+The Pyro​ Uhm, are we going to continue our grand quest anytime soon?

Our heroes have encountered Kefka, a powerful sorceror believed to be long gone... and long forgotten.

G-gah! What's going on?! Who are these people?!
Very well... Time to use Father's skill...

Channeling all his strength, Barron glows violently as he drags his sword across the ground and slices into it, creating and eruption around Kefka. A huge non elemental blast shoots up from underneath him.

+Ichiro Yakatakshi
Uh... Hey, we haven't had any responses in a while. You up for continuing the quest?

The train slowed to a stop much smoother than its original stop, and the party exited the train.

How're we gonna do combat?

The party has landed in the Veldt, a home to many strange enemies and creatures. What adventures are in store for them here?

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sings on the tower of Figaro Old

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Name: Barron "Zigfried" Enker
Class: Gladiator
Ability: Bladeblitz
Weapons: Katanas, Spears

Bladeblitz List:
Wild Swing
Fire Sword
Bolt Sword
Ice Sword
Ultima Sword

Age: 29
Hometown: Kohlingen
Bio: Barron is the son of Sigfried and was raised to battle in the Dragon's Neck Coliseum. After his father was struck down by Ultros, Barron grew obsessed with revenge and trained in the art of the sword by wielding the very blade his father carried. Barron cannot use magic unless given magicite and is mainly unaware of its existence. He is very skilled with the sword, unlike his father, and boasts about his skills in hopes of paying homage to the Sigfried before him, as well as mimicking his skills and and taking his name. Barron is much more powerful than his father, however he still has much to learn.


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Robin Dal Figaro

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Okay The Characters In Order Of This Pic
Sezter Celes Locke Cole Terra Realm Shadow Strago Gogo Cyan Sabin Gau Edgar Mog And Umbro
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