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We are a 21+ Once Upon a Time role play group almost entirely focused on AU "Verses" - which means you are free to RP whatever scenarios your imagination can cook up for your characters, INCLUDING following canon story lines if you wish.

We have only ONE player for each character and in this way form a tight community of role players who support and encourage each other's creativity. This is also the reason why we are fairly particular in who we accept into the group. Please don't take it personally, but not all applications will be accepted.

We write in 'para' and 'semi-para' style, meaning posts are generally 2-4 paragraphs in length and describe the characters thoughts, emotions, and actions in addition to dialog. We are not a "one liner" group.

We are also a multi-thread group, so each person may have multiple story lines (AU and Canon) going on at the same time. Currently, there is no limit to the number of threads you may have, but you must be able to keep up with each of them actively (at least once daily).

Threads are "independent", as in they do not affect people outside that thread. However if you specify it as a verse, the events in one thread may persist beyond it into others to create a longer story that may include several or even all players if you so wish.

Because it IS fun to interact as a whole, we run group-wide events that DO affect everyone concurrently. For example, we often have events during hiatus to give ourselves creative license to explore ideas for where we think the show might or should go.

Bonus: Because we are an AU group, we DO accept dead characters.

If you think this sounds like something you would like to be a part of, please continue reading the other posts in the Messages to Visitors category, especially the one entitled : Welcome! - What to do next: and follow the instructions there.

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Killian Jones:
((AU: Ye Olde Faire Grounds...)

If Killian were to surmise his placement among the Heroes and Villains, as the broadsheet proclaimed, he would suppose he would fit best among the more sinister of the crowd. He's a pirate. He takes what he wants. Had killed a man just that morning on the way to the faire, not because Killian had necessarily wanted to do so. The man had stolen a lady's coin purse. He recognized it was hypocritical for a pirate to execute a thief, but the man had no tact, insulted Killian, and the lady had asked Killian to do something. He did. Even tossed her the entire coin purse unmolested and continued on his way as she stood there gaping at the still flinching body of the thief. "Murderer!" she accused his back with a shriek.

What could he do? The man was dead, the woman had her purse. "Bloody hell. Ungrateful wench," he mumbles to himself as he continues towards the fairgrounds.

The Jolly Roger had been lost during a bad hand at cards several months back, but if Killian could win one of the events at the Faire, he'd secure a crew again and take back his ship. Archery and Joust were out of the question, but swordplay, he'd certainly be the victor. Wiping the thieves blood from his blade upon his sleeve, Killian sheathed his sword. And the drink certainly would be accompanied with cards and coin. Nary a thing could go wrong.

Just ahead, the banners fly high over the walls surrounding the grounds in order to be visible from any vantage point for dozens of miles. Grinning to himself, Killian increases his pace towards the crowds milling in.

Ritual (part 2)

The copy of the spell was safely stored away in her pocket and Zelena reappeared in her farm house after poofing away from Cora.

Actually it wasn’t only a copy but the original spell; Zelena had replaced the missing spell in her mother’s spell book with a fake. If anyone would dare to try what she was going to do, he would fail.

Back in her farm house she sat down at the table, took out the parchment, and reread the spell, especially the part with the ritual. If she failed going through it, all other ingredients were useless, and she couldn’t cast the spell.

Her only problem was to get two special items to initiate the ritual. Although Zelena knew who she had to ask, making a deal with Rumplestiltskin was a pain in her ass.

She took some deep breaths. Ask nicely or steal from him? That was the question.

The question was quickly answered as she knew she could probably steal from him, but he’d find out and come after her; and the last thing she needed was fighting a Dark One. Well, at least not now, it would come down to this at a later time.

Whether she liked it or not, she had to make a deal, and she’d better be prepared to have something to offer.

Zelena sighed. It seemed she had to use her ace in her sleeve.

She made a gesture with her hand, and a second later a bunch of parchments appeared in it. She uncoiled it, and smiled. This was definitely something Rumple would be interested in. Together with the spell parchment she stored them safely away, and vanished in green smoke to reappear in front of Gold’s pawn shop.

“Don’t mess this up,” she mumbled, and opened the door before entering the shop.

Killian Jones
Hook Vending Machine - Enchanted Forest AU

Timeframe: Storybrooke Time: A few days after the death of Dark One Killian in Storybrooke. Enchanted Forest Time: A month after Princess Leia and Prince Charles left the Enchanted Forest and went back to the future.

The pirate captain had grown particularly fond of blondes as of late. Especially those who could drink him under the table, so to speak. He couldn’t quite put a finger on why. A troublesome dream induced by a copious amount of rum one night a month past, and all he could seem to fancy were blondes.

He could chalk it up to the fact that none of them resembled Milah and that was particularly liberating when with a new woman, but he could no sooner believe that to be the reason than he could give in to his century-long promise of vengeance.

He’d been loitering around the village and the harbor for at least a month in hopes of finding what was lost, a figment of his imagination, and the men were growing tired of the same faces. Being land-locked and without purpose tended to cause mutiny. Through Smee, the men urged the captain to take to the seas again. The share of loot from new adventures kept them paid and satisfied. The port town was growing dull.

“Aye, we’ll leave soon,” the captain assured Smee as he stared out the darkened pane of the docked ship.

“But when, sir? We’ve already lost two deckhands.” Smee fidgeted with his red knitted cap. The man always had a way of needling for information.

“You’re taking quite an impudent tongue with your captain, Mister Smee.” Killian turned his attention from the darkness towards his first mate, his expression daring him to press the issue further. “We’ll set sail when I’m bloody well ready.”

“But--,” Smee began, yet Killian wouldn’t hear it. He slammed the hook into the small table beside his chair as he stood and loomed over the shorter man, raising his lip in irritation. “Tell the men I’ve got business to tend to. Until then, if there is any further insubordination, they’ll be dealt with accordingly.”

In a foul mood over his own internal conflict, for he had wanted to leave a solid month prior, Killian stormed up the steps out of his quarters and off of the Jolly Roger. He’d find company in the village one last time before setting sail.

((continued in comments))

Ruby: ((coming from Land of Untold Stories))
In a plot being dropped out of the portal from this grotesque realm packed full of Zombies, Ruby lands in her second home...the diner. "Agghhhh," groaning as she pushes herself up as she's fallen flat on her face, realizing only then that she has the glock still in her hands and quickly puts the safety on.
Ruby stumbles to her feet, seeing there is no crowd is nice as she is in desperate need of a shower seeing as she still had the dried blood of the half-dead pirates of Killian's crew, and a change of clothes would be nice as well. This forces her to move towards the back where the showers are and thankfully she has a uniform and grabs it up as she makes her way to the bathroom.
Once finished, freshly clean and it's nice to not be covered in blood or even to fight mutants, for a change. Even if it's just her, Ruby goes to the front and switches it from 'Closed' to 'Open' ready to welcome in the customers.

Cruella: Cruella has been pacing up and down the sidewalk in front of Granny's for the better part of an hour, occasionally tugging on the doors and pounding on the windows. She's finally given up and decided to pull out a chair at one of the tables put front when she hears the doors being unlocked and sees Ruby flipping the sign over.
"It's about bloody time!" she scowls.
She's inside and seated at the counter before Ruby can turn around. "Ruby, Darling! Set me up with a double, it's been a long long day!"

Ruby: Ducked down behind the counter to prepare for whomever might be her first customer upon returning, Ruby nearly bonks her head on the edge of the counter when she hears the 'ding' of the bell signalling she had a visitor.
Rising her gaze to see the monochrome lady who's reputation always proceeds her, Ms. DeVil parking it at the stool across the counter already asking for her first libation of the day.
"Coming right up," Ruby straightens up and prepares Cruella's usual. "Yeah, I know what you mean. I just got back from this crazy realm hopping business."
Pouring the drink steadily and taking out a small napkin setting that down first before she place the glass on top of it.
"So where you flung around realms as well?"

Cruella: "It was dreadful! I felt like a rag doll!" she begins dramatically.
"Oh, thank you" she miraculously calms down to take the drink, finishing it in one long tip of the glass. She points back into the empty glass, signaling for another round.
"Pour yourself one too, I'm buying! Where was I? Oh yes!" She's back to the drama now. "The Enchanted Forest, Oz, Wonderland, and ..." she cuts off there and just waits impatiently for her drink to be refilled.

Ruby: "Y'know, C, I think I actually will," Ruby takes an extra glass put from under the counter along with her preferred choice, a nice bit of scotch, and poured herself a glass, raising it to clink against Cruella's, "Cheers," Ruby says flatly as she takes a first sip. "I was in Wonderhell too and the Enchanted Forest, but also on some God forsaken island with some of Killian's half dead crew or something..." pausing to take another sip, "...oh and this weird place jam packed full of freaking zombies."

Cruella: Cruella is taken aback at the familiarity Ruby displays at calling her 'C'. She decides she likes it and gladly meets Ruby's glass for the toast. She listens to Ruby speak of her travels and wonders what caused it all.
Cruella visibly stiffens at the mention of zombies and tries to hide her expression in the bottom of her glass. The quaking of her over worried lip causes the glass to jiggle, loosening the ice and sloshing gin down Cruella's chin.
"Oh look at me, you'd think I don't know how to handle my drink." She awkwardly grabs a napkin and dabs at her chin and neck, clearly rattled.

Ruby: At just the mention of these walking dead creatures Ruby notices how shaken this causes Cruella to be and that was not her intent.
Ruby grabs the towel at her waits and dabs the counter, "Happens all the time around here actually," wondering what might be the cause of this.
Well it certainly wasn't Wonderhell, cause Cruella had spoken of it without fear present, nor the Enchanted Forest, though the thought of Cruella there was mildly entertaining... the only place Ruby had been dropped in out of nowhere was that cursed island and...Ruby's eyes widened when she came to the realization that many people not just her and Henry, Elsa, and August, had been transported towards the land of the undead.
Curious about what has clearly causes such a reaction in Cruella, but knows better than to just out and out ask.
"Are you okay?" it is vague enough to leave it open for Cruella to decide as to whether or not the woman wishes to divulge.

Cruella: "Of course I'm okay!" Cruella snipes, more abruptly than she intends. She finishes up by wiping her hands with the napkin and then gesturing for another refill.
"What, ahem, how did you fare against the uh, zombies? I mean you're here, obviously. Any...struggles?" She was curious to learn details of Ruby's experience with the creatures, unaware that anyone else had also been sent to that land. She doubted her experience matched that of anyone else from town. Her...circumstances...being as they were.

Ruby: Eyebrows raise at Cruella's smarting words. Though Ruby knows what fear can do to a person and keeps her calm composure.
When Cruella gestures to have her glass refilled, well, some of it was spilt and Ruby feels responsible for this moment and tops off the glass with the lady's favored choice.
"I suppose I did well," Ruby's eyes wander as she recollects slicing off the head of a not to mention how close she got to them. Wouldn't want to rattle a customer and citizen any further than what she already had. "Um, I didn't catch the virus so I think I got out unscathed."
That wasn't to say it wasn't a terrifying experience, but at least she had a good team behind her.
"There were a few others there with me. Um, Henry, August, and Elsa... I thought at first it had just been us sent to that realm," leaving her thought unfinished Ruby takes another sip of scotch seeing as she'd more than earned it after being tossed around from realm to realm.

Cruella: "Virus? That's what causes it then?" She looks into her glass, swirling the ice with the tip of her finger.
"I was there as well." She shifts in her seat.
"How did you manage to defend yourselves against them?"

Ruby: "Yeah, that's what all the zombie movies have told me," shrugging a shoulder. It seemed logical, she supposes. It was a disease more than like the cursed pirates on that island...oh no she shouldn't talk about that. Dealing with two realms of the undead was not a pleasant experience.
"Uh," the scenes play through her mind. She scrunches up her face before correcting her features. "Well, before Zombieland I was on that Island with a few others. I um, got my hands on a sword." Should she mention the arsenal and spraying down zombie freaks alongside a teenage boy? That part was a little fun she had to admit.

Cruella: "An island with more undead?" Apparently this is more common than she had thought.
"So the sword was your defense then." She forges on with more confidence in admitting she had survived Zombieland, although the offhand way in which she continues on might sound suspicious. "Cora gave me a potion to drink in the realm previously, to 'ward against undead creatures' she put it. That must have been what protected me." She lies. Cruella never drank the potion. She feared for what it might have done to her if she had. It remained safely tucked away in her handbag, along with two pistols. She's collecting a slew of useless objects in her bag, it seems.

Ruby: "I think cursed is a better word, but they were practically undead," this was getting harder to describe. At least undead was the vibe she got from the lost crew and that Nemo... well he just had a creepy essence to her.
The sword was for sure one of her lines of defense... should she mention the arsenal of weaponry? "We made do. Savenged, that sort of thing," that wasn't a complete lie. But seeing how Cruella reacted to just the mention of the previous realm, she chose to leave that unspoke.
However, what was this? "Ohh," Ruby remarks to hearing about this potion... so Cora must have been taken to Zombieland as well. "Guess you lucked out then."

Cruella: "Yes, that's it" she points her finger toward Ruby with raised eyebrows as if she'd just answered the million dollar question. "I lucked out. Exactly, Darling." Cruella buries her face in her glass once more.
It wasn't luck at all, she wandered those grounds in Zombieland unnoticed by the gruesome creatures, seen as what she was, one of their own. Undead.
She never belonged in the land of the dead, not as far as she was concerned anyway. She'd been playing along well enough in the land of the living, pretending she'd just found a loophole and traipsed out of the underworld unscathed. It was half true; she had been crafty, but there was a price. Luckily there was also a remedy of sorts, and he drank her fill of it. Gin: her elixir of life, quite literally, and no one was the wiser.
"I would have thought the place packed by now, with everyone coming back", she changes the subject. "Have you heard any theories on what might have caused our...adventures? That mad Hatter I suspect. Fine taste in fashion though he's a bit too eccentric for my tastes."

Ruby: Something was off with Cruella, but Ruby didn't want to push. She knew enough how nosy people can cause more damage than good in their quest to 'helping' others.
"Yeah," lifting and dropping a shoulder, "I literally just got back today...." when Cruella mentions the Hatter, she quickly replies, "No, he didn't. When this all happened, Tink and I were with him. He had helped Tink after...well after a different adventure. Anyway, he didn't do this."

Cruella: Cruella eyes Ruby. "You're friends with that Tinkerbell? I don't think I like her much. She and - Cora's Dauuughter-..." she drew the words out like they were a title, "two peas in a pod, left me high and dry, bound and gagged. Helpless. Good thing the bloody hat portal took me away when it did. I'd watch my back with both of them if I were you." Cruella warned.

Ruby: Ruby knew very little of Cora, except that she was the at one point the Queen of Hearts. Having little interaction with the Queen's daughter, Zelena, Ruby couldn't comment on. However, Tink was one of the most trustworthy people she knew. "Really?" spoken flatly as this left her curious. Not swayed, but just curious.

Cora: As they entered the diner, She noticed that there are two women inside, chatting to each other, She pays attention to her, looking at them with a puzzled look, as She’s trying hard to remember them, but they don’t look familiar at all. She just stays by the door, waiting to for Elsa to talk to them, perhaps someone will recognize Her.

Elsa: Elsa grabbed slowly Cora's arm and walked toward Ruby and bite her lower lip. "Hey. Um I have a problem." She nodded at Cora. "We kinda have an you know who she is?"

Cora: Elsa's question causes Cruella to drop her jaw in disbelief and look between Cora and Ruby wondering if they really were to believe this was really happening.
Then she started to chuckle to Cora "You can't be serious." She asks Cora, "You really know who you are? Did someone hit you with a memory erasing curse, Darling?"

Elsa: Elsa grabbed slowly Cora's arm and walked toward Ruby and bite her lower lip. "Hey. Um I have a problem." She nodded at Cora. "We kinda have an you know who she is?"

Cruella: Elsa's question causes Cruella to drop her jaw in disbelief and look between Cora and Ruby wondering if they really were to believe this was really happening.
Then she started to chuckle to Cora "You can't be serious." She asks Cora, "You really know who you are? Did someone hit you with a memory erasing curse, Darling?"

Ruby: As soon as the door signals some new customers, Ruby immediately looks up from her conversation with Cruella to find who they had been chatting about, Cora, has walked right in with Elsa assisting her.
Ruby would try and think the best of this situation even if she had received warning from Jefferson as to not trust Cora... the woman appeared to be completely discombobulated.
Leaving her place behind the counter, nor sure what to believe either, Ruby meets Cora and Elsa and would gently try to guide a quite (if allowed).. was Cora disoriented.. didn't matter, she'd guide the woman to sit at a table, "This is Cora. She's Regina and Zelena's mother..." perplexes to see the powerful sorceress in such a state. "Hi," Ruby addresses Cora trying to keep everything and everyone as calm as possible. With a weak smile she continues. "What is the last thing you remember?"

Cora: It was good to be recognized, even if mocked in the process. She replies to the lady who is mocking her, still puzzled, “Curse?” The other lady helps her to a table, she also seems to recognize her. Okay, so her name is Cora, and she has two daughters, that’s good to know.
“Hi.” Cora smiles back at the nice lady, who appears to be a waitress, “Is any of my daughters a baby? Because I must have had a baby with me.” Cora signalled the carrier as she continued, “Why else would I be wearing this?” her look turned to desperation, “I can’t remember anything, other than opening my eyes, and this nice girl asking me if I was okay.”

Elsa: "Yeah...a curse... if the curse is a woman and weight 121 lbs." She sighs and looks at Cruella. "I accidently fell on her and she forgot everything." She nods.
So now the woman has a name. Good to know.

Ruby: With a pleasant smile on her face, Ruby remains calm despite the sudden turn of events. "Hello," replying to Cora. Ruby points to the carrier, "Yes, I know this will also be startling, but you're also a grandmother to who I believe is a precious little girl. I see..." She keeps her enthusiasm up as she turns to Elsa briefly. "What exactly happened?" snickering at Elsa's quick witted snark, all Ruby knew was that the last time she saw the Queen was in Zombieland and before that the island of undead pirates.
Ruby would take a seat opposite Cora not quite certain what can be done. Though she is not about to let on and remains cheerful as possible.

Cora: Cora listens carefully to what the waitress says, hopefully the baby, her granddaughter, is with her mother, it would make sense… But why is she wearing a baby carrier? “Everything is so confusing!” Cora wishes she could calm down, but even her own name doesn’t ring any bells.
She looks around the diner, some of the things these ladies are talking about sound a bit weird, “Excuse me,” Cora looks at Elsa and the waitress, “what do you keep saying that I’m under I curse? I don’t understand.”

Elsa: Elsa sits beside Cora and looks at Ruby. "I have no idea what happened before I fell of the portal, but I fell on her, our head hit each other's and she blacked out. Maybe one of her daughters could help? I have no idea what to do." She shrugs. Elsa places her hand on Cora's arm. "Everything will be fine. I hope."

Ruby: Ruby nods towards the tail end of Elsa's comment. "We will try and find Zelena and I'm sure she'll help us set things to rights," her voice remains calm even though inside she is feeling quite frustrated at not knowing where the infant may be. "There's no curse, just an accident. No need to be alarmed..." Yes that sounded plenty stupid given the circumstances. "What I mean is, between the three of us we'll try and help you remember who you are."

Cora: Again mentioning curses! Cora is extremely confused, why would the be talking about curses? It just doesn’t make sense, magic is something only seen in fiction. But since they seem to honestly want to help her, she just stays there, looking at them, with a confused smile in her face.

Cruella: Cruella has moved with her drink to the table along with the others and plopped herself down. She finds Cora amusing in her confused state.

"Don't worry, Darling. I'm sure you'll be back to your usual self in no time. I'm Cruella, we're...friends, I suppose. Friendly anyway. It depends how many of these I've had." Cruella raises her glass and laughs at her own joke.

Cruella then turns to Elsa and looks her up and down with distain. "Never thought you'd see me again, did you?" She narrows her eyes at the woman, recalling how she had participated in leaving Cruella bound and gagged on the ceiling in Oz.

Elsa Arendelle:
Elsa looks at Cruella. Yes. She knows that woman...she can't remember where she met her...oh yes. "You're the woman who were in the cage in Oz right? Was it comfortable?" She asks and smirks.

She turns to Ruby. "And where are we supposed to find that Zelena?"

Ruby Lucas:
Ruby's eyes dart from Cruella to Elsa not knowing what had transpired between the two. Truly something most peculiar given the fact that they had been strewn around varying realms all of then ending up, well she figures, in Zombieland.

Choosing to ignore whatever it was, Ruby did not need to know and kept her focus on a befuddled Cora.

"Why don't we start with trying to find your daughter?"

Cora Mills:
Something about Cruella made Cora feel at ease, and when the woman mentioned that they were friends, she gave her a warm smile. When Cruella raises her glass, Cora laughs at the joke, the woman surely seems to have a good sense of humour.

Cruella and Elsa seemed to have their differences, and that made Cora a bit uncomfortable, as Elsa had been extremely helpful, but Cruella claimed to be her friend, and somehow Cora knew that she was telling the truth.

When the waitress spoke, Cora gave her a nod, and turning to her friend, she asked, trying to smile, “Cruella, dear, if you are my friend, I would like your opinion on what this nice waitress is suggesting, please?”

Cruella De Vil:
Cruella narrows her eyes at Elsa's comment. She honestly didn't know what she'd done to deserve such treatment, she'd only been trying for help in Oz yet found herself at the opposite side of Zelena, Tink and Elsa.

Cruella and Cora had already gotten past this issue of Zelena while they were in Wonderland, but for some reason she didn't think Zelena would be past it. Just a hunch. Cruella stammers, not knowing how to respond to Cora's question. "Well, Darling, we coouuld go find Zelena" she stalls. "But I rather think she is perfectly fine wherever she is and she would probabaly want you to just - rest and feel... better." Cruella doesn't care to run into Zelena, but nor does she want to upset Cora. It's a fine line she walks right now. "You probably shouldn't be running about town wearing yourself out. No, what you need is a nice relaxing beverage, some wine perhaps. We can talk about old times and maybe we can jog your memory?" Cruella looks hopefully at Cora to see if avoiding Zelena is going to work.

Elsa Arendelle:
Elsa sighs at Cruella. "Listen. I'm sorry. I let you in that cage but trust me, Marshamallow isn't the type of creatures to love human. Let's just say you were safe." She shrugs.

Elsa looks at Ruby after Cruella's proposition. "Well, Ruby, what do you think about that? Would it be safer for our dear friend Cora to stay here and drink wine?" For sure, drinking isn't the best solution for an amnesiac woman...but if it could keep her safe...why not?

Ruby Lucas:
"I'm not sure alcohol is the best... choice," Ruby does her best to remain diplomatic, though she did just have a drink with Cruella and however Ms. DeVil did have a point. It was probably best that Cora stay put and in this state Ruby didn't feel right leaving the woman. At least not until she got a hold of one of Cora's daughter's. "Maybe a glass of wine couldn't hurt," Ruby shrugged a shoulder, "How about we get you something to eat?" Ruby stands up hoping this would make Cora feel at ease.

Cora Mills:
Cora listens to the ladies suggestions, and agrees, she could surely use a drink right now, but not wine. She noticed that Elsa called the waitress Ruby, so she smiles at her, and a bit embarrassed, asks, “Ruby, dear, you don’t happen to have one of those drinks, made with vodka, lime, cranberry juice, and that orange flavoured liqueur… How it’s called?”

Cruella De Vil:
"Cosmopolitan" Cruella answers a bit too quickly and then adds self consciously "what? It's her go-to drink. We've spent many an evening tipping the glasses down...well, we've had a lot of drinks together." Cruella cleared her throat. She didn't feel the need to bring up details of the underworld and how Cora and she had come to know one another so well. Although, maybe it would help Cora remember. Perhaps after a few more drinks she might be persuaded to tell tales. "I'll have another too, Ruby Darling." Cruella turns back to Cora and Elsa "Ruby's the best bartender in Storybrooke, a nice heavy pour." She winks.

Ruby Lucas:
Cruella had taken the words right out of her mouth as Ruby was about to respond with 'Cosmopolitan' as well. She wasn't sure how these who had mingled since, well, she knew both had escaped the Underworld, well hadn't most of the town with the whole curse last year? Had it been a year?

Ruby steps away from the table, "Coming right up, and this one's on me," she tells Cora. The last thing she needs the woman to worry about is payment.

Moving behind the counter to shove a few bills into the register, she'd get Cora's drink prepared first as Cruella had already been on her second, well maybe first as the first drink spilled. She tops off Cruella's drink and then weaves back around the counter for Cora and places the drink on the table before Cora with a smile.

"I don't make them as well as Granny, but it's pretty good if I do say so myself." Ruby turns to Elsa, "Would you like a soda while I go get Cora something to eat?"

Elsa Arendelle:
Elsa waits for the ladies to choose their drinks. Of course she has no idea what they are talking about. The only drink she knows is champagne and it's only because people from high society drink this. She looks at Ruby. What is a soda? "Uhh...yes." She nods but hopes it is good.

Cora Mills:
Cora smiles at Cruella’s quick response. So they have actually sit for drinks in the past, that makes her feel more at ease. It’s nice to know that people remember you, even if you can’t remember yourself. She’s not sure that’s the name of the drink, but the moment Ruby handles it to her, she sips it and smiles in satisfaction and says, “Thank you, Ruby. I really needed this.”

Cora would love to tell Elsa what a soda is, but she can’t remember if it’s the sugary bubbling drink that makes one burp, or the flavoured, also sugary, product that comes from those animals that moo.

Cora turns to Cruella, and raising her drink, she dares asking, “Cruella, darling, would you mind telling me what you know about me, please? Maybe something will trigger my memories.” Cora knows it may be a long shot, but she does feel comfortable talking to Cruella, and deep down, even though she can explain herself how, Cora senses that the woman is a real friend.

Cruella De Vil:
"Well..." Cruella eyes the company before deciding what parts of Cora's past she would tell. She feels secure with Ruby but isn't too sure about this Elsa. She decides to start off with broad strokes.

"First off, you're a strong woman. Cunning. I like that" she winks. "As Ruby said, you have two daughters, Regina, who is the mayor of this town, and Zelena, who I've only recently had the pleasure of meeting." Cruella draws out the word sarcastically while shooting a mock smile toward Elsa.

Cruella takes another sip from her first drink, finishing it off and sliding it away. Finding some courage to speak about to speak about the underworld, she continues. "We a place very similar to this actually. It was just a little more red." Her eyes shift around to the others again. "You see, Darling, we both met our demise at the hands of the mother-daughter ruffian squad, The Charmings: Snow White and Emma Swan." She ended with a snarl.

Ruby Lucas:
"You're welcome," Ruby replies with a warm smile to Cora and she quickly goes to fix a soda for Elsa. Something simple given she has never had one before and returns with a ice chilled bubbly beverage and sets it before her, "I think you'll like it."

Her eyes raise to find Mr. Gold and her dear friend Belle entering the diner. "Excuse me," She tells the group of ladies though mainly directed towards Elsa since Cruella and Cora are in conversation. Then she makes her way over to the couple.

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Elsa Arendelle:
Elsa rolls her eyes and listens to Cruella's speech about who Cora is.

She smiles at Ruby when she brings her her beverage. "Thanks." She looks at the bubbles in the glass and raises an eyebrow. Is she suppose to drink or eat them? She takes a straw and drinks it. It is suprisingly tasty. Till she feels the bubbles get in her nose. She clamps her nose and her eyes fills with tears. It is an unpleasant beverage but so tasty at the same time. She takes a new sip of it, still listening to the women.

Cora Mills:
As Cruella starts describing her, Cora starts feeling a warm and nice sensation. She can’t remember a thing about herself, but somehow feels proud by the way those who know her seem to perceive her, so a smile forms in her face.

She just listens carefully as Cruella speaks, when she hears that one of her daughters is the mayor of the town, she feels quite proud. But the way her friend refers to her other daughter makes her think that maybe Zelena is a handful, which for some reason makes her feel even prouder.

Suddenly, Cruella says something that doesn’t make sense at all. “What do you mean our demise?!” Cora asks between surprised and intrigued. Was Cruella saying that they were dead?

Cruella De Vil:
Cruella thanks Ruby for topping off her drink and watches her walk off to wait on Rumple and Belle. Elsa's reaction to the carbonated beverage commands Cruella's attention. She stares incredulously at Elsa as she tries to recouperate. Eventually she blinks away the image and turns her attention back toward Cora.

"Demise, as in our deaths" she explains haughtily. "What else could I have possibly meant?" Her irritation isn't with Cora, it's with Emma as her assailant, and with Snow, by proxy. Her lip twitches in animosity and she begins rearranging things on the tabletop just for something to do to calm down. It's not working.

"There we were, wasting away in the Underworld while they were still up here, living and breathing, not giving us a second thought. You told me all about it, Darling. Dreadful. She lit both ends of that candle and whispered your name over your heart...tricked your own daughter into putting your heart back in your chest." Cruella shudders for dramatic effect. "Oh, do tell me you remember this, because I'm starting to remember just how much I loathe them myself and perhaps we should do something about it together."

Cruella takes a long drink from her glass.

Elsa Arendelle:
Elsa grimaces at Cruella and frowns. "We're not here for revenge Cruella. We are here to help Cora to remember, not to turns her evil." She turns towards Cora. "Please. Don't listen to her. Perhaps she's lying. Perhaps she's creating a story." Elsa bites her lower lips. She couldn't assists to someone amnesic being turn evil.

Cora Mills:
The moment Cruella mentions the two sided candle, Cora feels this weird sensation running through her body.

Everything that Cruella is saying makes perfect sense now. Cora closes her eyes as she actually remembers that red place that her friend is mentioning. An inexplicable rage starts taking over, but somehow she manages not to show it.

When Elsa speaks, Cora just politely smiles at her, as she just says, “But she isn't lying.” Cora then turns to Cruella as she adds, “I remember that red pub. And I remember dying.”

Cruella De Vil:
A satisfied grin forms on Cruella's lips when Cora makes her recollections. "What better way to help someone remember their past than by offering up a side of revenge?" she chides Elsa smugly.

"I know what motivates my friend, don't I, Darling?" She raises her glass to toast in celebration and then looks more closely at Cora. "Do you remember it all - your life, your magic, or just the end and what came afterward?"

Cora Mills:
Cora had to agree with Cruella, whatever this craziness of remembering dying, but finding oneself very much alive, apparently gave her an opportunity to get revenge in those ruffians her friend was talking about.

“Well,” Cora starts answering to Cruella’s question, I remember what came after dying, I remember you. I do remember a little bit of what I believe must have been my life…” Cora’s eyes opened wide as Cruella’s words finally sank in, “What do you mean magic...?!”Just then, a man who looks oddly familiar, appears in the diner, he’s carrying a woman who seems to be unwell.

Cora gasps in surprise, not as much because of the sudden appearance, but because she feels something strange in her hand. She looks down to see that she’s holding a ball of fire. Her mind starts rushing with memories. She remembers! All her life comes rushing to her, up to the moment she died. She still can’t remember how she got out of that terrible place, or what happened afterwards but she’ll have to worry about that later.

Cruella De Vil:
The appearance of a fireball in Cora's hand and look of realization on her face excites Cruella. "I do believe she's back!" and she laughs heartily, thrusting her chin upward, triumphantly.

She is confused by Rumple's mood and the fact that he's carrying a mostly limp wife through the diner. This would be the second time she's watched them follow Ruby out into the alley. "Whatever is going on with short stuff and the missus today?" And then there are noises outside that attract her attention. "Oh damn! I thought I could enjoy one afternoon of relaxed drinking before some other crisis befell the town!"

Cruella makes no effort to get up to investigate, she just reaches for her drink, which is getting low.

Elsa Arendelle:
Elsa sighs. "I'm sorry but I don't wanna have anything to do with that." She gets up and walks out the Granny's. She helped Cora, but revenge isn't her cup of tea. Better to leave than to become...evil? ((end of Elsa.))

Cora Mills:
Cora extinguishes the fireball as soon as she sees the imp following Ruby.

She turns to Cruella, who seems excited. "Yes," Cora says with a grin, "I think my memories are back, or at least the important ones."

Choosing to ignore Elsa, to whom she's thankful for helping her, in spite of also being the reason she got amnesia in the first place, Cora sits back next to Cruella. She's still a little lightheaded due to the bump in the head.

Cora can only remember up to the point when she had just become friends with Cruella in the Underworld, so she didn't really feel the need, or the curiosity, to go outside and investigate the noises.

Cruella De Vil:
Cruella huffs at Elsa's departure. "Why, she's an old icicle in the mud, isn't she?" Now her aunt...Ingrid or something, I hear she knew how to have a good time! I don't recall meeting her in the underworld - must have waved a white flag in the end - no unfinished business. Such a pity." Cruella truly looked saddened by the thought of a villain gone soft. "It's a tough business we're in Cora Darling."

Cruella decides she needs a pick-me-up. She puts her drink back down on the table excitedly. "What do you say we liven this place up a bit?" Her words were ironic of course as she had no idea of how much destruction was going on outside the diner. Blasting the town wasn't really her glass of gin anyway. No, Cruella's idea of fun was more about drinking and dancing, torture and revenge, not annihilating an entire town all at once.

Belle French-Gold:
((Coming from the Pawn Shop))

Belle smiles at her husband, and says “Thank you!” as she enters Granny’s. She notices there’s some people there, and immediately regrets it. Even with the necklace back on, she’s already starting to crave human blood again, and almost every single person inside the place smells deliciously appetizing.

Belle walks to the back of the diner without really paying attention to the other patrons, and sits on a booth, facing the back of the place. The last thing she needs right now is choosing anyone, friend or foe, as a possible meal, so it will be best if the only person in front of her is her husband.

Rumple Gold:
Rumple surveys the diner as he follows Belle toward the back booth. He breathes a sigh of relief seeing that +Ruby Lucas is indeed working. He nods in her direction as he passes.

It strikes him as odd, first the Belle chooses the booth in the corner and next that she sits facing the wall. He pauses briefly contemplating her actions before sitting himself down facing her and the rest of the diner.

"Are you alright?" He asks with concern. Thinking she may feel self conscious he continues. "I assure you, nobody here knows, and if they say anything in appropriate they'll be sorry they opened their mouth."

Belle French-Gold:
Belle is playing with her hair, nervously, trying to control the cravings that she started feeling again. When Rumple asks her if she’s alright, she just smiles sheepishly, and says in a low voice, so no one else can hear her, “I’m not worried about they knowing. I’m worried about me wanting to eat them.”

Rumple Gold:
Rumple just stares at Belle. After a moment he brings himself to speak. "Rare steak it is then" he breathes, sliding the menus off to the side as if there is no other choice. He cranes around impatiently trying to get Ruby's attention, raising a finger as a signal they're ready whenever she seems to be looking in their direction.

Ruby Lucas:
((Will be floating between threads here and with +Cruella De Vil​, +Cora Mills​, and +Elsa Arendelle​))

When seeing her dear friend enter the establishment Ruby immediately brightens as she hasn't seen Belle since their little time spent in Wonderland. However when she goes to greet her friend with a wave it must not have been seen and clearly something is bothering Belle as she selects a spot clear to the back.

She receives a nod from Mr. Gold and waits till the couple is seated before excusing herself from the group of ladies and heads towards the back booth with her order tablet in one hand and a pen in the other.

Just like old times, "Hey Belle, Rumple," having both spent some time with them one in Wonderland and the other their home of the Enchanted Forest. "So what can I get you both?"

Belle French-Gold:
Belle blushes at Rumple’s comment, she would honestly prefer to be able to order a live large mammal to sink her fangs into, but she understands that it would be quite bizarre for anyone who saw her eat. And a small mammal would probably be out of the question as well.

Belle lowers her head, “Yes,” she mumbles to Rumple quite embarrassed, “I’d like a raw steak, bloody.”

When she hears Ruby’s voice, Belle becomes even more nervous and embarrassed. How is her friend going to react once she realises that she’s now a vampire?

“Hi, Ruby,” Belle says still in a low tone of voice, “I’d like… I… I…” Belle looks at Rumple in anguish, she just can’t get herself to order a raw bloody steak when what she really wants is to eat the blood of a live mammal, preferably a primate.

Rumple Gold:
"Two steaks, rare." He speaks up smoothly to cover for Belle as she seems to stumble over her words. "and two iced teas, please." He orders the same for himself so she doesn't feel self conscious and in the event she might desire more than one.

"Miss Lucas," he grabs her attention again before she could walk away. "We'd like a moment of your time as well if you could perhaps have one of the other waitresses cover for a few minutes? After you put in the order, of course." He doesn't want to delay Belle's meal.

Ruby Lucas:
Ruby quickly scribbles down the order, not their usual but if that is what they wanted. Looking up Ruby sensed something quite unsettled with Belle. She wants to comment, though is unsure of what she may say to not vex her further.

"Got it," just about to walk away, Gold stops her midstride, "Um... " Ruby had called in some of the staff back, but not all had return from the mess of portal hopping their way back to Storybrooke. She was about to have to tell them no when the bell sounded and an employee walked in. Ruby nodded towards the back handing off the two receipts to the waitress as she strolled past. "Yeah, I guess I can talk. Everything okay?"

Belle French-Gold:
Belle can’t avoid looking at Rumple in bewilderment. She knows that he loves her and would do anything for her, but ordering a rare steak for himself looks a bit odd, although at the same time it’s extremely sweet. When he adds the ice teas to the order, she just gives him the warmest of smiles, and outstretches her arm to him, hoping that he will grab her hand.

When Rumple says that they want to talk to Ruby, Belle is caught a little bit of guard. She looks at him a bit confused, wondering if this talk has anything to do with curing her condition; thankfully, Ruby seems to be distracted handling their order to one of her employees.

Once Ruby asks them if everything is okay, Belle just smiles at her, and waits for Rumple to speak.

Rumple Gold:
Rumple takes Belle's offered hand and squeezes it reassuringly before sliding out of his side of the booth. He gestures to the seat he's just freed up "Please, Ruby, sit." He then slides in beside Belle, the side of his body close against hers. He hopes she doesn't scoot away and attempts to retake her hand in his before he speaks.

He clears his throat and begins slowly. "You may recall, in my vault at the Dark Castle, you provided a mirror which you had been using to communicate with Belle while you two were in Wonderland. What I witnessed while using that mirror..." he paused, tightening his jaw and lips at the memory of seeing Belle being bit by a vampire. "Belle has been put in a compromising situation and you are in the unique position to be able to help her. If you are willing, and Belle agrees, I will be in your debt."

Ruby Lucas:
A little astonished that of all people the Dark One is in need of /her/ help. This was most peculiar.

As Rumple slides out of his side and into Belle's offering her up his seat Ruby hesitates as she knows that this could possibly be a deal with the Dark One, yet still it was Belle and both she and Gold would do anything to help her, so Ruby slides into the booth trying to keep an open mind.

"In /your/ debt?" Hmmm.. the plot thickens. "And what exactly do you need from me? You are the Dark One. You hold the most power," She is not saying this to flatter him so much as she is stating a necessary fact and thinking through her thoughts aloud. "So why in all the realms would you need /my/ help?"

Belle French-Gold:
It will probably never cease to amaze Belle how much Rumple loves her, the touch of his hand makes her feel protected, and when he moves next to her to let Ruby seat across the table, she lets him take her hand, and leans slightly towards him, softly caressing his arm with her head.

As Rumple talks, Belle just looks at Ruby, giving her a nervous smile. She’s not sure that she understands how her friend will be able to help with her predicament, but whatever it is, she has the feeling that it will probably be as unpleasant as the necklace she’s wearing at the moment.

As one of the younger waitresses passes by to serve another table, Belle notices her smell is quite tasty. She closes her eyes, not paying attention to Rumple or Ruby’s words anymore, and starts remembering how amazingly good those lost boys’ blood was.

Belle hunger for blood starts to take over again, but the necklace is preventing her to act on her vampiric instincts, so for a moment she considers taking the bloody thing off again, even if it burns both her hands.

Rumple Gold:
Rumple shifts in his seat slightly, adjusting his jacket. "Yes, well as remarkable as it might seem, I am not all powerful. There are some limitations to my magic." He settles back in against Belle as she rests her head on him.

"It is somewhat...unorthodox, but what we need is for you to infect Belle with lycanthropy. It's the only thing that can cure her...condition. You see, when she was in the Land Without Color, she contracted an ancient disease."

Ruby Lucas:
The garlic scent had not escaped her notice. And it was even more prevalent as she sat across the couple. The necklace, the ancient disease, the unorthodoxy nature of this mission and.. lycanthropy.

Her eyes shift from Rumple to Belle, she does not need to say anything nor would she comment on Belle's condition. There was a certain oddity in Belle, Ruby noted but it was all coming together.

Leaning forward, elbows on the table, she brings her fingers to her lips gaze focused on a small scratch on the surface of the table. Her emotions unnerved by the thought of a cure. Something at one point she would have given up anything for. But this wasn't about her.

Ruby blinks back trying to push away her selfishness in this moment. This was about Belle. Her eyes raise meeting Belle's. She knows her friend must be in utter turmoil fighting the curse she that was unwarranted.. Ruby understands this all too well.

"I, um, yes," she says with a soft nod. "I have to warn you it will be painful and Rumple, you will need my hood for... after as a just in case. It is not an easy curse to bear anymore than yours is. But.. yeah of course. Though not here. Too many people."

Belle French-Gold:
Belle’s mind keeps wandering about the strong scents inside the diner, getting hungrier by the minute; when in the distance, she hears Rumple said something that makes her come to her senses. She openes her eyes in surprise, she would stop being a vampire, instead being cursed to turn into a werewolf. And Rumple had the cure for that!

By Ruby’s expression, it was obvious that her dear friend had put the dots together, and that made Belle sigh in relief, as she knew that Ruby would most likely want to help her. She listened carefully to Ruby’s words, it sounded like it was going to be as terrible as vampirism; but the idea of being cured gave her hope, so she gave Ruby a warm smile, as she said, still in a low tone of voice, “Thank you.”

Rumple Gold:
Ruby has always been a clever one. He didn't have to spell it out, and she was on board. She is a good friend to Belle. Rumple is however a little surprised Belle seems to be going along with this as well. He would much rather have used the black soul gem and put this business behind them at no risk to Belle, but "Given the circumstances I think this is our best option."

"On the surface, one might think we are simply trading one affliction for another, but of the two, being a werewolf is much more manageable. Ruby here has done well." He winces. "Once she realized who she was."

He continues quickly. "Of course I have no intention of letting you remain that way either, but this gives me until the next full moon to prepare a cure."

Rumple takes a deep breath and his next words are difficult to speak. "It's not 100%." He can't quite bring himself to look at Belle, the thought he might let her down.

Ruby Lucas:
It didn't matter so much what Rumple had up his sleeve, she trusted him enough to know when Belle was involved he would do anything to protect her. And if this went wrong, whatever plan it was Rumple was cooking, Ruby didn't mind paying a hopefully small price if it meant helping her friend.

Ruby knows that it was an unintentional flub on his part. Yes, she's had some hiccups, yeah hiccups was a better way of putting it than finding out you're a werewolf by killing your true love... she cringes outwardly as the feeling resurface.

"He's right... sort of," Ruby chimes in. What she wanted was to assure Belle that yes, being a werewolf was easier than vampireism... that isn't the case. "It isn't easy to manage. I struggle everyday to control my curse. It is something you have to choose to control everyday," not saying this to alarm her friend Ruby keeps her tone calm and a touch somber to allude that this is as unpleasant to deliver as it would be to receive.

The drive to constantly be on the move, the desire to run free is a plague to her spirit, how painful people don't realize shapeshifting is, and the knowledge that people don't see you as a human because she isn't. Somewhere in between and the lost feeling never really dissipates.

"But I will help you in every step of the way..." leaning forward Ruby would lay a hand on Belle's forearm showing the trust is still there between them. She has no fears of Belle anymore than she did with David. Wearing a weak lopsided smile. "I promise."

Belle French-Gold:
Okay, so he didn’t exactly had a cure yet, but Belle had to agree that being a werewolf would probably be easier to manage than being a vampire, at least she would only have to worry about her actions during the full moon, as opposed to all the time.

The delicious aromas emanating from the people inside the diner were making Belle hungrier by the second, and she knew that a raw steak wouldn’t be enough.

“I understand the risks, but I don’t think I’ll be able to control myself much longer,” Belle had closed her eyes as she started speaking, there was something inside her that was trying to take control of her conscience, and it had taken all her will to express her thoughts before the vampire took over, “I know this necklace is supposed to help, Rumple, but I’m toying with the idea of taking it off again, even if it burns my hands, because the desire for blood is overpowering me.”

Belle was trying not to sob, as she continued, “I rather be a werewolf than this thing. Ruby still has her humanity, but I’m losing mine, and once it’s gone, you’re not going to like what’s left behind.”

Rumple Gold:
Rumple sees that Belle is trying very hard to keep control over her vampire urges and knows that if she removes that necklace all bets are off. He lifts a hand and hovers it over her shoulder making the necklace glow momentarily. "I've placed a spell on it so it cannot be removed. I'm sorry Belle. This will all be over soon." He really is sorry to be trapping her but if she looses control, she'll be trapped forever as a vampire.

"Ruby, I think we've run out of time." Nodding toward the hallway at the back of the diner, he continues. "I think it best we take our conversation out back, away from prying eyes." He slides out of the booth offering Belle a hand out of her seat. He'll let Ruby lead the way.

Ruby Lucas:
Ruby moves her hand from Belle's arm and she too senses the turmoil Belle is battling on the inside. She eases out of the booth to make sure that no one is aware. As Rumple put it, they do not need the prying eyes watching them.

Ambiguously she pivots on the heel of her sneaker and keeps her voice low, "Give me a moment, okay," giving a nod to Rumple she hopes he and Belle will understand her need for privacy. "The Hood is behind the counter in a messenger bag," Ruby adds before ducking away from the group.

Stepping outside in the darkness, it may not have a full moon but she can already feel the night calling to her.

Inhaling a deep breath, slowly from head to toe she feels the sharp wrenching inside her. Slowly embracing the shifting from woman to wolf, Ruby can feel the glowing sensation begin in her eyes, then bends at the knees, hands on the ground to as her body changes into the wolf within.

After she shifts, the wolf plants herself seated in front of the door to the back entrance where she waits for the couple to arrive.

Belle French-Gold:
Belle feels a weird sensation around her neck, she opens her eyes, and see the necklace glow. When Rumple explains that he placed a spell on it, to prevent her from taking it off, she thanks him with a sad smile.

The vampire inside her wants her to turn around and make a run for it, she doesn’t need to listen to these people, she has been given a special gift, and she should appreciate it, she just needs to follow on her vampiric instincts and she’ll be fine.

Taking Rumple’s hand when he offers it, she waits to be guided. Belle nods at Ruby’s comment, and waits for Rumple to decide when to follow her, and if they’ll go get the hood or not.

Rumple Gold:
Rumple acknowledges Ruby's instruction about the whereabouts of her hooded cloak. "I'll meet you at the powder room" he tells Belle as he leans in to kiss her temple.

He crosses the diner hearing Cruella talking dramatically to Cora and Elsa about their deaths. He takes some satisfaction in knowing he had orchestrated both but he's focussed on his current task of taking care of Belle.

As luck would have it, the other waitress is arguing with the cook and has her back turned when he walks behind the counter to find Ruby's bag containing the cloak. The shelving below is a disorganized array of paper products, condiments, utensils, dirty bus pans, and the like. Not immediately seeing any bag, he throws his hands out to the sides in frustration. How anyone could run a business like this, he couldn't begin to understand.

He has attracted the attention of a few counter customers but he shoots them the same glare he would if their rent had been past due and they quickly return to their plates or newspapers.

He looks down one more time and finds the strap of a bag poking out behind a jacket and grabs it. He turns, expecting to meet Belle in the back hallway but he finds she's remained where he left her, looking like it's everything she can do to hold it together. "Come, sweetheart." He puts his hand at the small of her back and gently guides her out to the alley where Ruby awaits in wolf form.

Rumple feels sick to his stomach knowing he has to let Belle be harmed and it comes out gruffly as he addresses Ruby. "I trust you know that anything more than what's required, and there'll be hell to pay. She's already been through enough." His rational side knows he can trust Ruby in this, she cares for Belle as if she were her family. But his rational side isn't in control at the moment.

Ruby Lucas:
Thankful for this time to herself, it is mind boggling to her. Never would she had dared to pass this curse of hers onto another living soul let alone one of her dearest friends. This causes the wolf's stomach to lurch but quickly she shakes her head to symbolically rid herself of these thoughts. She'd promised and she would uphold her end of the deal. Not to have the Dark One in her debt, this is for Belle.

Patiently the wolf waits till the back door opens wide and out comes the couple, Gold guarding his wife and Belle shaken and in distress. The wolf narrows her brows as she winces sensing her friend's battle inside her mind.

The wolf doesn't take what Rumple says to heart, this is spoken out of love and care and the desperation to protect his wife. And the wolf is understanding of this.

With a soft nod, she beckons Belle to kneel close towards her. This is not what she wants. Hasn't she inflicted enough pain and unrest to those around her that she must now carry this on to her friend... though there is a cure. There has to be a cure or else she will just be exchanging one hell for another. Belle spoke saying this wolf had not lost her humanity... no one understood. On the outward appearance of course everything was fine and dandy. On the inside was unrest.

The wolf opens her mouth enough to claps around Belle's forearm, knowing how close to get to miss anything calamitous. Easing her teeth to break the barrier of the flesh, the wolf winces feeling though her motives pure, her actions are cruel.

Only once the wolf knows that the curse has been transfered, her deep marks left on Belle's flesh, hastily the he wolf backs away fearful.

Belle French-Gold:
Belle looks at Rumple with whimpering eyes when he asks her to wait for him by the powder room. She knows that if she takes a step on her own, she’ll just run away, the vampire inside her is that powerful now. Since she hasn’t turn anybody yet, there’s still a little bit of her old self inside her, but it’s quickly disappearing. The vampire wants to completely come out, and for that to happen, Belle has to embrace it, to become undead, and that means that she has to infect someone with vampirism.

It takes all of her strength and willpower, but Belle manages to remain in the same place, waiting patiently for her husband to come and get her. She feels Rumple’s hand on her back and lets him guide her towards the back, and up to where Ruby, now in wolf form, is waiting for them. In the distance, she hears Rumple saying something to Ruby, but she can’t make the words, With her arms stretched out, Belle uses the strength she has left to remain in the same position, waiting for Ruby, who without the need of words invites her to kneel in order to bite her.

Belle can see how the wolf pierces her skin as she bites, but it barely hurts, it’s as if her whole body was numbed. Once Ruby is done, and backs away, Belle looks at her forearm with curiosity, there’s some blood, but not a lot. However, Belle soon starts feeling how the little voice inside her, that she identified as the vampire, starts disappearing, until she can’t hear it or feel it anymore. “I think it’s working,” the craving for blood is gone so Belle smiles at Rumple and Ruby, “I’m starting to feel like myself again…”

A strange sensation starts running through Belle’s body. The bite wound still feels numb, but suddenly she starts feeling a dull ache that starts in her muscles and radiates to other parts of her body, her head starts hurting as well, and she starts feeling extremely tired.

Feeling as if she was about to faint, Belle turns around, looking for Rumple’s embrace.

Rumple Gold:
Rumple removes the cloak from its bag in preparation and watches anxiously as Belle kneels before Ruby. His muscles twitch, resisting the instinct to reach down and toss Ruby aside to free Belle. Just when he thinks he can't take it any longer, Ruby lets go and cowers back away from them. When Belle announces it's working, Rumple hastily, covers Ruby with the cloak using a bit of magic so as not to rush at her. She's looking fearful already, she doesn't need the Dark One closing in on her.

He turns back to Belle to find her looking quite drained and as if she's about to collapse. He dips down slightly and wraps his arms around her for support. "You're alright, everything's going to be alright." He's telling himself as much as he's telling her. "I have you." He means that he won't let her fall, but figuratively speaking all is well when he's with her. He waves away the garlic necklace as it is no longer needed and fusses with her hair around her face waiting for her to express what's happening.

He's not looking toward Ruby so she has privacy again.

Ruby Lucas:
The wolf's ears perk up at hearing the change has not only happened but might have actually helped after all. This was a good sign? Deep in her mind, the wolf couldn't tell. All of it happened so fast and the regret was setting in.

With a whoosh Rumple takes the cloak from her messenger bag and drapes it over her furry frame covering her from head to tail. Shielding her transformation from the public view, of that she is most appreciative.

Like a jolt, the wolf tingles and her wolf likeness is exchanged for flesh and bone as she becomes a woman once more. Only when she feels the transformation complete, does Ruby then ease up off of hands and knees and solemnly rise to straighten up on her feet. With the cloak still draped over her shoulders, she pulls back the hood and brushes back her locks however she does not meet their gaze.

Slowly she pulls off the red cloak from her shoulders and her arm extended offers it up to the couple. It has been a while since Ruby has encountered a werewolf not born of this curse, anything can trigger a moment to shapeshift. More than anything she wants to be safe than sorry.

Belle French-Gold:
Belle sighs as soon as she feels Rumple’s arms around her. She tries to smile as she says weakly, “I don’t feel good. Something similar happened when that vampire bit me. That’s how I know it worked.”

Belle knew, from her readings, that unlike most trueborn werewolves, the majority of bitten ones would go through some sort of changes that would make the newly infected person ill, while the werewolf bacteria as the books call it fully integrates with the human cells.

She didn’t know, however, if Rumple was aware of that fact, and since she didn’t want him to take it on Ruby if she got really sick, she tried to explain it to him, even though she started feeling so tired, that she would rather sleep. “I once read... that it’s normal for a person... bitten by a werewolf... to get a little sick… while the infection… settles…” Belle started falling asleep as she spoke.

Rumple Gold:
Ruby had done just what she had agreed, and although Belle was experiencing some ill effects from her new affliction, the first was gone and that was half the battle. The tension, brought on from the race against time and her growing appetite, eases, and Rumple nods his thanks to Ruby as she approaches. When Ruby offers the cloak, the new reality of Belle's situation hits him. Solemnly he wraps it about Belle and scoops her up in his arms. He's at a loss for words at the moment, feeling a bit more overwhelmed than he had anticipated. "I'll just be bringing her over to the shop so she can rest. Perhaps later, after your shift, you could come by and check on her. She uh, may have some questions for you. It will take me some time to work on the rest." He nods again, his gratitude obvious but unspoken.

The two disappear in crimson smoke from the alley.

Moments later they appear in the shop where he expects to lay Belle on the cot while she recuperates. Instead, they find the shop has been nearly destroyed. A quick survey of the area reveals storage cabinets have been broken into and several items stolen. Just what he doesn't need to deal with at the moment!

Suddenly he becomes aware of a distant crackling sound of energy and a prickling of magic. Turning toward what was the front of the shop, he peers outside and sees Zelena standing in the area where the clock tower was, apparently it has been blown out. "Zelena!" he forces through clenched teeth.

Rumple poofs them back to Granny's, inside the diner, as he suspects Ruby would have returned from the alley by now. Their sudden appearance elicits gasps from customers, who also can see his mood is now quite angry. What Zelena was up to, he had no idea, but it wasn't anything good.

Ruby Lucas:
Ruby had watched them vanish in Rumple's signature cloud of smoke and once it was all said and done it left Ruby feeling worse than when she agreed to it.

Before returning through the back entrance as she reaches for the handle, there is a reverberation that Ruby knows is only from magic. How is it that that none of them can ever get one single days reprieve from some kind of magical threat in this town?

Eager to find out what was going on now, but also worried about Belle's condition, Ruby is about to ask the ladies if they know anything, that is till Rumple magics himself and Belle back in the diner. She rushes over to them perplexed, "I know you know what this upheaval is all about."

Rumple Gold:
Rumple ignores everyone in the diner but Ruby. He nods urgently "It's Zelena. She's ransacked my shop and stolen some very powerful things. She's blown apart the clock tower and is up there now. Whatever she's doing, it won't be good for anyone." He's still carrying Belle who appears to be either very deeply asleep or unconscious. Referring to Belle "I can't leave her there, it's not safe. Is there a spare room here at the Bed and Breakfast where she can rest?"

Zelena Mills:
((Why is it always me??? Anyone could have messed up your shop, and stole your stuff (I wouldn't even DARE to steal from you!) Maybe I'm only in the clock tower to enjoy the view?))

Ruby Lucas:
Ruby's eyes widen at hearing Rumple's news as he holds a still sleeping Belle. The effects of her werewolf bite is already coursing through her friend. It had been some time since she'd witnessed someone being changed into the curse instead of being born into it like herself, her mother, and grandmother.

"Yes," Ruby says without a second thought. "She can stay in my room and I can watch over her if you think it may help." The plans have changed quickly. Silently she knows Rumple and his power could be what they need to battle this and he can't do that if he is watching over Belle. "Follow me..." waving him on towards the alley way once more. "We can go in through the back way and won't be noticed."

Belle French-Gold:
Gradually, Belle starts falling into a deep sleep. She's able to feel Rumple wrapping her on something before carrying her in his arms. She tries to open her eyes, but they feel pretty heavy. She thinks that she feels Rumple magically transport them somewhere, and once again tries opening her eyes.

Belle takes a look around, it’s pretty obvious that she ain’t in Storybrooke anymore. She’s in a forest, but it doesn’t seem familiar at all. She gets up, and immediately starts feeling the need to run, to explore, to lose herself in this place. The air is hitting her face as she runs, and the feeling is unbelievable, she should go out for runs more often.

After a while, Belle encounters a loch, she kneels down to take a drink of water, and catches a glimpse of her reflection. Her face is still mostly human, but it's starting to show some sort of canine features that run from the tip of her nose, into her forehead. She sits still, observing her appearance, it has certain kind of charm to it.

As she keeps dreaming, Belle moves her head slightly, as if trying to rest it on Rumple’s chest.

Rumple Gold:
((Now you're Beauty and the Beast all by yourself.))

Belle French-Gold:
((Ha ha. I'm just beastly enough 😉))

Rumple Gold:
Grateful to Ruby for a second time today, Rumple thanks her follows her through the alley and in through the back entrance to the inn. Belle only slightly moves her head against his chest as they walk. When they reach what he assumes is Ruby's room, he carefully lowers Belle to the bed making sure her arms and legs are in a comfortable position. With his fingertips, he brushes the hair away from her face and whispers to her "Ruby is going to look after you until I return" and he kisses forehead.

Turning back to Ruby he takes a deep breath trying to appear much more calm than he felt on the inside. "You've always been a good friend to Belle. And helped me, at least when it comes to her. I just want to thank you for that." He shifts slightly, not knowing who Ruby will react. "After I've taken care of Zelena..." he closes his eyes in concentration again to calm himself from the thought of her. "I will be working on the cure for Belle. I can prepare it for two...if that's something you might be interested in...trying." He speaks slowly, gauging her expressions as he goes. "There is much to consider" he warns.

Ruby Lucas:
Ruby leads the way through a safe path that brings them into the Bed and Breakfast, thankfully barren as both Rumple and Belle have already gone through enough today. She opens the door to her room and while Rumple sets Belle down gingerly on the bed, Ruby retrieves a blanket to cover up her friend.

Turning away briefly to allow him this moment before he leaves them, she is part stunned by what Gold is telling her. He needn't thank her for such a gesture, though she also knows he must be incredibly grateful for him to even admit that publicly.

She opens her mouth to speak to tell him that Belle is her friend, that she'd do anything for her friends...and even those who weren't as it never hurt to show a little kindness to a stranger, however she is taken aback by this offer.

A cure... for two? He was offering to rid her of this life long curse that plagued her. It was so woven into her very being she had never even thought such a thing would be possible. Now that it was... there certainly is /much/ to consider.

Gulping, Ruby tries to let this idea set with herself. To have this curse lifted would be the greatest gift. To no longer be burdened, the butt of people's jokes, the monster she knew she was and always would be. It would end with her. The temptation to pounce on such an offer was great. And yet it gave her pause... what if it backfired? What if she was still a monster and the cure didn't work? What if... continued to run through her mind till she blinked a few times to shake off these thoughts. There was more at stake at the moment, she had to concentrate.

"I- I'll... think... about it," she finally spoke. "Don't worry about Belle, I'll not let anything happen to her."

Belle French-Gold:
As she keeps on contemplating her reflection in the water, Belle hears Rumple’s voice inside her head, telling her that Ruby will look after her. She looks around, expecting to see her friend, but she seems to be alone in this place. Belle finds this odd, and starts wondering if this could be a dream.

Once again, she looks for her reflection in the water, her face continues to show canine features, they make her look almost wolf like. The bite! Belle looks at her arm, the wound seems to be healed, and there’s thick brown hair growing around her skin. Belle looks at the hair with curiosity, and wonders what other changes her body may be experiencing.

She sits to better examine herself, and by doing so, notices a strange sensation in her lower back. She feels the area with her hand, there’s something new there. She gets a little scared, and the thing starts moving! Not only can she feel it with her hand, but she actually can feel how her new appendix move, almost as if it had a mind of its own.

Rumple Gold:
Rumple nods to Ruby's answer. "Very well." He will prepare two, and when the time comes, it will be for her to decide to take it or not.

Looking back to Belle, he doesn't want to leave her but knows she's in good hands with Ruby. To be safe, he raises a hand and a wave of magic emanates from it as he turns himself in a circle as if drawing a line around the perimeter of the room. "It's a protection spell in the event you are required to leave. Anyone will be permitted to enter or leave, so long as they mean no harm to Belle. I'll return as soon as I'm able."

Ruby Lucas:
Ruby watches as Rumple raises a hand and circles then informs her it is a protection spell he was cloaking them with. Knowing how powerful Zelena was, she certainly would need a little extra magic on her side.

"Thank you," she murmurs knowing the weight of this situation is heavy on his shoulders. "I guess if you need to contact us, use the mirror," she nods to the one over her dresser.

Belle French-Gold:
Belle keeps enjoying her dream, unaware of the current situation in Storybrooke.

In the distance, however, she thinks that she hears Rumple and Ruby again. A side of her wants to keep on running and exploring, while the other side wants her to wake up.

Rumple Gold:
Rumple makes note of the mirror Ruby points out. He isn't particularly fond of mirror magic, especially since the last time he used it to reach Belle, he witnessed the vampire attack that got them into the predicament in which they currently found themselves. "If it's all the same to you, Miss Lucas, I'll leave the mirrors to Regina. However, if you need me, know my name." He grins.

With that, he turns to head outside following the same route through the back that Ruby had used.

((End for Rumple unless called back.))

Ruby Lucas:
Understandable. However, she wouldn't be summoning him unless absolutely necessary. The threat had to be a great one with the use of a protection spell cloaking them and then he was gone. Knowing he was entirely capable of dealing with whatever evil lurked outside, Ruby would move to the window and try and take a peek at the disaster outside.

Moving away from the window, she pulls up a chair to sit near Belle's bedside. Observing closely at any change or movement. Something has captivated her friend, a dream maybe, hopefully not a nightmare. And she hoped it wasn't the reminiscing of the events in the Land Without Color. Belle had been through enough and...will certainly have to bear the weight of much more before she is cured.

Ah, the cure. Her mind drifts back to Rumple's offer. Would she accept it? Wasn't that what any person in their right mind would want? There was much to stew over. In the meantime her one duty was to make sure Belle was safe and thanks to the protection spell, it would definitely help.

Rumple Gold:
(( "you have one job" 😂 ))

Ruby Lucas:
((workin' on it. XD))

Belle French-Gold:
((Am I a job now? LOL))

Rumple Gold:
((Full time job, sweetheart))

Belle French-Gold:
Still dreaming, Belle notices that she’s wearing a little and way too revealing familiar blue dress; this is not the first time she has dream about Lacey, her cursed-self, however, it is the first time she’s fully aware of that fact, just as if both Belle and Lacey’s personalities were mixing as one.

Even though they don't see things eye to eye, Belle has to admit that, like it or not, Lacey is a part of herself. Looking again at her reflection, Belle can appreciate why she’s wearing that dress, it’s as if the werewolf has merged with Lacey, something that, surprisingly, doesn’t upset Belle. It’s just a dream, after all.

In the distance, Belle can hear something extremely loud, almost like… An explosion?! Regardless, that sound was loud enough to wake Belle up. She’s not in her bed, and she’s not at the Pawn Shop. She realizes that Ruby is with her, and even though she feels unwell, she manages to ask, “Ruby. What’s going on?”

Ruby Lucas:
Ruby tries to relax a little, though finds it impossible with the unknown uproar in town, while keeping a close eye on her friend. Belle had been sleeping for a little while. Rumple had left to fend off Zelena and she had to wait, wait to hear whatever news it was good or bad.

Upon hearing an explosion, yes that was certainly an explosion, Ruby jumps in her seat. Her heart beating loud enough it reverberates into her ears.

Belle is awakened by this blast outside. Ruby can only assume this is turning out to becoming another epic battle. What can she tell Belle? All she knows is Zelena is on the loose. Why, she has no clue.

Getting up, still startled, she takes a seat at Belle's bedside, "Something's happened and now Zelena is well, she's clearly pissed about something. Rumple is trying to handle this. He's asked me to watch out for you considering..." leaving the sentence hang.

Belle French-Gold:
As Ruby informs her of the situation, a worried Belle tries to sit in the bed, she’s however too weak so she just manages to fall back. She notices that this is a different kind of weakness than the one she felt when she was a vampire, as she’s barely able to move, and feels worse than if she had the flu. Thankfully, she wasn’t starving or craving blood, which made the weakness more bearable.

Ruby’s words are truly worrying Belle, and even though Rumple asked her friend to look after her, Belle is surprised that they’re not at her house, or at least at the shop. It’s obvious that they’re at Ruby’s, which makes Belle wonder if whatever threat Zelena is presenting at the moment is worse than just the witch being pissed about whatever it is that made her mad this time.

“Ruby,” Belle asks looking at her friend, fearful of the answer, “why are we at your place?”

Ruby Lucas:
Ruby was unsure of how much Belle could recall and apparently she hadn't had any knowledge of the battle just outside the protection spell.

Laying a comforting hand upon Belle's forearm, "Rumple brought us here. So that you'll be safe. And I'm going to make sure you are too. I don't know all the particulars, but something has triggered Zelena to want to destroy Storybrooke and well, that's why Rumple is fighting her."

Certainly this wouldn't do much to put her friend's mind at ease considering her new state and her new curse. Ruby knew nothing of what a werewolf would experience having just been changed. All she knew was her instincts that had been with her since birth and shielded from her till she was grown.

"Please try and rest. You're safe. Rumple cast a protection spell over the Bed and Breakfast so no one who means you any harm can enter."

Belle French-Gold:
Belle listens carefully to Ruby. Even though her friend informs her that it was Rumple who brought her here, and cast a protection spell, she still feels uneasy about the fact that he didn't take her home or to the Pawn Shop. What could have happen for him to decide that Granny's was the safest place?

Belle doesn't want to appear rude to Ruby, so trying to hide her anxiety, she tries to smile, as she keeps still in the bed, unsuccessfully trying to relax and rest.

Ruby Lucas:
The constant barrage of noises shaking her up wasn't helping her to assure that Belle was safe. Did Belle know she was safe? Did she feel safe? That was crucial to Ruby at the moment.

It was tempting, quite tempting, to take a peek outside again. But at the same time it also unnerved her. What had been destroyed while they remain safely hidden in her room? Was this to be the damage like that of the wraith all over again? So many questions were going through Ruby's mind that she didn't even have time to process this.

"You seemed to be dreaming," Ruby tried to start a new subject, one that didn't have to do with the fight outside these walls. "Why don't you tell me about it?"

Belle French-Gold:
The fact that Rumple placed a protection spell makes Belle feel safe. She is, however, pretty worried about Rumple's own safety, as she was sure something pretty bad must have happened for him not to take her to their own place.

Ruby's remark gets Belle's attention, she remembers her dream, and perhaps telling it to her friend won't only keep both of them distracted, but it may help her to better understand the new curse.

"Well," Belle isn't sure where to start, "it was a really pleasant dream, actually. I was near a lake or something. But when I saw my reflection in the water, I was different..."

Belle is unsure how to explain that she was aware of the fact that she was both Lacey and herself at the same time in the dream.

Ruby Lucas:
A smile breaks onto her lips as Belle begins to divulge her dream. It pleased her to know that there was an ounce of tranquility for her friend considering the chaos outside. Hopefully anything in the destruction can be fixed with a little magic.

"Ohhh," she draws out the word softly. "How so?" Wondering if she too had seen her inner wolf reflected into the water. It was a shock the first time she had seen it.

Belle French-Gold:
Belle smiles weakly at Ruby, wondering if her friend ever experienced what she just did in her dream. “When I saw my reflection…”

Belle closes her eyes, takes a deep breath, and continues, “It was me, but at the same time it... it kind of wasn’t…” this certainly was hard to explain, as it was hard to understand or even make any sense out of it. “My... My face was a mixture of human and wolf...and I had a tail and… And…”

As she talks, Belle starts feeling a little lightheaded, “I…” she's opened her eyes, and looks at Ruby, “I don't feel good.”

Ruby Lucas:
As Belle continues describing her confusion of the dream, Ruby can certainly sympathize with her friend. Though her dreams were sometimes filled with night terrors of her past failings, on occasion she too would visualize in her dreams of both of her sides melding into one

This obviously caused great confusion in Belle. This unfortunately was only the beginning. Ruby would help as best as she could till Rumple came up with the cure. Though the curse will be affecting her friend differently. At least Belle was aware of her new cursed status. This would make it easier.

Ruby gets up from the side of the bed and to offer and help Belle lie back down, "The infection is taking hold of you, which is good. It means it worked." She takes the blanket and would cover Belle with it. Then drags her chair closer. "Just rest as much as possible. And the dreams... don't fear them, they're only dreams. I've had them it comes with the territory. The dreams are probably your mind accepting both sides of your new self."

Killian Jones:
((At the Docks))

David Nolan
James's surroundings change in a blink of an eye. One moment he's in a stuffy clock tower, and the next he's standing out in the middle of the docks with Zelena's baby in one arm and Henry draped over his shoulder. His first instinct is to drop Henry to the ground, but he's promised Emma she has an hour before he'll harm Henry.
He kneels down and sets Henry by his feet before he stands again. He's getting even more irritable from not having anyone to drink from since his brother drank Jefferson's blood in Zombieland.
James begins to pace impatiently as he waits for Emma to bring Killian to him. This only makes his plan easier. He doesn't need to go back and get Snow because true love is being brought straight to him by his niece; he only needs one of their hearts.

Emma Swane
Emma's magic takes them right to the docks and the first thing her eyes land on is her unconscious son on the ground. She grits her teeth together at the sight before she looks to James. She assumes he isn't going to be pleased that she's brought Zelena along with her, but she had no other choice.

She glares at her uncle as her jaw drops slightly but her eyebrows raise. "Let Henry go now. I did what you asked."

Killian Drogeda
Killian had been mid-step when the cloud took him away and completes that step now at the harbor. "Bloody hell," he mumbles to himself. "Always doing without my consent." Upon quick analysis of the situation, he sees Henry lain upon the damp ground and he shakes his head. The lad is constantly getting himself into bad situations, but then again so is Killian. "Well, mate, you've gone and riled up the Savior." He chuckles in amusement as he circles wide behind Emma and closer to the water. His ship is just there. How he longs to climb aboard and shut the world out as he has no interests in this squabble between the oh so Charming family. His interest is in finding out why James has specifically demanded his presence. "Why am I here?"

Zelena Mills
Zelena noticed Henry lying on the ground but her eyes fell on her daughter, who James was holding in his arm.
Robyn seemed to be okay so far and Zelena was relieved that she was still alive. She made a step towards James and stretched her arms out for Robyn, but then she remembered to be careful. She stopped and said as calmly as possible, “Give her to me!”

Dave Dallas
James's head snaps up from Robyn as Emma, Killian, and Zelena show up. Of course Emma is incapable of following his instructions; she wasn't supposed to bring anyone besides Killian.

"Well 'mate', you're here because you're a part of this spell I need." He looks to Zelena next. "You. I don't think I'm going to give her to you." James smiles very sarcastically at Zelena before his attention goes to Emma. "And you. You can't follow any damn instructions, can you? I said to come with only Killian."

James steps over Henry's still unconscious body with Robyn in his arms. "See, I may have grown up with a royal family, but that didn't mean anything to me. It was all a show to my father. David got everything. He had a loving mother and everything else a young boy could've wanted. It's my turn to get it all back. I stole a page from your book." He points a finger at Zelena but he doesn't look away from Emma because that's who he's most angry with. "You're going to use your magic to help me enact a time travel spell. That's why you needed to bring Killian, but I sense one of you did something to Mr. Guyliner over here because he looks more than unpleased. Little Robyn here, well you know what she's for. I need Killian's brain for wisdom. I'll use David's body for courage and you," his pointer finger turns to Emma "it's clear you love two of the people here. Zelena, if you want your baby back, tear the saviors heart from her body and get me the Charming's son."

Emma Swan:
Emma stares at James in complete shock. This cannot possibly be happening. She turns to Zelena in defense mode, but as a mother she knows they'd both do anything for their children. Although she has a feeling she knows how this will end, she gives Zelena a pleading expression. "Zelena, you don't have to do it. We can figure out another way. We always do. Please…"

Emma's eyes move from Zelena and land on Killian. She takes a deep breath before she looks to Henry on the ground.

Killian Jones:
Killian has the look of one completely flabbergasted and simultaneously repulsed that James demands his brain of all things for wisdom. "I'm not certain if I should be flattered or disgusted, mate. My brain?" He raises his lip as he takes a step closer sizing up James. He's made a direct threat to the pirate and this is not one he'll stand idly by to allow. A quick nip from the flask seems called for.

Upon hearing Emma's pleas to Zelena, he snorts rudely. "Now you decide there is another way? I'm quite sure it's a tad late for that. Your uncle has no magic, aye? Blast his arse into the water. The child will float... perhaps."

Zelena Mills:
Zelena didn’t feel sorry for Emma, but she had no intention of leaving Robyn alone to get the Charming brat.
“I have to agree with the pirate,” she said to Emma, stepping closer to her. She lifted her arm so James would hopefully think she’d rip out Emma’s heart at any moment, but then she vanished in green smoke. She appeared right behind James and cast a spell. If successful he wouldn’t be able to move anymore and she would try to rip out his heart before trying to take Robyn away from him.

David Nolan:
James smirks as he watches Zelena lift her arm, but his expression fades when he sees the green smoke. His jaw clenches as he spins around using his vampire speed. In the blink of an eye, his fangs are out as he's reaching to attempt to wrap his free hand around Zelena's neck. "You stupid witch. Poof the damn baby here and rip out her heart or little Robyn here is going in the ocean." His tongue flicks his left fang as his eyes widen in a sarcastic expression. "Or even better! She becomes my next meal!"

He stares right into Zelena's eyes as he waits a minute before yelling at Zelena. "DO IT!" He hopes using the baby against her mother will force Zelena into having no other option than to rip the saviors heart from her chest.

Emma Swan:
Emma swallows hard as she listens to James. Not only was Henry in danger now, but so was her father, her brother, and herself. She bites down on her bottom lip as she watches Zelena carefully. "Zelena… please… think about what you're about to do."

Killian Jones:
"I'd bloody well do it myself if my hook was still enchanted." He rolls his eyes at such dramatics wondering why he's still standing about. Finding a pipe nearby, he bends and gingerly picks it up testing the weight and heft of the blunt instrument. No one is going to threaten his life and expect him to go down without a fight. Hopefully the witch or the savior will react faster than the vampire's speed after Killian's next action. If they don't then perhaps they are simply allowing the possessed blood sucker to get his way, he figures. While James is occupied with Zelena's throat in one hand and a baby in the other, Killian approaches and attempts to whack the side of James' head with the applied force of knocking him down.

Henry Mills:
Henry starts to wake up. He slowly opens one eye and quickly closes it. He groans. His head hurts a lot and the pain is all he can concentrate on, but he starts to hear voices, but he can't seem to focus on understanding
the words. He forces himself to open his eyes to figure out out what's going on because he can't remember a thing right now.

Zelena Mills:
Zelena was shocked when James clutched her throat before she could cast her spell. She had completely forgotten about his skills as a vampire and immediately held still, hoping that he wouldn’t hurt Robyn.
When he stated his terms again and threatened her to kill her baby Zelena saw no other way than to obey.
She heard the voices whisper not to give in, but she was scared stiff for Robyn.
Then she saw Killian grabbing a pipe and attempt to play the hero. He aimed at James and Zelena made a quick movement with her hand so the pipe was slung away of Killian’s hand as was the pirate.
“What the bloody hell is wrong with you?” she yelled at him. “You could have hit Robyn!”
She looked at James and said, “Okay, okay, I’ll do it, just… don’t hurt her, please!”
James released her and Zelena rubbed her throat.
Then she looked at Emma and heard her pleading, but she had no other choice.
It took her only a few steps to reach her and with a quick movement she thrusted her hand into Emma’s chest and ripped her heart out.
Then she went back to James and offered it to him. He took it and Zelena vanished in green smoke to get the Charming brat.
((everything approved in PM's))

David Nolan:
James releases Zelena once she finally agrees to comply to his requests. He sticks his hand out as he watches the witch thrust her hand into Emma's chest to retrieve the heart. As soon as the glowing and beating heart is in his hand, he looks up to Emma with a devious grin before he gives the object a light squeeze. "Poof this little brat away." He squeezes the heart slightly harder as Robyn finally starts to wake up in his arms and fuss.

James notices a slight movement from Henry on the ground and he speaks up so no one else can try to attempt to ruin his plan like the damn pirate. "Do not move another inch or your mother is dead."

Emma Swan:
Emma stays very still as everything happens around her. There's no use in fighting or James is just going to hurt the ones she cares about. She groans loudly as Zelena's hand enters her chest. The pain causes her knees to buckle slightly, but she manages to straighten herself back up once her heart is in James's hand.

Emma notices Henry move very slightly on the ground, but she doesn't say anything in the hope that James won't notice. Her thoughts become clouded as she feels a huge amount of pressure in her chest. Her hand flies to the spot her heart has been and she grips down. She feels even more pain as he squeezes again and it causes her to drop to her knees. Emma barely manages to stick a hand out and poof Robyn safely to the sheriffs station where he knew she would be safe for the time being. Once the baby is gone Emma squeezes her eyes shut, but she stays upright on her knees so she doesn't appear as weak as she feels.

Killian Jones:
Killian is tossed backwards several feet but manages to land on his boots without falling. His ankle, however has a shooting pain lacing up his bones. Poor landing.

Zelena had snatched the pipe from his hand! "'Bloody hell' yourself! What do you expect after what you did to my heart?!" He stays where he is still several feet away as he favors the injured foot but glaring at this heated moment.

He hadn't expected Zelena to actually take Emma's heart. How surprising. Emma had lacked the foresight in this moment. Steal a witch's child, get your heart ripped out. Simple as that.

However, the blackness in his heart was not all consuming. A small, bright patch of red still circulated within the organ as his eyes captured Emma's pain. He had loved her at one time and he wouldn't forget that completely. Tensing his jaw, he began limping towards Emma. Once before her, he winces as he holds out a hand to assist her in standing and would support her so that she should stay upright through the pain of James inflicting her heart. He won't allow her to cry on the ground; he wants her to stand up and watch as James crushes her heart. "Come now, Swan. Face this moment. Death is truly the last great adventure."

Henry Mills:
With more effort Henry gets up and rubs his eyes. He hears David’s- no James voice and suddenly becomes alert at the mention of his mother. He looks at the scene before him and feel his heart almost jump out of his chest.

“!” His voice cracks. He was told not to move. As he saw his mother’s heart in the hands of a man he resembled his grandfather, Henry realized there was nothing he could do. If he attempted to attack him he would risk his mother’s life.

“STOP! You can’t do this! Stop hurting her!” He watches as Emma falls to her knees and Henry attempts to walk towards her. He has to be close to her. He NEEDS a plan. He has to do something! He becomes aware of Killian...who doesn’t seem like himself but Henry could barely keep up with what’s going on anyways. His head still hurts and his focus is his mom. He wasn’t going to lose hope yet.

“Mom, you’re the savior. You can fight this. He may have your heart, but you’re so much more. Fight it. I believe in you.” Henry said hoping that he could be helping at least through his words.

Zelena Mills:
It wasn’t very difficult for Zelena to get Neal. She poofed right into the Charming’s living room, immobilized the surprised mother, grabbed Neal out of his crib and was gone.
When she appeared in front of James again she almost dropped Neal.
James was still holding Emma’s heart in his hand, but Robyn was gone.
“No! Where is Robyn!” Zelena yelled and looked desperately around.
Instinctively, she held Neal tighter, not intending to hand him over as long as Robyn was missing.
“What did you do to her?”

David Nolan:
James's attention turns away from Henry, Emma, and Killian when Zelena appears again with Neal. He quickly snatches the baby from the witch with his free hand before he looks to Emma again to get Zelena out of his way. "She's dead."

Zelena Mills:
When Zelena heard that Robyn was dead she sank to her knees. The last bit of hope in her vanished and something in her started to suck her consciousness away. The voices grew louder, started to laugh and cheer and suddenly something took over her. Zelena felt dizzy and when she opened her eyes again she saw James, who was laughing at her like mad.
“Now where’s your baby, Zelena?” Killian then ask sneeringly. He made a gesture with his hook as if he would cut a throat. He was standing beside Emma who only smiled at her and said, “We saved her from your influence! What kind of human would she have become? A murderous witch with a weak Mommy that couldn’t protect her…”
Zelena felt the magic raising in her but she couldn’t hold back. Green magic-like tentacles erupted out of her arms, hitting the ground and burst the stones right beside Killian’s and Emma’s feet.
She looked at both filled with hatred and yelled at Killian, “You will stay with a darkened heart as long as you live! If you ever try to break the curse with true love’s kiss it will jump over to the person who kisses you and darkens their heart as well.”
Then she looked at Emma. Her magic was still out of control and continued to leak out of her hands.
“Oh, you’re not even capable of doing some simple magic,” Emma teased her.
“Shut up!” Zelena yelled at her. She loathed Emma and the hatred only increased her magic. She tried to focus it on Emma but she still had no control over it.

((End for Zelena as soon as Emma poofed her away in her next post))

David Nolan:
James watches as Zelena has a complete meltdown. He sighs heavily as he can't help but roll his eyes at the dramatics. With another tight squeeze of her heart, he looks over to Emma and practically growls. "Send her away. Now. I can't have this around or I may actually kill her." Just because he can, James squeezes her heart again and grins devilishly at her. He's glad Killian's decided to make her watch this.

Emma Swan:
Emma looks to Henry with a pained expression. There isn't anything she can do. James is holding her heart and if she makes the wrong move she'll be dead and she can't help but to think the same fate will come to her son. She groans and leans back against Killian only because if she doesn't, she'll end up on the ground. Her chest feels like it could pop with the amount of pressure she is feeling.

With a trembling hand, she manages to use her magic to poof Zelena away to the cannery. As soon as she is gone, her hand drops to her side. She suddenly feels more pressure coming from James and it's enough to cause her knees to give out and fall. She can't let Henry watch this. "Henry, go…" Emma barely chokes out her words.

Killian Jones:
While Killian securely holds Emma upright so that she must watch James squeeze her heart, a smirk tilts the side of his lips.

Zelena's threat that if someone kisses him would cause the recipient to be just as afflicted as himself is quite confusing however. One catch in her theory is that he has no true love. He had thought he did at one time, but that was all over. First with Milah's death followed by the way Emma had killed any chance of true love Killian may ever have had. He would never trust another with his heart. So, Zelena was right. His heart would stay darkened forever, he thought grimly.

In reaction, he tightened his hold on Emma. Not even Henry's declarations of belief to Emma would sway him now. He is too bitter and clouded in despair to listen. As Emma's knees give out, he grimaces as it puts more weight on his injured ankle, but a low chuckle emits from his mouth. He hoists her upright again as he speaks as gently as he can manage through the roiling turmoil in his chest. "Not yet, Swan. It's almost over." He almost envied Emma in that soon she would be without pain, unlike Killian who would suffer as he had for so many years.

Henry Mills:
Henry’s hand quickly searches in his pockets. Where was it? He looked in every single pocket but the pen was nowhere to be found. With all the realm jumping it was no surprise it had been misplaced, but that could have been his only chance to save his mother.

Go, she tells him but he can’t. He can’t bring himself to look away. She was giving up. She was weakening with every squeeze. Hot tears fell from Henry’s eyes. Was this it?

He turns to Killian. “Hook! What are you doing? What happened to you? You’re supposed to be helping stop this. What happened to you?” Henry doesn’t know what to believe at the moment. Had they really not known the man….or was he cursed. With everything going on he wouldn’t be surprised.

Henry staggers forward to his mother because he can’t bear to see her like this. James could hurt him. The pirate could hurt him but he doesn’t care. “Mom!” He yells as he sees her knees weaken again. Henry takes her trembling hand and stands opposite to where the pirate is standing so he can hug her. The heart in his chest, the heart of the truest believer fails him. He had no weapon. He had no pen. James had a tight grip on his mother’s bright red heart and there was nothing he could do. All hope was lost. He had lost one parent and he was about to lose another.

“I love you, Mom” A tear falls from his face as he looks up and into her eyes remembering how he used to have to look up. “The best day of my life is the day I found you. You changed my life for the better and taught me so much I can’t thank you enough for being the best mom” As memories of them together flood his heart jerks with hope. “This isn’t over. I promise.” He whispers and tightens his hug wanting to pretend this was all a nightmare.

Henry angrily lifted his gaze upon James. “Do you really think killing her is going to stop anything? It won’t. You’ll never get what you want most and you’ll never be happy.” Henry says as one last act of fighting.

Killian Jones:
((HENRY 😭💀))

Emma Swan:
((I am emotionally numb 😭))

David Nolan:
Henry's threat sends even more rage through his body which only causes his hand on Emma's heart to tighten even further. This is exactly what he's never had. James has never had a family to fight for him and to express their love for one another out loud.

The jealously coursing his veins causes his entire body to shake which wakes his nephew in his arms and causes him to fuss. He wants them all to suffer the way he has and now that his eyes are locked with Henry's, he squeezes the heart even tighter in his hand. The bright pink organ turns to dust before it floats away in the wind. "And now you'll never be happy! Now you'll know what it's like to be without a family who loves you!"

Emma Swan:
Emma reaches out for Henry as he approaches her before she wraps her arms around him and buries her face in his neck. She knows she needs to say goodbye and she needs to make it quick, but she's scared. "I love you too, kid. So much. You're the best park of me." She lifts her head so she can kiss his temple before she speaks softly into his ear, but James's even tighter grip on her heart takes her breath away.

She blinks once which causes a tear to roll out of her eye and down her cheek before she continues. This time her voice comes out weak and breathy. "If Killian ever… r-returns to himself… tell him I love him and forgive hi—" Emma is cut off by James's grip. She gasps loudly in pain as she sees her heart crumble before everything goes black.

As her body falls to the floor, a powerful amount of magic escapes her body which should causes those who are cursed, David and Killian, to return to normal. It's enough magic to send out a shock wave and affect those closest to the saviors body.

David Nolan:

Killian Jones:
Henry calls him Hook, the pirate name, as he always does and Killian's expression hardens. He would always be looked at as nothing but a pirate even from the most innocent of the lot of them. He looks back at Henry with a blank, emotionless expression as the lad demands to know what happened to him. He remains silent. Nothing Killian could say would be appropriate in this moment.

Instead, he steps back when Henry embraces his mother. He would prefer not being touched by the lad accidentally. This outpouring of love for each other causes Killian's heart to harden further to the point where he must look away. He had never received this amount of care for his own well being. Not since Liam and Milah but they were both long gone. James' words resonate with him and he feels it as well. He almost cannot believe he can agree with the man.

He sees the dust blow from James' hand and looks quickly to see Emma fall to the damp ground. Upon her impact, a shock wave emits from her, striking Killian hard. He staggers upon his injured ankle and grips his chest over his heart. A sudden flooding of emotion fills him to the point where he can barely breathe. He takes a deep breath and blinks. His head feels cloudy as his ears ring. Pressing into his ear with his palm, the ringing fades slightly.

Emma is lain out upon the ground near Henry, he sees. As he attempts to gain his bearings again and decipher what had just happened, as his memory is slightly confused, he glances over towards David with confusion plain on his face. Limping over towards Emma and Henry, Killian winces as he kneels next to her, pulling gently at her arm. "Swan, you alright, love?"

Emma Swan:
((I'm not alright but its fine T.T))

Henry Mills:
Frozen in time would have been something Henry would have preferred at the moment his mother kissed his head. "I'll tell him, Mom. I will."

"NO!" He yells in protest as he watched James end the life of his mother. But James was wrong. He would never know what it was like to be without family. Even if they couldn't save her she would always be with him. In his heart. In his thoughts. In his memories and every lesson she had ever taught him.

He wanted to hold onto her but the moment the savior fell a rushing shock caused him to stumble back and fall to the ground. It should have all happened fast, but suddenly it was as if everything was in slow motion.

He saw the moment she fell and the ground and he tried to be there to catch her but he wasn't. He looked up at the faces of the men around him and ignores them although he's sure that Killian is back to normal.

Slowly Henry crawls over to Emma. He takes her hand felt tears fall between his every blink. "Mom?" He asks hoping for a response, but there isn't. Gently he lifts her head so its resting on his lap rather than the ground. "I'm sorry." More hot tears fall from his eyes. "I'm sorry I couldn't stop this, but I am not going to lose you. Not like this." With a thumb he wipes a few of the tears that were still on Emma's face before looking at Killian. "We have to bring her back. We can. We have to try."

David Nolan:
Everything seems to happen in a blink of an eye but also slow motion the moment the saviors heart is crushed. His rage turns to confusion when the shock wave Emma emitted hits him. David stumbles back slightly and looks down to his son resting on his hip. His eyebrows furrow as he looks up to see Emma's head in Henry's lap with Killian kneeling over her.

He's about to ask what's happened when he hears Henry speaking. He suddenly remembers what he's just done and it feels like someone's pulled out his own heart and has gripped down on it. "No…" His voice comes out as barely a whisper at first. "No, no, no, no!" All he can do is blame himself. He killed his own daughter. This is all his fault.

David stumbles over to the three before he kneels down as well. He carefully sets Neal on the ground as he reaches for Emma's free hand. He can't see anything through his tears. "Emma… I'm so sorry." He lifts his daughters limp hand and kisses it before she squeezes his eyes shut. How was he supposed to live with himself now? How was he supposed to tell Snow?

Killian Jones:
Bring her back? She's...

And then he remembers. She is dead. Killian makes an incoherent noise as the realization dawns on him. He rolls his eyes up towards David as he kneels taking Emma's hand. Snapping his mouth shut, he had almost thrown an accusation as well as a fist David's way for doing this, but Killian was just as guilty. He had fucking made her watch!

His face falls into despair as his mind continues to process this. And Henry's words. "Perhaps... it isn't too late," he stammers as he pulls Emma from Henry's lap so that he's carrying her with her back supported by his left forearm, careful of the hook. His hand traces her cheek pushing some of her hair back as he cups the back of her head. "Emma. Love, don't leave us." But he can't believe she's truly gone yet. He has to try. With tears beginning to flood his eyes, but still un-shed, he leans towards her face to gently press his lips to hers, pouring every bit of love he has for her into the kiss, praying to any god that listens to let this be one of those rare true love kiss miracles. It had worked before in the Underworld when he had been dead himself.

He leans back from the kiss to see that she remained still. No blasted rainbow emitted from that one. Of course, bloody not. He had failed her by betraying her which caused her death. The pirate strikes again. "Emma..." He looks to Henry and David then. He's desperate to try anything at all. "What else? The Underworld! We can go there like she did for me." He wraps his arms around her holding her face to his shoulder.

David Nolan:
David reaches up with his free hand and wipes his tears from his eyes but it's useless, the tears keep coming. He's struggling to keep control of his breathing as what just happened replays in his head. He's hopeful as he watches Hook kiss Emma, but when nothing happens he feels ill. How could he let his brother do this to his daughter?

"Emma…" He shakes her shoulder gently, desperate for anything but he knows it's no use. He looks up to Killian at his suggestion, but he shakes his head. It's no use. The pain in his chest brings a thought to him and he looks to the pirate again. "We need to take her home where she can be comfortable and where we can call someone with magic." He takes a shaky breath as he wipes his eyes again. He's hopeful again. "Killian, you can split your heart and give her half."

His suggestion is the last resort he can think of and he hopes to god that the pirate loves his daughter enough to do so. Splitting his heart meant he had to understand he couldn't be stupid anymore; if one died, so did the other. David swallows as he grips Emma's hand again. No matter how old she was or what was happening, Emma would always be his little girl and he'd do anything to protect her. Hell, if he could, he'd give her his heart in order to save her. "Please…"

Ruby Lucas:
((OMG HENRY 💔💔💔💔 I died in this thread this is my ghost))

Henry Mills:
It takes a moment to realize that the shock wave has brought back David. He places his hand his grandfather's back knowing the pain in which he might be going through, but It wasn't his fault.

The tears are still streaming from Henry's eyes. He wanted to believe so much that his mom could live, but watching her laying without moving or responding caused terrible ache in his heart.

He watches in hope that Killian's true love's kiss would work on her but it doesn't. Even if Henry tried or David tried it wouldn't work. Her heart had been destroyed. What else could they do?

Henry felt guilty. If he hadn't lost the pen he could have saved her. She would still be alive. She would also be alive if he had realized David wasn't really David. What kind of hero always ended up getting kidnapped? His parents were the greatest heroes he'd ever known and both had unfairly died in sacrifice. How could this have happened? Henry ran his fingers through his hair before forming fists with both hands. He stared at his mother's lifeless body and let the tears fall once again. A tear fell on one of Henry's fists and as he opened his hand an item appeared. The pen.

He could fix this. He could bring her back. The rules were that he wasn't allowed to use the pen with people in his book. Emma was in the book, but he didn't care. He would do whatever it took to bring her back, it was as if her motherly voice suddenly resonated in his head. Giving into the darkness of breaking the rules would not to lead to good. That would not mean being a hero. That is not what he had taught him. She wouldn't want he wouldn't do it. For her.

With the sleeve of his shirt he wiped away the remaining tears and nodded at his grandfather. "Yeah. Let's go find someone. Quickly." He says jumping up. It was a great idea and perhaps their only chance and they had to try.

Killian Jones:
Killian sees the pen in Henry's hands but says nothing. He would never ask the lad to use the pen as he is the one that truly knows the consequences of such an action. He nods numbly at David's suggestion of splitting his heart for her. He glances down at her blonde hair and runs his hand over the tendrils. "Aye, I'll do it. I'll do anything. She already owns it."

The pain makes him feel numb as a protection mechanism to avoid completely shutting down. He can't go towards the darkness as he had done before. Liam's death had made him a pirate. Milah's death made him a villain. But Emma had shown him the man he could be, who he wanted to be.

All that rubbish he had felt when his heart had been blackened was a spell upon him by Zelena's own heartbreak. He would certainly not ask her for help. She'd likely crush his heart and finish the job. Regina had been missing for far too long. He couldn't ask the bloody Dark One either. Cora is one of his other nemeses. The Queen of Hearts likely would be of no assistance. "Who else do we have?" he asks after listing off the people that could not be asked. "So many bloody villains in this town."

Killian gets on his feet with Emma cradled in his arms, her head propped against his collarbone so that her head stays upright. Since their house is within sight of the harbor, he begins to head quickly in that direction ignoring the flaring pain in his ankle. That is a minor pain in what he will feel when this numbness and haste in action subsides. Being that he is with the Prince of Optimism and the Truest Believer gives Killian hope that all is not lost yet. It cannot be lost yet.

After just a short walk, they would arrive at the blue house. "The door's unlocked."

Lily Page:
The town had fallen completely silent and Lily didn't understand why, but she didn't complain at all. It was nice to be able to explore town without anyone bugging or harassing her. It only stayed that way for a few hours though before everyone began to randomly pop up everywhere. It was quite annoying to her.

She had been passing the docks on her way home when a huge wave of light magic had hit her. That wasn't normal and it alarmed her slightly. Lily decided that she needed to go check it out from a distance so she wouldn't be seen incase she didn't want to get involved. What she did see though scared her. It appeared as if Emma had been knocked out or something. Lily carefully and quietly crept towards the scene but she only managed to catch a glimpse of Killian lifting the blond and carrying her away.

The look on all their faces made it very obvious that Emma was seriously injured or worse… dead. While a part of her blamed the "savior" for the damage she had caused Lily, she had been her friend. She had the magic to help and what kind of person would she be if she didn't? Lily followed after the pirate in stupidly tight jeans before she was close enough to speak out. "Hey! Is everything alright? Can I help at all?"

David Nolan:
David lifts Neal off of the ground before he quickly rises to his feet to follow after Killian. The pirates right. Everyone who has magic that he can think of off the top of his head seems unlikely to help. He turns to look at whoever called out, but his feet don't stop. Every second that passes means there's less of a chance to save Emma.

His eyes widen when he realizes who the voice came from. Lily! She has magic! She can help! "Yes! Follow us!" For a moment, all his hope had been lost but seeing Lily brings some of his lost hope back. David rushes up the front steps before he uses his free arm to open the front door for Killian.

Henry Mills:
Henry gave his mother's hand a squeeze before Killian picked her up. It was a good idea. His grandparents had spilt their hearts and their love kept them both alive. He had to admit he used to dislike Hook but over time the man became so much more than a pirate. He became a man who Henry could trust with his mother and a man who Henry knew would do anything to protect her and keep her happy. Killian would be able to save his mother. Henry's fears left him and the tears dried up. He wasn't going to cry anymore. Not now. Not when he believed there was a sliver of hope. That's all that was needed to set the heart of the truest believer back on track.

As they're rushing to the house they catch a glimpse of Lily. David tells her to follow them and Henry takes the liberty of explaining. "My mom...her heart was crushed. But we believe we can save her if we split Killian's heart so she lives with half. We don't have magic but you do. Do you think you can do it? Can you help us?" Henry pleaded as he realized they probably didn't have much time.

Cruella De Vil:
((😭😭dead?! I can't take it, my poor Darling, James. 😭😭😭))

Killian Jones:
Hearing Henry repeat what had happened to Emma causes Killian to take the steps up into the house faster. He doesn't want to think. Thinking leads to pain. He must focus on hope.

He nods a thanks at David for opening the door and carefully steps through the door frame so that Emma's boots do not strike it. Hasten. Quicky.

He gently lays her upon the sofa but kneels before her as he watches her face for a moment. She's only sleeping. Sleeping. He grips her hand and kisses her fingers as he waits for the dragon's daughter to enter, but keeps his eyes on Emma almost as if he expects her to move. None of this can possibly be real.

This was the same way he had lost Milah and he now had the confidence that it could be fixed this time. All is not lost yet!

Once Lily would enter, Killian would address her. "Do it. Quickly please." His only fear is the second hand constantly moving in the clock on the wall as a constant reminder that time is rapidly slipping away.

Lily Page:
"Uh…" Lily rushed after everyone and into the house after Killian. She had hardly ever used her magic, let alone ripped someone's heart from their chest. She stopped once she entered the living room and furrowed her eyebrows at the blond on the couch. She was slightly creeped out at the fact they were all just totally fine with the fact they were carrying around a dead body. "Is she already rotting or something…?" Lily not down on her bottom lip, realizing that probably wasn't the most appropriate thing to say in this situation.

She rolled back her sleeves as she knelt down next to Captain Guyliner. "I've never done this before. I don't really know what I'm doing…" She wasn't as worried about the time as everyone else was. Lily reached towards the pirate but stopped as soon as her fingertips grazed his chest. This was way too weird to her. "I'm sorry…" She furrowed her eyebrows in concentration as she plunged her hand into Killian's chest. Whatever she was expecting, it certainly wasn't this. Her hand had entered his chest way too easily and she somehow knew exactly what to grab onto. When she pulled her hand out of his chest, she held a bright pink and beating heart in her hands. "What the hell?!" Her eyes widened as she stared at the object in complete shock. It took her a few moments to gather her thoughts again before she held the heart in both hands.

Lily grunted slightly as she had to use more strength than expected to split the heart. She felt like she was doing something wrong even though it was the complete opposite. She turned to Killian when the heart was split and gave him a puzzled expression before she shoved his half back into his chest before doing the same to Emma.

Cora Mills:
((I'm really sorry for your loss, Cruella. Drinks are on me.))

David Nolan:
((Wow Cora 😂))

Cora Mills:
((What? She's my friend, and I'm supportive.))

David Nolan:
David sits on the arm of the couch just above Emma's head. He doesn't want to crowd her, but he can't help himself. He reaches his free arm out and gently brushes Emma's hair out of her face. Watching Lily tear Killian's heart from his chest made his own begin to pound. It had worked for him and Snow, and he hopes to god it will for Killian and Emma.

As soon as Killian's heart enters Emma's chest. He backs away slightly to give her space when she wakes. He's assuming that he's probably the last person she wants to see anyways. He stares at his daughter and watches for any signs of life again. Had they taken too long? He didn't know how long someone could be dead before this could bring them back to life. "Please, Emma. Wake up. Come on…"

Killian Jones:
"I don't bloody care. Just do it!" He urged Lily. He kept a grip on Emma's hand and his eyes on Lily's daring her to do it. Once her hand punched through his chest, he winced at the pain, his eyes narrowing, but he kept watching her to make sure she did it.

Once again in too short a spanse of time, he is watching his heart. the black spot in the middle swirled around in the center of it as a reminder of his darker past. Part of which was within the past hour. Pushing that detail from his mind, he moved his eyes back to Lily's. He nodded at her to encourage her to continue with it. He tensed his jaw as her fingers split the heart in half, refusing to wince at the pain that brought him. Quickly enough, half is shoved back into his chest and he feels some sort of relief at that feeling although slightly odder than before. Something was missing and he supposed it was the lack of the rest, but it did not matter. Half was plunged into Emma's chest, and he felt that too.

With eagerness, he watched for any sign of the magic working on her. "Emma. Love, wake up," he mumbled quietly. If it didn't work, he would be dead right now, he assumed. Squeezing Emma's hand gently, he looked to David and Henry briefly to see their reaction.

Emma Swan:
Emma hadn't quite made it to the underworld yet, but it is insight when she suddenly feels a beating her her chest. It couldn't be possible. She had watched James crush her heart. The beating becomes stronger and stronger, and although her eyes are shut, she's becoming aware of voices around her. She hears David and Killian and… was that Lily?

Suddenly, her chest rises with a deep breath before it very slowly collapses again as she exhales. She can't tell if she's alive or of this is some cruel joke. Emma's eyes slowly flutter open which allows for a single tear to escape. The first thing she sees in the roof of her own house and then she spots Killian. She can feel his hand gripping hers and she realizes she's alive, but the question was how.

Right next to Killian is Lily with a strange expression on her face. It's all starting to make sense to her. Lily used her magic to split Killian's heart. Emma swallows hard as she sits up quickly so she's able to wrap her arms around Killian's neck. He is real. He's warm and solid and even smells slightly of rum. She whispers very softly so only he'll be able to hear. "You saved me…"

Lily Page:
Once Emma sat up, Lily pushed herself off of her knees. She really had no business being there any longer. She nodded to David and then Henry before she looked down to Emma and Killian. If they wanted to talk to her later, they could reach her easily. With that, Lily slowly backed away from the scene to give the family their privacy. She gently shut the door and made her way back outside. ((End for Lily.))

David Nolan:
David lets out a giant sigh of relief as Emma draws in a breath. His instincts tell him to collect his daughter up in his arms, but he stays back to give Emma and Killian space. However, he places a hand on the back of Emma's head and leans down to kiss it gently. He glances to Killian and nods slightly, hoping to silently thank him. He then turns to Henry and pats his grandson's shoulder before whispering to him. "Please call me if something happens." He adjusts Neal on his hip before he squeezes Henry's shoulder once more. "I'm glad you're here Emma. I love you." He smiles to his daughter before he quietly exits the room with Neal in search of Mary Margaret.

((End for David.))

Henry Mills:
They were probably the longest seconds of his life. This had to work. He watched as Lily took Killian’s heart and as she was doing so his minded faded elsewhere. To when he was 10 years old and he had first found her.

“I knew you were here to help me.”

“That’s right kid I am…and nothing not even a curse is going to stop that.”

She had never broken that statement. She saved the town, but to Henry she was far more than a savior. She was his mother and he didn’t know what he’d do without her in his life. So this had to work.

Henry swallowed hard as Killian’s heart entered her chest. He crouched down near the couch. “Mom?” He asked. His voice was quiet, but filled with hope. When her eyes opened Henry could feel the tension leave his body and a grin appeared on his face. A small tear escapes from his eyes. Henry did his best to always have on a brave face, but he had been scared and he was just glad to have her back. “Mom!” He says, but allows her to talk with Killian first.

He looked toward the direction where Lily was about to leave. “Thank you. You helped us save her.” He turned back to his grandfather who was also leaving. “I will, Grandpa.” He says before turning his attention back to his mom.

Killian Jones:
As Emma throws her arms around his neck, his arms wrap around her, squeezing his eyes shut in intense relief. He hears her whisper and just barely shakes his head in shock. "You saved me as well, love." His hand reaches the back of her neck. "I love you," he mumbles against her temple as he grinned. His hand moves from the back of her neck to slide around to cup her cheek as he pulls back only enough to tilt his head to kiss her lips, heedless of the fact that Henry is sitting there watching. The boy had likely witnessed them kissing before and he had to learn somewhere.

He could have apologized to her for what he had done, but this was hardly the time. Best keep that to himself for now. She was happy. Henry was happy. Killian was beyond happy. He hadn't lost his happy ending after all. Nothing more could go wrong...

Emma Swan:
"I lov—" Emma is cut off by Killian's lips on hers. She's very much aware of Henry right next to them, but she kisses back anyways as her right hand moves to the back of his neck while her fingers comb through his hair. Emma pulls back ever so slightly to grin on Killian's lips before she speaks. "Easy, pirate. We've got company." She quickly pecks his lips once more before she pulls away, still grinning from ear to ear.

If they haven't scared Henry off yet, she would wrap her arms around her son and hold him close to her. She has every memory of what had happened at the docks, and she feels terrible that Henry had been hurt and had to watch his mother die. He even held her through it all. Emma kisses the top of his head before speaking. "I love you, kid."

Henry Mills:
However, as soon as Henry turned back he realized that his mom and Killian are kissing. He rolled his eyes and stood up. He was used to their kissing but that didm’t mean he always enjoyed watching it. He liked Killian he really did and he was happy had found true love-shedeserved it, but really….he could live without the constant PDA.

Henry walked over to the kitchen to the fridge for a bottle of water. When he got back to the living room he was happy to see the 'captain swan’ session was over. He places the bottle on the coffee table and hugged his mom tightly and buried his face in her shoulder. He didn’t want to let go. “I love you too. I’m really happy that you’re alive. I don’t know what I would have done if you--” His words faltered so he hugged Emma tightly again.

Killian Jones:
((I can't win. Make her watch her own death, I'm terrible. Kiss her, I'm terrible. Emo teens... 🙄😂))

Killian Jones:
With her hands on his neck and running through his hair and returning the kiss, everything seems right once again. Seeing Emma grinning broadly at him was all he needed to feel secure after the loss they nearly suffered. He is reluctant to part from her, but she is right. The lad needs time with his mother and Killian cannot be selfish at a time like this. Besides, Henry had been through hell over what had just happened and Killian is determined to somehow make this up to them both.

As he sat back against the couch while Emma and Henry embraced, Killian moves his hand from her cheek to her thigh as they had been facing each other. Still not ready to depart her company, he would remain there contemplating what he could do for them while they reunited.

Henry Mills:
(("Making it up to them" better mean that you're no longer throwing away my poptarts 😕))

Killian Jones:
((So long as you're eating your boiled mackeral breakfast, I won't throw away your poptarts.))

Emma Swan:
Emma's hold on Henry tightens when his voice falters off. She shakes her head as one hand loves from Henry to grip onto Killian's hand on her thigh. "I'm right here, kid." She slowly pulls away and looks down into Henry's eyes as a grin spreads across her face. "You can't get rid of me that easily," Emma jokes in an attempt to lighten the mood in the room.

With a glance to Killian, she sees he's deep in thought and almost looks upset. Emma gives his hand a tight squeeze. She believes she knows what he's struggling with and she wants to try and ease his mind. "Killian, it wasn't you. It's not your fault, but for whatever it's worth, I forgive you." She kept her arm wrapped around Henry's back. She wasn't ready to let go of either of them yet.

Henry Mills:
Henry's brown eyes met his mother's light eyes and he grinned when he heard what she said.

"Good because I couldn't lose the best mom ever."

Henry wished things would be a lot easier in life. Having been kidnapped so many times and having to see his family members get hurt, Henry knew that he would always appreciate little moments like this. Trying to be a hero was great, but being a son to an awesome woman was better. He couldn't wait for a time when they could just relax and play video games. Including Killian who he could easily see as family now.

"I'm sorry for yelling at you." Henry says to Killian. "I should have realized you were cursed."

Emma Swan:
((RIP Emma. COD: Henry being freaking adorable.))

Killian Jones:
She says that it wasn't him. Does she not realize that the words he had spoken to her came from his own mouth, from the depth of his own darkness that resides in his heart? He had laid eyes on that darkness in his heart twice now. Once at the hand of the crocodile, and once in the hand of Zelena. Both had exposed the villain he had once been. Perhaps he still was deep inside still the villain. Had he really changed? He had not resisted the anger he had directed towards Emma. It merely flowed from him with ease. Cursed or not, it had certainly been Killian. He had done it.

He drops his eyes from the goodness of Henry's as well and squeezes Emma's hand in return. "Aye. Perhaps I'm a selfish pirate, but I cannot let you away from me even if for your own good," he grins at Emma thinking she may mistake his words as an attempt at humor, but there is truth in it. "I'm truly sorry for what I've done to both of you. I should have resisted the temptation of hurting you, but..." He shakes his head, the words drying on his lips. He had simply not resisted in the least.

Emma Swan:
"I forgive you," Emma speaks as she rests her head on Killian's shoulder. She pulls Henry into her side as her eyes shut. After what she had been through, she doesn't want to let go of those she loves the most.

This conversation is not one she wants to be having after being resurrected, so she quickly changes the topic. "What do you two think about a night in where we can relax and watch a movie or something? I can order a pizza so we don't have to go out or cook." Sitting with her two boys, Emma feels very much at home and comfortable.

Henry Mills:
"It wasn't your fault" Henry reassures Killian before leaning closer to his mother's side. Henry's head perks up at the word movie and pizza. "Yes!!" A smile grows n his face as he thinks about how this is exactly what he wants. He hoped every day would be more like this and that nothing came to ruin it. "What movie should we watch?"

Killian Jones:
Killian almost speaks the words that begin to form on his tongue, but he bites the inside of his cheek. Telling her that he doesn't deserve her forgiveness is foolish. It would only precipitate a back and forth discussion over his lack of virtues and abundance of vices.

Emma's head resting on his shoulder is such a comfort, that he carefully tilts his head to rest upon hers. If she was not gripping his hand, he'd cup her cheek, but he will be satisfied with her hand.

The topic has already shifted towards movies. Star Wars immediately comes to mind when the lad mentions such a thing on the magic box and the fact that it is one of the few things Henry has shown him. Anything is better than that bloody moving drawing of Pan cast to be some heroic imp. And the horrendous wig on the insulting, stereotypical 'Captain Hook!'

To avoid somehow provoking a mockery of a movie being chosen, he raises his head from Emma's to glance between her and Henry. "I'll go procure the pizza, love. You and the lad figure out what you want in the meantime, and I'll be back before you know it. Do they put mackerel on pizzas? Henry eats far too many improper foods, you know." His expression is one of complete seriousness as he raises an eyebrow at the boy.

Emma Swan:
Emma shifts slightly so Killian can stand easier, but her face scrunches up at the mention of mackerel on pizza. "Uh, you go ahead and get fish on your own pizza if that's what you want, but you better get a normal one too because there's no way in hell I'm eating that." She can't help but laugh softly at Killian's expression. She turns to Henry and raises an eyebrow at him.

This is how things are supposed to be; Henry and Killian at her sides acting as if they're father and son. The thing is that this is a reality now. It's not just some small hope in the back of her mind that she pushes away out of the fear of being hurt. It makes her heart pound in her chest which is a constant reminder that it's not even her heart in the first place. Emma squeezes Killian's hand tightly as she's deep in thought, but she quickly snaps out of it and lets go. She turns back to Henry as she blushes slightly and swallows hard. "We can watch whatever. Did you have a movie in mind, kid?"

Emma wonders if Killian can feel his half of his heart pounding in his chest as well, but her facial expression stays neutral. She can ask him later when Henry's not around. She doesn't want to embarrass the kid any further with a sappy conversation after their kiss a few moments ago.

Henry Mills:
As soon as he asked the question Henry was going through a list of movies they could watch. He had had his fair share of movie marathons with his mom, but they hadn’t shown Killian a whole lot of them. Watching any movie with that man was entertainment.

Henry’s eyes widened with horror when he heard Killian’s question. “No!” He said quickly.

Mackerel? On pizza? Hadn’t ruining breakfast with that stuff been enough? He didn’t eat that many ”improper” foods….also Henry couldn’t ignore the fact that this comment was coming from a man who would drink rum as if it were water. Mackerel? Hell no. Killian was not going to ruin pizza. Luckily, his mom was also not a fan of the fish. He smirks in response to her facial expression. “Just regular pizza” Henry said to Killian just to make sure he got the message.

Henry went back to thinking about the movies. “How about Back to the Future? I don’t think Killian’s seen that one yet.”

Killian Jones:
The way that Emma looks between Killian and Henry softens Killian's expression. It's almost enough for him to forget about Henry's improper diet. He can tell that Emma is feeling sentimental in this moment and he squeezes her hand back as a wide grin spreads across his face. Pulling at her hand, he would take a step closer to her to wrap his free arm around her in an embrace. He could not leave for sustenance without first giving sustenance for the heart which wracks his chest nearly painfully. This had nearly been lost. His hand moves to cup the back of her head just briefly as he takes a steadying breath. All seems to be manageable when he's closest to Emma. The pain of separation lacing his heart subsides just enough to allow him to breathe regularly again. Is this a side effect of the shared heart? He pulls his head back just enough to look into her eyes as the question lingers in his mind.

Henry is occupied with his movie of the future and Killian nods absently at the suggestion as he regretfully pulls away from Emma to address Henry, but keeps his arm around her back. "Aye. 'Normal' pizza, whatever that is. Perhaps the pizza clerk will offer a suggestion."

He offers a kiss to Emma's cheek for that is all he can give at the moment with Henry present, lest he make the boy retreat once again. With a smirk, Killian takes a step away and towards the door. "I won't be gone long. Don't miss me too terribly." He places his hand over his heart as he takes another step towards the door, grins, and leaves.

((Killian heads for Downtown Storybrooke))

Henry Mills:
As soon as Killian walks out the door to get the pizza Henry rushed to his room where he kept his favorite movies. He kept them organized carefully on a shelf next to his shelf of favorite books. Henry crouched down to get a better look at the films and glanced at the digital alarm clock on his nightstand. It was still pretty early. Maybe they could have a movie marathon. He grabbed all three of the Back To The Future movies and ran back downstairs.

"Hey. I got all three movies. I thought it would be fun to have a marathon." He took the first DVD out of the box and placed it in the player. With a smile on his face, Henry took a seat on the couch. Finally. Some time to relax. Nothing could ruin this peaceful moment.

((Oh my dear Henry. If only that were true :P {End for Henry} ...he's busy watching the back to the future movies and he's not to be disturbed hahaha))

Emma Swan:
Emma grins at Killian as he leaves and before she knows it, Henry's up the stairs retrieving the movies. In the short time she's by herself, she grabs a blanket from the back of the couch and curls underneath it. She is beyond excited to sit and relax for awhile. At Henry's mention of a marathon, she nods and yawns. "Sounds like a good idea."

((End for Emma until the chaos is over. She deserves a break lol))

Robert Gold: ((Arriving from the Land of Untold Stories))
Rumple finds himself in the middle of the street between the Marine Garage and the Library. A quick spin around ads him to. Relieve this is the real Storybrooke and not a strange replica as they had seen in the Underworld. There are other people popping up in the street as well, looking equally hesitant of their surroundings before showing a sense of relief that this craziness has come to an end.
There's a lot more to be fixed before this is really over. He needs to find and help Belle if it isn't too late, and then he needs to deal with whoever was responsible for this in the first place.
" Belle!" Again he yells in search of her, striding with purpose toward the library doors and yanking them open.
" Belle!" Again he yells in search of her, striding with purpose toward the library doors and yanking them open.

Belle French: The portal sends Belle to a way too familiar place, she looks around, she’s back in her precious library! She quickly goes to her office, all the books are just as she left them, hopefully this means that the hat travels are over.

She’s not sure if outside is day or night, but since vampires can be affected differently by daylight, she decides she won’t get any chances, even though her stomach is rumbling with hunger. Belle turns to see the clock, but it’s conveniently stopped at 9:00, “Right!” Belle thinks to herself, she had taken the battery out before going to Disney, and never had the chance to come here after returning from Paris.

Just then, she hears the doors of the library opening, followed by her husband’s voice calling for her. Between her hunger, and what she heard Cora say before realm jumping, Belle is a mixture of emotions. She wants to yell at Rumple for never telling her about whatever it is that he had with that woman. Although the hunger is making her think on even a worse way to make Rumple pay for not being honest with her, she would have understood if he had told her about his affair, and… Did that woman also said that one of her daughters could be Rumple’s?

Not sure what to do, Belle just stays in her office, a bit scared of how she may react if she faces her husband before eating and clearing her mind, but where can she be able to find fresh blood, other than her husband’s, in an empty library?

Robert Gold: The doors swung open at his pull to reveal a quiet library. "Belle? Sweetheart, are you here?" He isn't certain in what state he will find her and his gut wrenched at the possibility he is too late and may have lost her forever. She may not even be here, but of all places, this to him, seems most likely.

"I know what happened to you, in the Land Without Color." He speaks reassuringly, walking warily through the circulation area.

"Belle, please, you cannot hurt me. Come out, let me help you." He pleads with her.

Belle French: Belle hears Rumple calling her, trying to reassure her that she won’t hurt him, but how can he know that? As far as Belle knows, her husband doesn’t have the power of reading minds, otherwise he wouldn’t be so sure about his own safety right now.

Belle starts looking around, somehow between nervous, mad, and hungry; and as if she was a little child, she decides to hide under her desk, bumping her head in the process, letting out a not so quiet “ouch”. She feels silly, what if Rumple heard her? Will she be able to control her impulse to attack him once they’re face to face?

Robert Gold: Rumple turns when he hears a thump and a quiet exclamation coming from the direction of Belle's office. He smiles and exhales in relief. He's not too late. She's trying to protect him by hiding.

He leans into her doorway, still not seeing her. He knocks. "Belle? You're going to be alright. May I come in?" The last thing he wants to do is startle her.

Belle French: Belle was getting hungrier by the second, she wished she could have landed in the hospital, they have blood to choose from in there, with the convenient advantage of not having to kill people. Time passes by so slowly when you’re is starving, almost as if everything was in slow motion. At this stage, any mammal would do just fine, unfortunately, it appears the library’s rats decided to take the day off, “Bummer,” Belle thinks to herself, “rats would have done the trick just fine.”

She hears Rumple exhaling, as he approaches the office’s doorway, it’s as if he was taking forever to walk there. Since her vampire state improves her senses, she can hear a distant bark, and immediately thinks of Pongo, wondering how sweet the blood of such a nice dog would taste, that would be another place she would have love to land, anywhere near Pongo, or any other dog.

The hunger is almost unbearable now, she hears Rumple’s voice, telling her that she will be fine, and asking to come in. She wants to warn him about her current state of mind, but the hunger is overpowering her, she can hear a voice in head telling him that it’s okay, she doesn’t have to kill Rumple if she attacks him, she would just turn him into a vampire, and all would be great. A different voice begs to differ, her husband deserves to die, after all he is the Dark One, and has always love power way more than his own wife. Also not only did Rumple concealed his relationship with Regina and Zelena’s mother, but Cora had mentioned that he was the father of one of them… Or was it that he could be the father? Or did Rumple was the one that questioned the…?

“Ahh! I can’t take this anymore!” Belle screams in agony, still hidden under the desk.

Robert Gold: Hearing Belle scream sends Rumple careening into the office where he finds her huddled under the desk. She looks small, frightened and angry. Seeing her like this hurts him.

Slowly he crouches near the desk so he is low, at the same level as she. "Belle, look at me." His voice is even and soothing. "I can cure you, make this all go away. Just come with me to the shop. I have everything we need there." He turns his hand palm up waiting for her to grasp it so he may help her up from her position.

Belle French: Belle sees her husband’s legs right in front of her, he crouches as he sweetly talks to her, and she smiles at him. The moment he offers her his hand ((Approved in personal message)) she grabs it, pulling him towards her, and tries sinking her fangs into his wrist, but to no avail, whatever it is he’s wearing must be magical.

Robert Gold: Belle's teeth miss the flesh of his wrist and land in his thick leather armor. Still, the notion that she would actually try to bite him alerts him that time is of the essence. He swirls his fingers and takes them to the shop. They are in the back, and Belle is on the cot.

"It's alright, I know you have a thirst." He pulls back the cuff of his sleeve and offers his wrist to her. He would gladly let her drain his body, he cannot die. "Take it from me if you need to but this will be your last." He nods to her for understanding. "You won't need to deal with this much longer, if you'll trust me."

Killian Jones:
((From David's thread))

Killian has a skip in his step as he takes the steps of the house two at a time. Everything worked out beautifully. Emma survived James' destruction. While Killian only has half of his heart in his chest, he could not be happier because it gave him a more secure connection to the woman he loves. His true love. How could a pirate like himself ever be granted such a blessing?

Once his boots hit the sidewalk, he takes what should be a short stroll from the harbor-side home towards Downtown Storybrooke to get to the pizza establishment. Two pizzas, one with a healthy helping of scurvy-prevention, and one...less healthy 'normal' pizza, whatever the hell that was supposed to be. Then it would be some sort of future movie, Henry's choice. Even though the modern forms of entertainment confused the old fashioned pirate, he was eager to have things underway. A little down time with his favorite people was certainly called for.

Yet... His boots still the moment his eyes land upon the smoking, domeless clock tower. "What the devil...?" His voice trails off as he notices the rest of the buildings of the downtown street are also in a state of destruction. He had been away from the area for no more than thirty minutes. How did this happen so quickly? "Not one moment to rest in this forsaken town!" he yells as he starts walking with haste now. He pats his chest for his talking phone, but recalls belatedly that +Zelena Mills had set his jacket on fire thus causing him to throw it upon the street. The talking phone was lost. He could not warn Emma or +David Nolan about this.

Shaking his head, he continues on his approach towards the clocktower to investigate the cause of the destruction.

((Moving to Zelena's post))

David Nolan:
((Coming from Emma's house after she was brought back to life.))

As much as it pains David to do so, he leaves Killian and Emma's house. He had been the one to cause all this mess; the least he could do is offer the two of them and Henry privacy. On top of that, he needs to find his wife and wake her up. There's some small hope in him since Emma's magic had cured both him and Killian that it's cured the sleeping curse as well.

David decides to walk home in order to clear his thoughts instead of trying to find a car. So much had happened in a short amount of time and it was almost too much for him to handle. Surprisingly, the walk back to his and Mary Margaret's loft does end up helping to calm his nerves slightly. David carefully climbs the stairs up to his loft with Neal still on his hip. The baby has already seen more action in his short life than some have seen in a lifetime. He can't help but feel slightly guilty. Snow had said she wanted a normal life for him, but what he was getting was far from that.

His heart starts to pound on his chest as he turns the knob to the loft. He hopes Snow is up and moving, but if she's not, then he'll try kissing her to wake her up. David pushes open the door and speaks in a gentle voice so he doesn't startle her incase she's awake. "Snow…?" 

Snow White:
Her chest had lifted up and down slowly with every breath that she had taken, Snow's eyes remained closed as she laid within the bed. The blanket still in it's old position that it was left in. Her mind was often left to wander, as her body was in sleeping state.

During her time awake, she would spend her time getting things around the house done. She would spend time with her son, as it would distract her away from the pain of missing her husband David. But also missing her daughter Emma.

Much has happened since she was last awake. She had much to catch up on. Not knowing that she would be awoken soon, she had continued to breathe deeply as her mind began to wander into a dream state.

David Nolan:
When David receives no reply, he sighs heavily. He had hoped the curse would be lifted. He glances to his wife as he sets Neal down in the crib. All his hope is gone. There's no way that they'll ever be awake at the same time ever again.

David heads into the kitchen and flips to a fresh page on the pad they had used for communicating. He scratches the back of his head before picking up a pen and writing:

"I miss you. So much has happened.
Please go find Emma. She'll explain it
all. I love you.

David carries the notepad into the bedroom and sets in on Snow's chest. Before he crawls into bed next to her, he studies her face. Even in a deep sleep, she still seems to be smiling, making her dimples even more profound. Her eyes somehow manage to sparkle through closed eyelids. She seems so peaceful. David carefully slips into the bed next to Snow, squeezes her hand, and props himself up on his right elbow. He leans up and over his wife before placing a soft kiss against her warm lips. David then shifts to lay down and waits for the curse to overtake him, but it doesn't. His eyes stay open as he stares up at the ceiling. He then jolts up and looks over to Snow. "Snow?! Mary Margaret?!"

Snow White:
Even when awake, Snow seemed to be giving up slowly. The fact that she couldn't have the warmth of David anymore was bothering her, she could never have his warming embrace. The thought of having to explain to her son that his father is stuck in a forever sleep that alternates every time their lips would touch.

Dreams began to cloud her mind, however they started out as dreams before finally turning into nightmares. Nightmares of losing her family forever. It was until finally that a sudden wave had washed over.

She wasn't stuck in the dream state, her body was no longer asleep. She didn't understand what was going on. Was David putting himself asleep now? She didn't want him to go back to sleep.

Opening her eyes slowly, her eyes began to focus on everything around them until finally they focused on the awake figure of her husband. "D-David?" Snow began as she cupped his cheek. "Is it over? Has the curse finally been lifted?" She asked before tears began spilling from her eyes.

David Nolan:
David's concerned expression transforms into one of pure joy as his hand reaches up to touch hers on his cheek. He hooks his free arm around his wife's back before pulling her close to his body in a tight embrace. "It's over, Snow. It's over." He speaks against her temple as his eyes close.

He thought he'd never be able to hold Snow this way again, much less speak to her. His kisses her temple gently before he scoops her up into his lap. "I've missed you more than anything. I love you." David pulls away just enough to look down into Mary Margaret's eyes as his thumb gently brushes a tear off of her cheek.

Snow White:
Listening to David's soft voice, Snow still couldn't believe that curse had finally been lifted. "It's finally over." She whispered as she felt David pull her into an embrace. The embrace that she been longing for for so long. Her temple remained up against his, her eyes still flooding with plenty of tears.

Being able to see kiss him, talk to him, and much more made her world a lot more brighter. Feeling his lips press against her temple, she had let out soft happy whimper. It was until that David had pulled her into his lap.

"I missed you so much, you have no idea." She murmured softly. "And I love you so much!"

David Nolan:
David holds Snow close to his chest, not wanting to ever let go. He hadn't been able to do this in weeks and he sure as hell wasn't ready to move at all yet. Although, he needed to tell her what had happened, but he didn't need to let go of her to tell her.

"Snow, something happened and before I tell you, I need you to know that everything is okay now." He traces small circles into her back as he clears his thoughts out to share them with her. "The whole town was pulled through portals by a hat that looked very similar to Jefferson's. Every hour or so we were taken somewhere else until we landed back in Storybrooke. The second portal I went through, I was transformed into a vampire and then coming back home, James, he uh… well he possessed my body somehow and…" How was he supposed to tell his wife he had crushed Emma's heart? "Well, he crushed Emma's heart. Killian saved her. They share a heart like us now."

Snow White:
Laying her head down onto his shoulder, Snow never wanted to move. She didn't want this moment to be taken from them, if they were to get up to do something. She missed this, more than anything. Being asleep for the many weeks, she had missed so much.

Perking up slowly, at the sound of David's voice, Snow had looked into his eyes. "" She asked as she listened to him speak. Her eyes nearly filled with fear as thoughts of James still being in David. She was quick to jump out of David's lap. "How can I be sure that this isn't James now..? With him pretending to be my husband?" She whimpered.

David Nolan:
"Would I be telling you this if I were still James? It's me, Snow." He sighed heavily as his hand continued to rub her back. David's mind went back to the moment he had found out that it was Snow he had saved from the man who tried to torture him. That was something that was shared only between the two of them; not even James would know. "We saved each other before we had even met. You were in that cart and you refused to let me look at you because you were wanted by the Evil Queen. I gave you the key to let yourself out after I was gone."

Snow White:
Pain filled her eyes, Snow had just accused her husband of being his evil twin brother. "I'm sorry.." She whispered as she listened David mention their first moments together when they first met. She had rushed toward him as she got back into his warm embrace. "I'm sorry.." She said again but this time with more sadness in her voice. She never meant to accuse her husband who was actually her husband to be James. " you." She whispered as she pressed their lips together.

David Nolan:
David kisses Snow back before he slowly pulls away. His hand moves to cup her cheek as he grins down to her. "I love you too." He's about to speak again when he hears a loud crashing sound outside the window. David jumps slightly as his head turns quickly to look out the window. What he doesn't realize was that the bang was from +Zelena Mills destroying the town.

"What the hell…" David untangles himself from Snow and pushes himself up to his feet to rush to a window. He can't quite see what's happening from their view. He turns back to Snow with an annoyed expression. "Do we dare go see what's happening?"

Snow White:
The feeling of his was warm and enjoying but that feeling soon ended when David had pulled away. Snow's eyes seemed to look into his eyes deeply before feeling his soft hand cup her cheek. A gentle smile spread across her lips. "Oh, but I love you more David." She whispered sweetly.

The gentle smile was quick to change into a concerned frown when a loud crashing could be heard from outside. She noticed how her husband was quick to jump up to see find the cause of the noise. "I..I..don't know."
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