray
I hope to meet all my future University Classmates soon! (If I get in!)

Floral Heart

Other: Base by Looji on DeviantArt (great base!)

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Re signing cuz i changed oc

Name: Color Wheel
Age: 18
Gender: F
Status: Single
Likes: Art, painting, Rainbows, peace and quiet.
Dislikes: Stupid people, Art nethandetherals, ruckus, pranks, and bullies.

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Color Wheel!

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Greetings..(Should thou sign up? it has been a long time and thou haven't sign up here..)

Name:Lunarella Lunarfire

Nicknames:Swirls,Luna or Rella (Thou don't think this should be sorry)




(Thou is not OP just normal)
(Is this enough if not please comment...)

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N: Kraz
P:Humble,Fancy Billingual
Power:Summons lightning

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Name: Grim "Sunshine" Theon

Age: 20

Sex: Female

Race: Pegasus

Colours: Teal coat, dark teal and red hair

Sexuality: Bisexual

Personality: Nice, serious, good to hang out with.

Likes: Technology, Hockey, Gaming

Dislikes: Running long distances (just fly!) spiders, snakes


Brother: Soul Dreams

Nightlight Spectrum

Sister: Pinkdash

Mother: Luna (forgot OC name)

Father: Stephen Morrisey (I forgot his OC name)

Bio: I am a very serious mare when it comes to test, I want to pass and get the best degree I could. I had heard about a university called "Equestria University". So far it seems pretty nice. I can't wait to meet other individuals that want to learn as much as me. But when I'm not working on life goals I spend time chillin' like all the rest of the ponies in this university. My parents went to this university so that's another reason why I decided to choose this school.
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