Question 2: What's the hardest part of living in China for you?
Daqingdevil's answer:
Definitely communication. Just being in an elevator full of fellow residents of your apartment block, all chatting away and you not understanding any of what they are saying can have a negative impact. Going to the bank, getting a haircut, shopping for good meat, shopping in general, grabbing a taxi, chatting in a restaurant, tossing a bit of road rage at Chinese drivers (and I use the term driver loosely), all these normal, everyday things that you do involve communication. You gotta learn the language! Simple.
The rest of the stuff is tolerable and some quite enjoyable.
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 Q1: How has your attitude on life changed since moving to China?
A:Sinobear's answer:
- Road rage down (because I don't drive here)
- Patience up (because you just have to be patient in China)
- Apathy levels down at the beginning (because there're so many poor people here). Apathy levels are higher now because I'm told that nothing that happens in China is my business, and it's true. So, not my problem.
- Disgust with humanity up (because some people will do absolutely anything for money)
- Faith in the institution of marriage down. First marriage fell apart due to being perceived as an ATM AND a philanderer, second marriage is a lot of pressure thanks to a "talks the talk but can't walk the walk" Chinese mother-in-law.
Life IS like a box of chocolates - no matter what you get, it's going to make you feel good for a short time, then you'll crash. You'll get fat. Total strangers get to decide what's in your box and it's not always pleasant.
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