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1: no swearing at all please
2: have respect for others (no bullying or lying about others)
3: no youtube videos or shout outs on this community you can advertise other communities thou
4: you can't role play without a profile
5: no sex RPS or sexaul RPS please
6: no text lauguage (k, hey, luv, brb ect)
7: you will have three warning if you break the rules you will be banned

Quote: (If you have one)
Code name (if you have one)
Force sensitive
Race: (can be anything including fairies grim reapers lion hybrids Banshees ect)
Hair colour
Skin colour
Eye colour
Weapons (can be more then one)

Bio (can be classified or unknown)
Also your profile would need a picture

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Name: Vixen Vampire
Age: classified
Rank: sith assissan other classified
Weapon: one red bladed lightsaber, Sword, bow and arrow, spear, staff, dagger
Race: Vampire
Gender: female
Eye colour: blue, red
Skin colour: pale
Homeworld: unknown

Father: +Vlad Dracula
Mother: +Priscilla Vampire​​
Brothers: Evan Vampire, Warren vampire and +Seam Vampire​​
Sister: precious vampire
Sister in law: +Alexandria Vampire​​
Nieces: diamond Vampire, +Eryka Vampire​​ and Christina Vampire
Nephews: Derek Vampire and +Oswald Vampire​​

Bio:, classified
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Name: Diamond Vampire
Age: classified
Weapons: red bladed lightsaber, sword, bow and arrow, spear, staff, daggers
Force sensitive: yes
Race: half fairy half Vampire
Gender: female
Eye colour: red
Skin colour: pale
Homeworld: classified

Father: +Seam Vampire
Mother: +Alexandria Vampire
Sisters: Christina and +Eryka Vampire
Brothers: Derek and +Oswald Vampire
Grandfather: +Vlad Dracula​, Joe love
Grandmother: +Priscilla Vampire​, Elexis love
Aunts: precious Vampire, +Vixen Vampire​,
Uncles: Warren Vampire Even Vampire

Bio: classified

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Code Geass profile

Quote: N/A

Name: Julius Kingsley

Code name: N/A

Hight: 178 cm

Rank: Tactician

Faction: Holy Britannian Empire

Force sensitive: no

Race: human

Master: none

Apprentice: none

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Hair colour: light black

Skin colour: light, pale

Eye colour: violet

Homeworld: Britannia

Weapons: a handgun for self defense

Bio: Julius is the real one that is to go to St.Petersburg. However, he had fallen into a coma. As Lelouch was brainwashed to sent to the task. Julius wakes up and goes to his mission, only to find another him with Suzaku. Little is known about his childhood.
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Name: Stacy Stone
Age: unknown
Rank: imprial agent (formally)
Faction: Gaurdian/rebellion
Force sensitive: no
Race: human
Gender: female
Eye colour: blue,yellow
Skin colour: tan
Homeworld: unknown

Bio: classified
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Name: Joyce Jones
Age: 5
Rank: in training (master: +Ida Dina Diamond​)
Force sensitive: yes
Race: fairy (I haven't got my wings yet)
Gender: female
Eye colour: hazel
Skin colour: tan
Homeworld: unknown

Father: +Alex Jones
Mother: +Della Dragon
Aunts: +Sasha Aminal​, +Willow Animal​ (others unknown)
Uncles: +Alex Jones​, +Jolteon& big Leafeon bro​, umbro, (others unknown)
Grandma: +janet sith lord prime supersayain helmreich​, Ayisha Dragon
Grandpa: Deke Dragon
Great uncles: +Vance Darkshadow​, +Arthur Darkshadow​, +Daryl Wren​, +Iron Gamer 113​, Tristan wren, +Kurtis Nightmares​, +Jackson beard​, +Seth The autobot+Kenpachi Talon+Ichigo Talon
Great aunts: Leia, +Jadeblade The autobot sergeant​, +Maria Darkshadow​, +Udele Burns​, +Victoria Darkshadow+Kellie Stone
Great grandfather: unknown, +Noah Darkshadow+optimus emery prime 2347
Great grandma: +Saffron Woods {Mary Darkshadow}
Counis: +Maria Tano​, +Carly Wolf Or Any Character​, +Carmen Stone+Raven Darkshadow+Alvina Darkshadow+Loretta Darkshadow+Brandon Darkshadow+Svetlana Screams+Ophelia Tiger+Jasmine Wren-Darkshadow+Jacey Wren-Darkshadow+Zach Wren-Darkshadow+Macy Darkshadow​ Amber stone, +Daisee Stone+Agent Stacy Stone​ (rest unknown)

Bio: unknown

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Name: Kelsey Burns
Age: classified
Rank: pilot
Force sensitive: no
Race: human/fairy
Gender: female
Eye colour: blue
Skin colour: tan
Homeworld: yavin, fairy world
Weapons: one blaster, sword, bow and arrow, spear

Bio: I work for the gaurdians as a pilot, I am the daughter of +Arthur Darkshadow​ and +Natalia Takan​ I help the rebellion and the gaurdians alot I am also learning on how to fix a ship. I married my husband +Jerry Burns​ and we have three children +Hunter Burns+Poppy Burns​ and +Kevin Burns​.

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Quote: There is nothing wrong with ghouls we are like human but differant some how

Name: Tallulah White

Race: Ghoul

Gender: Female

Eye Color: Black and red, original eye colour not sure

Hair Color: white, Blond

Skin Color: Pale

Hight: unknown

Mass: unknown

Bio: My mother died when I was just a baby then my father raised until I was seven then my father died now I live alone I starve alot I don't know If i have any other family members. I also can't eat human food and I met my friend Alvina (who is way older the me) she treats me like her own daughter but most of my past is unknown or a mystery
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"Hi, I'm Courtney! Know what I enjoy most? Reading! My sisters say I always have my nose in a book!"

Princess Courtney





Third Princess

Flower: Forget-me-not
Gem: Sapphire

King Randolph (father)
Queen Isabella (late mother; deceased)
Princess Ashlyn (oldest sister)
Princess Blair (older sister)
Princess Edeline (younger sister)
Princess Delia (younger sister)
Princess Fallon (younger sister)
Princess Genevieve (younger sister)
Princess Hadley (younger sister)
Princess Isla (younger sister)
Princess Lacey (youngest sister)
Princess Janessa (younger sister)
Princess Kathleen (younger sister)
Prince Derek (brother-in-law)

Courtney spends a lot of time reading and not paying attention to her surroundings. Because of this, she often stumbles. Because she is oblivious to what's happening around her Blair or Delia would have to tap her on the shoulder to bring her back to Earth. She can be brave, such as when she corrected Rowena when Rowena called her Lacey. Courtney is more calm than the rest of her sisters.

||Physical Appearance||
Courtney has long brown hair and brown eyes. Her favourite color is blue, and her princess and ballet dresses are blue too. Usually her hair is tied in a bun, but at night she wears it down.

Her casual gown is a blue gown like her sister's. In the middle of the beginning of the top part is a forget-me-not flower and some decorations. Her ballet outfit is is the same but has a shorter dress.

Her night gown is long and white. The gown that Duchess Rowena gives to all the princesses is gray and simple. It has the same design as her casual dress but without decorations.

Princess Courtney is a supporting character in Barbie in The 12 Dancing Princesses. She is the third eldest daughter of King Randolph and the late Queen Isabella's twelve daughters. Courtney loves to read, and her sisters say she always has her nose in a book. Her favorite gem is the sapphire.

Courtney and her sisters discover a magical world of ballet dancing. Like her sisters, Courtney loves to dance. When their father's evil cousin, Duchess Rowena, arrives at their home and tries to take over the kingdom by killing King Randolph, Courtney and her sisters work together to defeat her.
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Name: Svetlana screams
Age: 2
Force sensitive: yes
Race: fairy/Banshee
Gender: female
Eye colour: blue
Skin colour: tan (sometimes pale)
Homeworld: Lothel

Bio: classified
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