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A new development build of the macOS version of Kokua for Opensim is available for download at the link.

This version 4.5.0 build has support for the Bento skeleton and rigging, meaning you can both see, use and upload Bento content.

There are still some code changes / fixes to go in before the Bento support is final.

The viewer is correctly tested to upload Linden's reference Bento content in OpenSim and SecondLife, in addition tested with commercial content in SecondLife. (I really don't have any Bento rigged content in OpenSim except the LL reference models and animations.)

Also this version of the viewer has quite a few other bug fixes and minor enhancements.

Enjoy and let me know if you experience issues.

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I have uploaded a new development build of KokuaOS for macOS to the link below.

In addition to a number of important bug fixes developed by Linden Lab, this version also has improved code for Macs with Retina display and more precise mouse tracking. It also has number of optimizations that should give most configurations better, and more predictable frame rates.

Check it out and let me know what issues you might find.

For those interested in the code, it can be found at the same web address from the menu bar to the left. The build is signed with my official Apple developer ID.

Has anyone experienced issues with Secondlife and Sierra?

Right after upgrading to Sierra my 1 gb graphics card went "kah-blewy" in my mid 2011 27" 3.4 GHz Intel Core i7 iMac with 24 gb ram. I just recently replaced with new 2 gig graphics cards but every time I open Secondlife I hear a 'SNAP' and my iMac shuts down. NO other program so far has caused this issue. I'm so frustrated.

Any input would be appreciated!

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I have a test build of Kokua for Opensim (4.2.5) at the download link that has the menus cleaned up, shortened and made consistent with macOS Human Interface Guidelines. The menus are also closer to the SL viewer. A few functions that were missing has also been added.

In addition the viewer now use the San Francisco system font throughout for a cleaner look. Because of this it is also built for macOS 10.11 or higher.

I also think I have dragging a URL, say from Safari onto a prim or mesh face to become a MOAP face working consistently.

Otherwise a lot of bug fixes and small enhancements.

Please check it out and let me know what you think.

I have done a very preliminary test of viewers on the macOS 10.13 beta (High Sierra) and the ones I have tested runs without any immediate functional problems. The exception is Singularity that has rendering glitches, but those are also present when it runs on 10.12.

I also tested KokuaOS on the new Apple File System (APFS) that at least all SSD startup disks will be converted to when the full system is released. Also this time it ran without any immediate issues, but I'll have to test it properly.

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There are new test builds of KokuaOS available at the link. Apart from a number of bug fixes and performance improvements, there is one feature that disappeared with version 2 of the viewers:

The ability for Scripts to Display Multiple Dialogs.

There are now multiple options for how this will behave, but the default is still to display one dialog. – Meaning if the script displays another dialog, the first will be overwritten and is gone for the user.

We have exposed the new settings in the Scripting tab of the Preferences KokuaOS panel. Please test the options with your scripts and see how it behaves. For developers the code for his exist in MAINT-728 (Linden code).

Versions for other platforms than macOS should be available at the link in a day or two.

Apple is out with security updates to just about everything.
Both sims and viewers are running as they should on macOS 10.12.5 in my testing.

Get your ducks in a row folks, because you don't WannaCry!

Apple just made GarageBand, iMovie, Keynote, Numbers and Pages FREE for all macOS and iOS users.

Previously only free with purchase of new hardware.

Downloads from the App store.

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Kokua OS version 4.2.1 is a maintenance release that fixes an issue where local chat became invisible when the viewer was in non-RLV mode.

In addition there are these bug fixes and improvements:

• An option to toggle LightShare on and off has been added to the World menu

What is FIXED
• An issue where the mini-map would show only a portion of a VAR region has been corrected
• An issue has been fixed where saving objects to Collada would present macOS users with a very confusing file save dialog
• Remove duplicated and confusing text in the Region Texture panel

MacOS users are encouraged to run the viewer on macOS 10.12.4 as the viewer in our testing runs more stable with far fewer GPU reset crashes.

Direct Download link for the macOS version below.

There is some evidence in preliminary testing that macOS 10.12.4 restores some of the stability the viewers lost with the introduction of macOS 10.11.

Testing our Kokua and KokuaOS builds, in addition to the SecondLife viewer in locations where the viewer would crash after a short time, has either completely eliminated or significantly delayed the crash when running on macOS 10.12.4.

Other viewers tested had mixed results from experiencing crash rate comparable to before, or crashing less but having strange artifacting of mesh items.

Please share your own experiences where!
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