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Facilitation Skills using Creative Art Techniques

The creative art skills enable you to create a safe and active environment for students to learn and share from their experience effectively. It empowers the participants to ownership and responsible for their progressing. It is a comfortable and excitement delivering the lecture. This skill encourage the active participation, teamwork, group’s supporting and tolerance one another. This course also facilitate a healing, supporting them to absorb new inputs, strengthening a healthy relationship between the participants and facilitators. It is easy to learn and to remember. You will experience the most learning process.

Facilitation Skills using Creative Arts Techniques training course is a unique technique, uses accelerated learning, reflective learning and learning games to engage you to active participate and to promote the best learning and self-expression process. You will learn how to:

o Create an effective ground rule which contribute motivation, respectful and comfortable environment for everyone, 
o Build mutual trust with team members and learn to lead team building activities so as to create more productive learning outcomes.
o Use creative art techniques to facilitate the break down social barriers within team unity and learn how to set a tone of openness and respect for the workshops proceedings.
o Learn tools, techniques and creative art approaches that you can apply in your work place today 
o Recognize the usefulness of creative arts in facilitation skills and practice creative techniques in effective way,
o Exercise the specific skills such how to lead and tips of using creative art techniques in their session.

For whom? 
This course is designed for teachers, trainers, facilitators, community mobilizers, activists, social workers, counselors, therapists... to improve their methodology through experiential learning and creativity. This workshop is proven to be very applicable for you to be more productive and effective in your training, therapeutic field, participatory meeting planners and group or meeting facilitators.

8-10 October, from 8:00AM-5:00AM
Deadline: October 3, 2014
Venue: Phnom Penh (To be confirmed)
Registration fee: $150 - discount 20% for LNGO (Included refreshments, meals, training pack, and certificate of completion)

Contact: Ham Kimhoun, 855 017 575 009
Skype: ParableCambodia
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