Is there any way to add a feature that would disable Uber Lock as long as my Bluetooth LE device was in range? #BluetoothLE  

The lollipop update should be rolling out to the last 50% of the user base today. If you have any issues or ideas for the design, please feel free to let me know.

Also, if you've left a rating about the lollipop incompatibility, please go back and update your rating on the app store.

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Pushing out the all new 5.0 ready app to the Beta channel today.

Give me lots of feedback on the design. This is my first redesigned Material app, I want to make sure it turns out well.

Hi everyone! Some of you may have noticed an update to the beta channel yesterday, the first in a while!

I am working on getting the app 100% ready for tablets and landscape support, and could really use your help trackingdown any further ui issues.

If you have a tablet, please put the app on it and see how it looks, if you don't try poking around in landscape and seeing what happens.

Look forward to your feedback in the coming days!

Could You make the "Scan a tag, or select another method to unlock your device" text on the lockscreen optional?

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Im sure you guys have seen the push about the giveaway, but I wanted to post it here for you as well. Make sure you enter!

Big update just pushed out to the beta channel, adds variable pin length as well as pattern unlock.

The updates here to the beta channel will all be rolled into one large 4.1 update to the public channel. Lets get these bugs worked out and get that build out to everyone!

I have just pushed out a new Beta update enabling the user to place a widget on the lockscreen. This is just the initial test and I am looking for feedback on how you guys would like to see it implemented. 

Check it out under customization > widget

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Hey guys. Wanted to share a new project of mine with you. I've been asked many times to do an NFC app lock, so here you go!

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Hey guys! Just wanted to let you in on an upcoming project of mine.

I have been asked to do an individual app lock version of NFCSecure for a long time. Sadly, device and app lock will not work well within a single app, but I have finished my proof of concept and will be publishing NFCAppLock here within the next week or so!
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