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- Please look in your Hangouts for a group chat from the other admins of this group (Cruella, Killian, and Jefferson). That is how we will communicate with you about your application.

This group is only for recruiting purposes with samples of our role play. You must audition for a part in our role play group. If you are accepted you will be added to that role play group. Thanks and good luck! 

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Belle French-Gold:
((Coming from the Pawn Shop with +Rumple Gold.))

Belle smiles at her husband, and says “Thank you!” as she enters Granny’s. She notices there’s some people there, and immediately regrets it. Even with the necklace back on, she’s already starting to crave human blood again, and almost every single person inside the place smells deliciously appetizing.

Belle walks to the back of the diner without really paying attention to the other patrons, and sits on a booth, facing the back of the place. The last thing she needs right now is choosing anyone, friend or foe, as a possible meal, so it will be best if the only person in front of her is her husband.

Rumple Gold:
Rumple surveys the diner as he follows Belle toward the back booth. He breathes a sigh of relief seeing that +Ruby Lucas is indeed working. He nods in her direction as he passes.

It strikes him as odd, first the Belle chooses the booth in the corner and next that she sits facing the wall. He pauses briefly contemplating her actions before sitting himself down facing her and the rest of the diner.

"Are you alright?" He asks with concern. Thinking she may feel self conscious he continues. "I assure you, nobody here knows, and if they say anything in appropriate they'll be sorry they opened their mouth."

Belle French-Gold:
Belle is playing with her hair, nervously, trying to control the cravings that she started feeling again. When Rumple asks her if she’s alright, she just smiles sheepishly, and says in a low voice, so no one else can hear her, “I’m not worried about they knowing. I’m worried about me wanting to eat them.”

Rumple Gold:
Rumple just stares at Belle. After a moment he brings himself to speak. "Rare steak it is then" he breathes, sliding the menus off to the side as if there is no other choice. He cranes around impatiently trying to get Ruby's attention, raising a finger as a signal they're ready whenever she seems to be looking in their direction.

Ruby Lucas:
((Will be floating between threads here and with +Cruella De Vil​, +Cora Mills​, and +Elsa Arendelle​))

When seeing her dear friend enter the establishment Ruby immediately brightens as she hasn't seen Belle since their little time spent in Wonderland. However when she goes to greet her friend with a wave it must not have been seen and clearly something is bothering Belle as she selects a spot clear to the back.

She receives a nod from Mr. Gold and waits till the couple is seated before excusing herself from the group of ladies and heads towards the back booth with her order tablet in one hand and a pen in the other.

Just like old times, "Hey Belle, Rumple," having both spent some time with them one in Wonderland and the other their home of the Enchanted Forest. "So what can I get you both?"

Belle French-Gold:
Belle blushes at Rumple’s comment, she would honestly prefer to be able to order a live large mammal to sink her fangs into, but she understands that it would be quite bizarre for anyone who saw her eat. And a small mammal would probably be out of the question as well.

Belle lowers her head, “Yes,” she mumbles to Rumple quite embarrassed, “I’d like a raw steak, bloody.”

When she hears Ruby’s voice, Belle becomes even more nervous and embarrassed. How is her friend going to react once she realises that she’s now a vampire?

“Hi, Ruby,” Belle says still in a low tone of voice, “I’d like… I… I…” Belle looks at Rumple in anguish, she just can’t get herself to order a raw bloody steak when what she really wants is to eat the blood of a live mammal, preferably a primate.

Rumple Gold:
"Two steaks, rare." He speaks up smoothly to cover for Belle as she seems to stumble over her words. "and two iced teas, please." He orders the same for himself so she doesn't feel self conscious and in the event she might desire more than one.

"Miss Lucas," he grabs her attention again before she could walk away. "We'd like a moment of your time as well if you could perhaps have one of the other waitresses cover for a few minutes? After you put in the order, of course." He doesn't want to delay Belle's meal.

Ruby Lucas:
Ruby quickly scribbles down the order, not their usual but if that is what they wanted. Looking up Ruby sensed something quite unsettled with Belle. She wants to comment, though is unsure of what she may say to not vex her further.

"Got it," just about to walk away, Gold stops her midstride, "Um... " Ruby had called in some of the staff back, but not all had return from the mess of portal hopping their way back to Storybrooke. She was about to have to tell them no when the bell sounded and an employee walked in. Ruby nodded towards the back handing off the two receipts to the waitress as she strolled past. "Yeah, I guess I can talk. Everything okay?"

Belle French-Gold:
Belle can’t avoid looking at Rumple in bewilderment. She knows that he loves her and would do anything for her, but ordering a rare steak for himself looks a bit odd, although at the same time it’s extremely sweet. When he adds the ice teas to the order, she just gives him the warmest of smiles, and outstretches her arm to him, hoping that he will grab her hand.

When Rumple says that they want to talk to Ruby, Belle is caught a little bit of guard. She looks at him a bit confused, wondering if this talk has anything to do with curing her condition; thankfully, Ruby seems to be distracted handling their order to one of her employees.

Once Ruby asks them if everything is okay, Belle just smiles at her, and waits for Rumple to speak.

Rumple Gold:
Rumple takes Belle's offered hand and squeezes it reassuringly before sliding out of his side of the booth. He gestures to the seat he's just freed up "Please, Ruby, sit." He then slides in beside Belle, the side of his body close against hers. He hopes she doesn't scoot away and attempts to retake her hand in his before he speaks.

He clears his throat and begins slowly. "You may recall, in my vault at the Dark Castle, you provided a mirror which you had been using to communicate with Belle while you two were in Wonderland. What I witnessed while using that mirror..." he paused, tightening his jaw and lips at the memory of seeing Belle being bit by a vampire. "Belle has been put in a compromising situation and you are in the unique position to be able to help her. If you are willing, and Belle agrees, I will be in your debt."

Ruby Lucas:
A little astonished that of all people the Dark One is in need of /her/ help. This was most peculiar.

As Rumple slides out of his side and into Belle's offering her up his seat Ruby hesitates as she knows that this could possibly be a deal with the Dark One, yet still it was Belle and both she and Gold would do anything to help her, so Ruby slides into the booth trying to keep an open mind.

"In /your/ debt?" Hmmm.. the plot thickens. "And what exactly do you need from me? You are the Dark One. You hold the most power," She is not saying this to flatter him so much as she is stating a necessary fact and thinking through her thoughts aloud. "So why in all the realms would you need /my/ help?"

Belle French-Gold:
It will probably never cease to amaze Belle how much Rumple loves her, the touch of his hand makes her feel protected, and when he moves next to her to let Ruby seat across the table, she lets him take her hand, and leans slightly towards him, softly caressing his arm with her head.

As Rumple talks, Belle just looks at Ruby, giving her a nervous smile. She’s not sure that she understands how her friend will be able to help with her predicament, but whatever it is, she has the feeling that it will probably be as unpleasant as the necklace she’s wearing at the moment.

As one of the younger waitresses passes by to serve another table, Belle notices her smell is quite tasty. She closes her eyes, not paying attention to Rumple or Ruby’s words anymore, and starts remembering how amazingly good those lost boys’ blood was.

Belle hunger for blood starts to take over again, but the necklace is preventing her to act on her vampiric instincts, so for a moment she considers taking the bloody thing off again, even if it burns both her hands.

Rumple Gold:
Rumple shifts in his seat slightly, adjusting his jacket. "Yes, well as remarkable as it might seem, I am not all powerful. There are some limitations to my magic." He settles back in against Belle as she rests her head on him.

"It is somewhat...unorthodox, but what we need is for you to infect Belle with lycanthropy. It's the only thing that can cure her...condition. You see, when she was in the Land Without Color, she contracted an ancient disease."

Ruby Lucas:
The garlic scent had not escaped her notice. And it was even more prevalent as she sat across the couple. The necklace, the ancient disease, the unorthodoxy nature of this mission and.. lycanthropy.

Her eyes shift from Rumple to Belle, she does not need to say anything nor would she comment on Belle's condition. There was a certain oddity in Belle, Ruby noted but it was all coming together.

Leaning forward, elbows on the table, she brings her fingers to her lips gaze focused on a small scratch on the surface of the table. Her emotions unnerved by the thought of a cure. Something at one point she would have given up anything for. But this wasn't about her.

Ruby blinks back trying to push away her selfishness in this moment. This was about Belle. Her eyes raise meeting Belle's. She knows her friend must be in utter turmoil fighting the curse she that was unwarranted.. Ruby understands this all too well.

"I, um, yes," she says with a soft nod. "I have to warn you it will be painful and Rumple, you will need my hood for... after as a just in case. It is not an easy curse to bear anymore than yours is. But.. yeah of course. Though not here. Too many people."

Belle French-Gold:
Belle’s mind keeps wandering about the strong scents inside the diner, getting hungrier by the minute; when in the distance, she hears Rumple said something that makes her come to her senses. She openes her eyes in surprise, she would stop being a vampire, instead being cursed to turn into a werewolf. And Rumple had the cure for that!

By Ruby’s expression, it was obvious that her dear friend had put the dots together, and that made Belle sigh in relief, as she knew that Ruby would most likely want to help her. She listened carefully to Ruby’s words, it sounded like it was going to be as terrible as vampirism; but the idea of being cured gave her hope, so she gave Ruby a warm smile, as she said, still in a low tone of voice, “Thank you.”

Rumple Gold:
Ruby has always been a clever one. He didn't have to spell it out, and she was on board. She is a good friend to Belle. Rumple is however a little surprised Belle seems to be going along with this as well. He would much rather have used the black soul gem and put this business behind them at no risk to Belle, but "Given the circumstances I think this is our best option."

"On the surface, one might think we are simply trading one affliction for another, but of the two, being a werewolf is much more manageable. Ruby here has done well." He winces. "Once she realized who she was."

He continues quickly. "Of course I have no intention of letting you remain that way either, but this gives me until the next full moon to prepare a cure."

Rumple takes a deep breath and his next words are difficult to speak. "It's not 100%." He can't quite bring himself to look at Belle, the thought he might let her down.

Ruby Lucas:
It didn't matter so much what Rumple had up his sleeve, she trusted him enough to know when Belle was involved he would do anything to protect her. And if this went wrong, whatever plan it was Rumple was cooking, Ruby didn't mind paying a hopefully small price if it meant helping her friend.

Ruby knows that it was an unintentional flub on his part. Yes, she's had some hiccups, yeah hiccups was a better way of putting it than finding out you're a werewolf by killing your true love... she cringes outwardly as the feeling resurface.

"He's right... sort of," Ruby chimes in. What she wanted was to assure Belle that yes, being a werewolf was easier than vampireism... that isn't the case. "It isn't easy to manage. I struggle everyday to control my curse. It is something you have to choose to control everyday," not saying this to alarm her friend Ruby keeps her tone calm and a touch somber to allude that this is as unpleasant to deliver as it would be to receive.

The drive to constantly be on the move, the desire to run free is a plague to her spirit, how painful people don't realize shapeshifting is, and the knowledge that people don't see you as a human because she isn't. Somewhere in between and the lost feeling never really dissipates.

"But I will help you in every step of the way..." leaning forward Ruby would lay a hand on Belle's forearm showing the trust is still there between them. She has no fears of Belle anymore than she did with David. Wearing a weak lopsided smile. "I promise."

Belle French-Gold:
Okay, so he didn’t exactly had a cure yet, but Belle had to agree that being a werewolf would probably be easier to manage than being a vampire, at least she would only have to worry about her actions during the full moon, as opposed to all the time.

The delicious aromas emanating from the people inside the diner were making Belle hungrier by the second, and she knew that a raw steak wouldn’t be enough.

“I understand the risks, but I don’t think I’ll be able to control myself much longer,” Belle had closed her eyes as she started speaking, there was something inside her that was trying to take control of her conscience, and it had taken all her will to express her thoughts before the vampire took over, “I know this necklace is supposed to help, Rumple, but I’m toying with the idea of taking it off again, even if it burns my hands, because the desire for blood is overpowering me.”

Belle was trying not to sob, as she continued, “I rather be a werewolf than this thing. Ruby still has her humanity, but I’m losing mine, and once it’s gone, you’re not going to like what’s left behind.”

Rumple Gold:
Rumple sees that Belle is trying very hard to keep control over her vampire urges and knows that if she removes that necklace all bets are off. He lifts a hand and hovers it over her shoulder making the necklace glow momentarily. "I've placed a spell on it so it cannot be removed. I'm sorry Belle. This will all be over soon." He really is sorry to be trapping her but if she looses control, she'll be trapped forever as a vampire.

"Ruby, I think we've run out of time." Nodding toward the hallway at the back of the diner, he continues. "I think it best we take our conversation out back, away from prying eyes." He slides out of the booth offering Belle a hand out of her seat. He'll let Ruby lead the way.

Ruby Lucas:
Ruby moves her hand from Belle's arm and she too senses the turmoil Belle is battling on the inside. She eases out of the booth to make sure that no one is aware. As Rumple put it, they do not need the prying eyes watching them.

Ambiguously she pivots on the heel of her sneaker and keeps her voice low, "Give me a moment, okay," giving a nod to Rumple she hopes he and Belle will understand her need for privacy. "The Hood is behind the counter in a messenger bag," Ruby adds before ducking away from the group.

Stepping outside in the darkness, it may not have a full moon but she can already feel the night calling to her.

Inhaling a deep breath, slowly from head to toe she feels the sharp wrenching inside her. Slowly embracing the shifting from woman to wolf, Ruby can feel the glowing sensation begin in her eyes, then bends at the knees, hands on the ground to as her body changes into the wolf within.

After she shifts, the wolf plants herself seated in front of the door to the back entrance where she waits for the couple to arrive.

Belle French-Gold:
Belle feels a weird sensation around her neck, she opens her eyes, and see the necklace glow. When Rumple explains that he placed a spell on it, to prevent her from taking it off, she thanks him with a sad smile.

The vampire inside her wants her to turn around and make a run for it, she doesn’t need to listen to these people, she has been given a special gift, and she should appreciate it, she just needs to follow on her vampiric instincts and she’ll be fine.

Taking Rumple’s hand when he offers it, she waits to be guided. Belle nods at Ruby’s comment, and waits for Rumple to decide when to follow her, and if they’ll go get the hood or not.

Rumple Gold:
Rumple acknowledges Ruby's instruction about the whereabouts of her hooded cloak. "I'll meet you at the powder room" he tells Belle as he leans in to kiss her temple.

He crosses the diner hearing Cruella talking dramatically to Cora and Elsa about their deaths. He takes some satisfaction in knowing he had orchestrated both but he's focussed on his current task of taking care of Belle.

As luck would have it, the other waitress is arguing with the cook and has her back turned when he walks behind the counter to find Ruby's bag containing the cloak. The shelving below is a disorganized array of paper products, condiments, utensils, dirty bus pans, and the like. Not immediately seeing any bag, he throws his hands out to the sides in frustration. How anyone could run a business like this, he couldn't begin to understand.

He has attracted the attention of a few counter customers but he shoots them the same glare he would if their rent had been past due and they quickly return to their plates or newspapers.

He looks down one more time and finds the strap of a bag poking out behind a jacket and grabs it. He turns, expecting to meet Belle in the back hallway but he finds she's remained where he left her, looking like it's everything she can do to hold it together. "Come, sweetheart." He puts his hand at the small of her back and gently guides her out to the alley where Ruby awaits in wolf form.

Rumple feels sick to his stomach knowing he has to let Belle be harmed and it comes out gruffly as he addresses Ruby. "I trust you know that anything more than what's required, and there'll be hell to pay. She's already been through enough." His rational side knows he can trust Ruby in this, she cares for Belle as if she were her family. But his rational side isn't in control at the moment.

Ruby Lucas:
Thankful for this time to herself, it is mind boggling to her. Never would she had dared to pass this curse of hers onto another living soul let alone one of her dearest friends. This causes the wolf's stomach to lurch but quickly she shakes her head to symbolically rid herself of these thoughts. She'd promised and she would uphold her end of the deal. Not to have the Dark One in her debt, this is for Belle.

Patiently the wolf waits till the back door opens wide and out comes the couple, Gold guarding his wife and Belle shaken and in distress. The wolf narrows her brows as she winces sensing her friend's battle inside her mind.

The wolf doesn't take what Rumple says to heart, this is spoken out of love and care and the desperation to protect his wife. And the wolf is understanding of this.

With a soft nod, she beckons Belle to kneel close towards her. This is not what she wants. Hasn't she inflicted enough pain and unrest to those around her that she must now carry this on to her friend... though there is a cure. There has to be a cure or else she will just be exchanging one hell for another. Belle spoke saying this wolf had not lost her humanity... no one understood. On the outward appearance of course everything was fine and dandy. On the inside was unrest.

The wolf opens her mouth enough to claps around Belle's forearm, knowing how close to get to miss anything calamitous. Easing her teeth to break the barrier of the flesh, the wolf winces feeling though her motives pure, her actions are cruel.

Only once the wolf knows that the curse has been transfered, her deep marks left on Belle's flesh, hastily the he wolf backs away fearful.

Belle French-Gold:
Belle looks at Rumple with whimpering eyes when he asks her to wait for him by the powder room. She knows that if she takes a step on her own, she’ll just run away, the vampire inside her is that powerful now. Since she hasn’t turn anybody yet, there’s still a little bit of her old self inside her, but it’s quickly disappearing. The vampire wants to completely come out, and for that to happen, Belle has to embrace it, to become undead, and that means that she has to infect someone with vampirism.

It takes all of her strength and willpower, but Belle manages to remain in the same place, waiting patiently for her husband to come and get her. She feels Rumple’s hand on her back and lets him guide her towards the back, and up to where Ruby, now in wolf form, is waiting for them. In the distance, she hears Rumple saying something to Ruby, but she can’t make the words, With her arms stretched out, Belle uses the strength she has left to remain in the same position, waiting for Ruby, who without the need of words invites her to kneel in order to bite her.

Belle can see how the wolf pierces her skin as she bites, but it barely hurts, it’s as if her whole body was numbed. Once Ruby is done, and backs away, Belle looks at her forearm with curiosity, there’s some blood, but not a lot. However, Belle soon starts feeling how the little voice inside her, that she identified as the vampire, starts disappearing, until she can’t hear it or feel it anymore. “I think it’s working,” the craving for blood is gone so Belle smiles at Rumple and Ruby, “I’m starting to feel like myself again…”

A strange sensation starts running through Belle’s body. The bite wound still feels numb, but suddenly she starts feeling a dull ache that starts in her muscles and radiates to other parts of her body, her head starts hurting as well, and she starts feeling extremely tired.

Feeling as if she was about to faint, Belle turns around, looking for Rumple’s embrace.

Rumple Gold:
Rumple removes the cloak from its bag in preparation and watches anxiously as Belle kneels before Ruby. His muscles twitch, resisting the instinct to reach down and toss Ruby aside to free Belle. Just when he thinks he can't take it any longer, Ruby lets go and cowers back away from them. When Belle announces it's working, Rumple hastily, covers Ruby with the cloak using a bit of magic so as not to rush at her. She's looking fearful already, she doesn't need the Dark One closing in on her.

He turns back to Belle to find her looking quite drained and as if she's about to collapse. He dips down slightly and wraps his arms around her for support. "You're alright, everything's going to be alright." He's telling himself as much as he's telling her. "I have you." He means that he won't let her fall, but figuratively speaking all is well when he's with her. He waves away the garlic necklace as it is no longer needed and fusses with her hair around her face waiting for her to express what's happening.

He's not looking toward Ruby so she has privacy again.

Ruby Lucas:
The wolf's ears perk up at hearing the change has not only happened but might have actually helped after all. This was a good sign? Deep in her mind, the wolf couldn't tell. All of it happened so fast and the regret was setting in.

With a whoosh Rumple takes the cloak from her messenger bag and drapes it over her furry frame covering her from head to tail. Shielding her transformation from the public view, of that she is most appreciative.

Like a jolt, the wolf tingles and her wolf likeness is exchanged for flesh and bone as she becomes a woman once more. Only when she feels the transformation complete, does Ruby then ease up off of hands and knees and solemnly rise to straighten up on her feet. With the cloak still draped over her shoulders, she pulls back the hood and brushes back her locks however she does not meet their gaze.

Slowly she pulls off the red cloak from her shoulders and her arm extended offers it up to the couple. It has been a while since Ruby has encountered a werewolf not born of this curse, anything can trigger a moment to shapeshift. More than anything she wants to be safe than sorry.

Belle French-Gold:
Belle sighs as soon as she feels Rumple’s arms around her. She tries to smile as she says weakly, “I don’t feel good. Something similar happened when that vampire bit me. That’s how I know it worked.”

Belle knew, from her readings, that unlike most trueborn werewolves, the majority of bitten ones would go through some sort of changes that would make the newly infected person ill, while the werewolf bacteria as the books call it fully integrates with the human cells.

She didn’t know, however, if Rumple was aware of that fact, and since she didn’t want him to take it on Ruby if she got really sick, she tried to explain it to him, even though she started feeling so tired, that she would rather sleep. “I once read... that it’s normal for a person... bitten by a werewolf... to get a little sick… while the infection… settles…” Belle started falling asleep as she spoke.

Rumple Gold:
Ruby had done just what she had agreed, and although Belle was experiencing some ill effects from her new affliction, the first was gone and that was half the battle. The tension, brought on from the race against time and her growing appetite, eases, and Rumple nods his thanks to Ruby as she approaches. When Ruby offers the cloak, the new reality of Belle's situation hits him. Solemnly he wraps it about Belle and scoops her up in his arms. He's at a loss for words at the moment, feeling a bit more overwhelmed than he had anticipated. "I'll just be bringing her over to the shop so she can rest. Perhaps later, after your shift, you could come by and check on her. She uh, may have some questions for you. It will take me some time to work on the rest." He nods again, his gratitude obvious but unspoken.

The two disappear in crimson smoke from the alley.

Moments later they appear in the shop where he expects to lay Belle on the cot while she recuperates. Instead, they find the shop has been nearly destroyed. A quick survey of the area reveals storage cabinets have been broken into and several items stolen. Just what he doesn't need to deal with at the moment!

Suddenly he becomes aware of a distant crackling sound of energy and a prickling of magic. Turning toward what was the front of the shop, he peers outside and sees Zelena standing in the area where the clock tower was, apparently it has been blown out. "Zelena!" he forces through clenched teeth.

Rumple poofs them back to Granny's, inside the diner, as he suspects Ruby would have returned from the alley by now. Their sudden appearance elicits gasps from customers, who also can see his mood is now quite angry. What Zelena was up to, he had no idea, but it wasn't anything good.

Ruby Lucas:
Ruby had watched them vanish in Rumple's signature cloud of smoke and once it was all said and done it left Ruby feeling worse than when she agreed to it.

Before returning through the back entrance as she reaches for the handle, there is a reverberation that Ruby knows is only from magic. How is it that that none of them can ever get one single days reprieve from some kind of magical threat in this town?

Eager to find out what was going on now, but also worried about Belle's condition, Ruby is about to ask the ladies if they know anything, that is till Rumple magics himself and Belle back in the diner. She rushes over to them perplexed, "I know you know what this upheaval is all about."

Rumple Gold:
Rumple ignores everyone in the diner but Ruby. He nods urgently "It's Zelena. She's ransacked my shop and stolen some very powerful things. She's blown apart the clock tower and is up there now. Whatever she's doing, it won't be good for anyone." He's still carrying Belle who appears to be either very deeply asleep or unconscious. Referring to Belle "I can't leave her there, it's not safe. Is there a spare room here at the Bed and Breakfast where she can rest?"

Zelena Mills:
((Why is it always me??? Anyone could have messed up your shop, and stole your stuff (I wouldn't even DARE to steal from you!) Maybe I'm only in the clock tower to enjoy the view?))

Ruby Lucas:
Ruby's eyes widen at hearing Rumple's news as he holds a still sleeping Belle. The effects of her werewolf bite is already coursing through her friend. It had been some time since she'd witnessed someone being changed into the curse instead of being born into it like herself, her mother, and grandmother.

"Yes," Ruby says without a second thought. "She can stay in my room and I can watch over her if you think it may help." The plans have changed quickly. Silently she knows Rumple and his power could be what they need to battle this and he can't do that if he is watching over Belle. "Follow me..." waving him on towards the alley way once more. "We can go in through the back way and won't be noticed."

Belle French-Gold:
Gradually, Belle starts falling into a deep sleep. She's able to feel Rumple wrapping her on something before carrying her in his arms. She tries to open her eyes, but they feel pretty heavy. She thinks that she feels Rumple magically transport them somewhere, and once again tries opening her eyes.

Belle takes a look around, it’s pretty obvious that she ain’t in Storybrooke anymore. She’s in a forest, but it doesn’t seem familiar at all. She gets up, and immediately starts feeling the need to run, to explore, to lose herself in this place. The air is hitting her face as she runs, and the feeling is unbelievable, she should go out for runs more often.

After a while, Belle encounters a loch, she kneels down to take a drink of water, and catches a glimpse of her reflection. Her face is still mostly human, but it's starting to show some sort of canine features that run from the tip of her nose, into her forehead. She sits still, observing her appearance, it has certain kind of charm to it.

As she keeps dreaming, Belle moves her head slightly, as if trying to rest it on Rumple’s chest.

Rumple Gold:
((Now you're Beauty and the Beast all by yourself.))

Belle French-Gold:
((Ha ha. I'm just beastly enough 😉))

Rumple Gold:
Grateful to Ruby for a second time today, Rumple thanks her follows her through the alley and in through the back entrance to the inn. Belle only slightly moves her head against his chest as they walk. When they reach what he assumes is Ruby's room, he carefully lowers Belle to the bed making sure her arms and legs are in a comfortable position. With his fingertips, he brushes the hair away from her face and whispers to her "Ruby is going to look after you until I return" and he kisses forehead.

Turning back to Ruby he takes a deep breath trying to appear much more calm than he felt on the inside. "You've always been a good friend to Belle. And helped me, at least when it comes to her. I just want to thank you for that." He shifts slightly, not knowing who Ruby will react. "After I've taken care of Zelena..." he closes his eyes in concentration again to calm himself from the thought of her. "I will be working on the cure for Belle. I can prepare it for two...if that's something you might be interested in...trying." He speaks slowly, gauging her expressions as he goes. "There is much to consider" he warns.

Ruby Lucas:
Ruby leads the way through a safe path that brings them into the Bed and Breakfast, thankfully barren as both Rumple and Belle have already gone through enough today. She opens the door to her room and while Rumple sets Belle down gingerly on the bed, Ruby retrieves a blanket to cover up her friend.

Turning away briefly to allow him this moment before he leaves them, she is part stunned by what Gold is telling her. He needn't thank her for such a gesture, though she also knows he must be incredibly grateful for him to even admit that publicly.

She opens her mouth to speak to tell him that Belle is her friend, that she'd do anything for her friends...and even those who weren't as it never hurt to show a little kindness to a stranger, however she is taken aback by this offer.

A cure... for two? He was offering to rid her of this life long curse that plagued her. It was so woven into her very being she had never even thought such a thing would be possible. Now that it was... there certainly is /much/ to consider.

Gulping, Ruby tries to let this idea set with herself. To have this curse lifted would be the greatest gift. To no longer be burdened, the butt of people's jokes, the monster she knew she was and always would be. It would end with her. The temptation to pounce on such an offer was great. And yet it gave her pause... what if it backfired? What if she was still a monster and the cure didn't work? What if... continued to run through her mind till she blinked a few times to shake off these thoughts. There was more at stake at the moment, she had to concentrate.

"I- I'll... think... about it," she finally spoke. "Don't worry about Belle, I'll not let anything happen to her."

Belle French-Gold:
As she keeps on contemplating her reflection in the water, Belle hears Rumple’s voice inside her head, telling her that Ruby will look after her. She looks around, expecting to see her friend, but she seems to be alone in this place. Belle finds this odd, and starts wondering if this could be a dream.

Once again, she looks for her reflection in the water, her face continues to show canine features, they make her look almost wolf like. The bite! Belle looks at her arm, the wound seems to be healed, and there’s thick brown hair growing around her skin. Belle looks at the hair with curiosity, and wonders what other changes her body may be experiencing.

She sits to better examine herself, and by doing so, notices a strange sensation in her lower back. She feels the area with her hand, there’s something new there. She gets a little scared, and the thing starts moving! Not only can she feel it with her hand, but she actually can feel how her new appendix move, almost as if it had a mind of its own.

Rumple Gold:
Rumple nods to Ruby's answer. "Very well." He will prepare two, and when the time comes, it will be for her to decide to take it or not.

Looking back to Belle, he doesn't want to leave her but knows she's in good hands with Ruby. To be safe, he raises a hand and a wave of magic emanates from it as he turns himself in a circle as if drawing a line around the perimeter of the room. "It's a protection spell in the event you are required to leave. Anyone will be permitted to enter or leave, so long as they mean no harm to Belle. I'll return as soon as I'm able."

Ruby Lucas:
Ruby watches as Rumple raises a hand and circles then informs her it is a protection spell he was cloaking them with. Knowing how powerful Zelena was, she certainly would need a little extra magic on her side.

"Thank you," she murmurs knowing the weight of this situation is heavy on his shoulders. "I guess if you need to contact us, use the mirror," she nods to the one over her dresser.

Belle French-Gold:
Belle keeps enjoying her dream, unaware of the current situation in Storybrooke.

In the distance, however, she thinks that she hears Rumple and Ruby again. A side of her wants to keep on running and exploring, while the other side wants her to wake up.

Rumple Gold:
Rumple makes note of the mirror Ruby points out. He isn't particularly fond of mirror magic, especially since the last time he used it to reach Belle, he witnessed the vampire attack that got them into the predicament in which they currently found themselves. "If it's all the same to you, Miss Lucas, I'll leave the mirrors to Regina. However, if you need me, well...you know my name." He grins.

With that, he turns to head outside following the same route through the back that Ruby had used.

((End for Rumple unless called back.))

Ruby Lucas:
Understandable. However, she wouldn't be summoning him unless absolutely necessary. The threat had to be a great one with the use of a protection spell cloaking them and then he was gone. Knowing he was entirely capable of dealing with whatever evil lurked outside, Ruby would move to the window and try and take a peek at the disaster outside.

Moving away from the window, she pulls up a chair to sit near Belle's bedside. Observing closely at any change or movement. Something has captivated her friend, a dream maybe, hopefully not a nightmare. And she hoped it wasn't the reminiscing of the events in the Land Without Color. Belle had been through enough and...will certainly have to bear the weight of much more before she is cured.

Ah, the cure. Her mind drifts back to Rumple's offer. Would she accept it? Wasn't that what any person in their right mind would want? There was much to stew over. In the meantime her one duty was to make sure Belle was safe and thanks to the protection spell, it would definitely help.

Rumple Gold:
(( "you have one job" 😂 ))

Ruby Lucas:
((workin' on it. XD))

Belle French-Gold:
((Am I a job now? LOL))

Rumple Gold:
((Full time job, sweetheart))

Belle French-Gold:
Still dreaming, Belle notices that she’s wearing a little and way too revealing familiar blue dress; this is not the first time she has dream about Lacey, her cursed-self, however, it is the first time she’s fully aware of that fact, just as if both Belle and Lacey’s personalities were mixing as one.

Even though they don't see things eye to eye, Belle has to admit that, like it or not, Lacey is a part of herself. Looking again at her reflection, Belle can appreciate why she’s wearing that dress, it’s as if the werewolf has merged with Lacey, something that, surprisingly, doesn’t upset Belle. It’s just a dream, after all.

In the distance, Belle can hear something extremely loud, almost like… An explosion?! Regardless, that sound was loud enough to wake Belle up. She’s not in her bed, and she’s not at the Pawn Shop. She realizes that Ruby is with her, and even though she feels unwell, she manages to ask, “Ruby. What’s going on?”

Ruby Lucas:
Ruby tries to relax a little, though finds it impossible with the unknown uproar in town, while keeping a close eye on her friend. Belle had been sleeping for a little while. Rumple had left to fend off Zelena and she had to wait, wait to hear whatever news it was good or bad.

Upon hearing an explosion, yes that was certainly an explosion, Ruby jumps in her seat. Her heart beating loud enough it reverberates into her ears.

Belle is awakened by this blast outside. Ruby can only assume this is turning out to becoming another epic battle. What can she tell Belle? All she knows is Zelena is on the loose. Why, she has no clue.

Getting up, still startled, she takes a seat at Belle's bedside, "Something's happened and now Zelena is well, she's clearly pissed about something. Rumple is trying to handle this. He's asked me to watch out for you considering..." leaving the sentence hang.

Belle French-Gold:
As Ruby informs her of the situation, a worried Belle tries to sit in the bed, she’s however too weak so she just manages to fall back. She notices that this is a different kind of weakness than the one she felt when she was a vampire, as she’s barely able to move, and feels worse than if she had the flu. Thankfully, she wasn’t starving or craving blood, which made the weakness more bearable.

Ruby’s words are truly worrying Belle, and even though Rumple asked her friend to look after her, Belle is surprised that they’re not at her house, or at least at the shop. It’s obvious that they’re at Ruby’s, which makes Belle wonder if whatever threat Zelena is presenting at the moment is worse than just the witch being pissed about whatever it is that made her mad this time.

“Ruby,” Belle asks looking at her friend, fearful of the answer, “why are we at your place?”

Ruby Lucas:
Ruby was unsure of how much Belle could recall and apparently she hadn't had any knowledge of the battle just outside the protection spell.

Laying a comforting hand upon Belle's forearm, "Rumple brought us here. So that you'll be safe. And I'm going to make sure you are too. I don't know all the particulars, but something has triggered Zelena to want to destroy Storybrooke and well, that's why Rumple is fighting her."

Certainly this wouldn't do much to put her friend's mind at ease considering her new state and her new curse. Ruby knew nothing of what a werewolf would experience having just been changed. All she knew was her instincts that had been with her since birth and shielded from her till she was grown.

"Please try and rest. You're safe. Rumple cast a protection spell over the Bed and Breakfast so no one who means you any harm can enter."

Belle French-Gold:
Belle listens carefully to Ruby. Even though her friend informs her that it was Rumple who brought her here, and cast a protection spell, she still feels uneasy about the fact that he didn't take her home or to the Pawn Shop. What could have happen for him to decide that Granny's was the safest place?

Belle doesn't want to appear rude to Ruby, so trying to hide her anxiety, she tries to smile, as she keeps still in the bed, unsuccessfully trying to relax and rest.

Rumple Gold:
((What Pawn Shop? 😂))

Belle French-Gold:
((Well, I was unconscious for a while.))

Ruby Lucas:
((crap the pawn shop was destroyed? I'm so behind in threads guys sorry))

Belle French-Gold:
((Yeah, that's why Rumple brought us back to the diner.))

Ruby Lucas:
The constant barrage of noises shaking her up wasn't helping her to assure that Belle was safe. Did Belle know she was safe? Did she feel safe? That was crucial to Ruby at the moment.

It was tempting, quite tempting, to take a peek outside again. But at the same time it also unnerved her. What had been destroyed while they remain safely hidden in her room? Was this to be the damage like that of the wraith all over again? So many questions were going through Ruby's mind that she didn't even have time to process this.

"You seemed to be dreaming," Ruby tried to start a new subject, one that didn't have to do with the fight outside these walls. "Why don't you tell me about it?"

Belle French-Gold:
The fact that Rumple placed a protection spell makes Belle feel safe. She is, however, pretty worried about Rumple's own safety, as she was sure something pretty bad must have happened for him not to take her to their own place.

Ruby's remark gets Belle's attention, she remembers her dream, and perhaps telling it to her friend won't only keep both of them distracted, but it may help her to better understand the new curse.

"Well," Belle isn't sure where to start, "it was a really pleasant dream, actually. I was near a lake or something. But when I saw my reflection in the water, I was different..."

Belle is unsure how to explain that she was aware of the fact that she was both Lacey and herself at the same time in the dream.

Ruby Lucas:
A smile breaks onto her lips as Belle begins to divulge her dream. It pleased her to know that there was an ounce of tranquility for her friend considering the chaos outside. Hopefully anything in the destruction can be fixed with a little magic.

"Ohhh," she draws out the word softly. "How so?" Wondering if she too had seen her inner wolf reflected into the water. It was a shock the first time she had seen it.

Belle French-Gold:
Belle smiles weakly at Ruby, wondering if her friend ever experienced what she just did in her dream. “When I saw my reflection…”

Belle closes her eyes, takes a deep breath, and continues, “It was me, but at the same time it... it kind of wasn’t…” this certainly was hard to explain, as it was hard to understand or even make any sense out of it. “My... My face was a mixture of human and wolf...and I had a tail and… And…”

As she talks, Belle starts feeling a little lightheaded, “I…” she's opened her eyes, and looks at Ruby, “I don't feel good.”

Ruby Lucas:
As Belle continues describing her confusion of the dream, Ruby can certainly sympathize with her friend. Though her dreams were sometimes filled with night terrors of her past failings, on occasion she too would visualize in her dreams of both of her sides melding into one

This obviously caused great confusion in Belle. This unfortunately was only the beginning. Ruby would help as best as she could till Rumple came up with the cure. Though the curse will be affecting her friend differently. At least Belle was aware of her new cursed status. This would make it easier.

Ruby gets up from the side of the bed and to offer and help Belle lie back down, "The infection is taking hold of you, which is good. It means it worked." She takes the blanket and would cover Belle with it. Then drags her chair closer. "Just rest as much as possible. And the dreams... don't fear them, they're only dreams. I've had them it comes with the territory. The dreams are probably your mind accepting both sides of your new self."

Zelena Mills:
After Zelena had learned something about her past she was eager to find her real family. Her father had never loved her (since she wasn’t his real daughter) and had moreover called her ‘wicked’ because she had magic. The disgusted look he had given her when he had told her the truth had made her leave him and seek help from the wizard of OZ.

The magic of the slippers the wizard had given her engulfed her in green smoke and in the next moment she stood in the same room she had seen her sister minutes ago with that strange looking wizard (+Rumple Gold) practicing magic.

Zelena smiled and started to rummage in Regina’s personal belongings.

She saw a crystal lying on the table - the same one that, using the rune, she had watched Regina attempt to make appear in her hand.

Quickly she covered it and concentrated. In the next moment the crystal appeared on her palm and she smiled with satisfaction.

Rumple Gold:
Rumplestiltskin had been waiting for Regina to return, eager to see how she would fare with the new magical puzzle he had left for her. Their lessons had been going well, albeit a little slower than he had hoped.

He heard the telltale whooshing sound of someone appearing and he peeked out from his hiding place amongst the draperies of her chambers. He watched her, back turned toward him, as she quite easily managed to transport the crystal from its covered pyramid case into her palm.

Impressed, he strutted out from the draperies. "Well, it's a day for surprises, I'd have thought that would have taken you at least a couple of...". He was cut short at the sight of an unfamiliar young woman, fair skin and ginger hair.

"You aren't Regina."

Zelena Mills:
Zelena swirled around, surprised that she wasn’t alone. The strange looking wizard walked into the room, obviously thinking that she was Regina.
When he realized it wasn’t his student and stated that she wasn’t Regina, Zelena lifted her chin a bit and answered “No, I’m Cora’s firstborn daughter. My name is Zelena.”

Rumple Gold:
Cora's first born? Is it possible she had another child he didn't know about? He narrowed his eyes, scrutinizing her as he circled closer and snatched a hair from her head.

By the time Rumplestiltskin was back in her view he had materialized a tube. He grabbed its cork with his teeth, not having a free hand, and carelessly spat it to the floor. He inserted the plucked hair and swirled the tube as if mixing it with a magical substance. Almost immediately it turned green, verifying the woman's claim.

"Well well, Zelena, you say?" He looked her over. Cora was a clever one, never mentioning this daughter. She would already have been born by the time he and Cora had fashioned their contract - the one he later amended thinking they might have a child together, before Cora betrayed him. Yes, now that he took a closer look, he could see a resemblance.

With a flourish, he bent deeply at the waist, arms wide "Rumplestiltskin" he introduced himself, rolling the R dramatically.

Rumple Gold:
(( +Zelena Mills manip credit))

Zelena Mills
((+Rumple Gold manip idea credit and he made the screenshots))

Zelena winced when the man snatched a hair from her head but didn’t move. She watched him patiently doing some magic with her hair and gave him an “I told you” look when he repeated her name and scrutinized her.
The news seemed to take him entirely by surprise, but Zelena sensed that it pleased him.
When he finally introduced himself the young witch had to bite back a giggle. She wasn’t used to someone bowing to her.
When she heard his name she remembered that the wizard of OZ hat mentioned it, but she had been too distracted by learning about her mother and sister that she had immediately forgotten it.
Quickly she made a slight curtsey and beamed at him.
“Actually I came here to find someone who could teach me magic,” she said and gave him a hopeful look.
If he was teaching her sister she hoped that he could teach her as well.

Rumple Gold:
Rumplestiltskin remained bowed for longer than was necessary, carefully watching Zelena's reaction to him. He wasn't expecting a giggle, but was not surprised to hear that she came seeking magical training.

"Did you now?" He asked, intrigued. He finally rose and stretched to his full height. "Is that all you seek?" Rumplestiltskin drew closer once again, looking deeply into her eyes, searching for clues. "Perhaps a little revenge? Let me guess, you have mommy issues?"

He'd seen that his curse would be cast by Cora's daughter but until now he'd assumed it was Regina. However, without any training, this daughter had already shown more promise than Regina.

Zelena Mills:
Zelena tried not to back off a few steps when the wizard came closer and locked onto her eyes. She stared back and was charmed by his strange eyes. His iris was shimmering in gold and brown and it seemed to draw her in. She blinked and tried to focus on his words again.
Her smile faded when he started to question her motives, and pouted when he teased her by using the words ‘mommy issues’. But she tried to keep her temper. Rumplestiltskin was her only chance to learn how to control her powers and it probably wouldn’t work to her advantage if she lost her temper. How often had her father told her that no matter what she felt on the inside, she always had to put on a good face.
“Actually I don’t care about my mother,” she fibbed and shrugged. “I came here in the hope of finding someone who could help me enhance my magical skills.” She paused a moment and managed to smile at him again.

Rumple Gold:
Rumplestiltskin sniggered to himself when Zelena said she doesn't care about her mother. Abandoned, in possession of natural magic, and somehow she found her way here...no, he drew a different conclusion. She actually cared a great deal. That's the thing about mothers, especially the ones who choose not to actually mother their own children, they become fuel for great and powerful magic.

"Hmmm" he pretended to ponder the situation although he had already made up his mind. Thumbs pressed together, he drummed each fingertip in quick succession on its paired partner of his opposite hand. "What to do, what to do..." Aware of her eyes on him he strutted to and fro. "It just so happens, that I am a powerful sorcerer...and I find myself suddenly in the need of a student."

Zelena Mills:
While Rumple was obviously considering her request and paced around, Zelena unwittingly clamped her fingers, and tried to keep up her smile while she looked at him.
She was tensed up and held her breath for a moment when Rumple eventually let her know that he would need another student.
She remembered to breathe again, beamed at him, and said enthusiastically,
“Thank you, Rumplestiltskin, I promise I won’t disappoint you!”
Deep inside she had reckoned that he would reject her, but now she was thrilled at his words.
Suddenly her joy faded when she remembered that she had no idea yet where to stay. She couldn’t return to OZ, her father wouldn’t let her in and she had not yet learned to control her magic to stand up to him, and of course she couldn’t ask her sister to stay with her.
She bit her lower lip and asked softly, “Do you know a place where I can stay for a while?”

David Nolan:
((Coming from Emma's house after she was brought back to life.))

As much as it pains David to do so, he leaves Killian and Emma's house. He had been the one to cause all this mess; the least he could do is offer the two of them and Henry privacy. On top of that, he needs to find his wife and wake her up. There's some small hope in him since Emma's magic had cured both him and Killian that it's cured the sleeping curse as well.

David decides to walk home in order to clear his thoughts instead of trying to find a car. So much had happened in a short amount of time and it was almost too much for him to handle. Surprisingly, the walk back to his and Mary Margaret's loft does end up helping to calm his nerves slightly. David carefully climbs the stairs up to his loft with Neal still on his hip. The baby has already seen more action in his short life than some have seen in a lifetime. He can't help but feel slightly guilty. Snow had said she wanted a normal life for him, but what he was getting was far from that.

His heart starts to pound on his chest as he turns the knob to the loft. He hopes Snow is up and moving, but if she's not, then he'll try kissing her to wake her up. David pushes open the door and speaks in a gentle voice so he doesn't startle her incase she's awake. "Snow…?" 

Snow White:
Her chest had lifted up and down slowly with every breath that she had taken, Snow's eyes remained closed as she laid within the bed. The blanket still in it's old position that it was left in. Her mind was often left to wander, as her body was in sleeping state.

During her time awake, she would spend her time getting things around the house done. She would spend time with her son, as it would distract her away from the pain of missing her husband David. But also missing her daughter Emma.

Much has happened since she was last awake. She had much to catch up on. Not knowing that she would be awoken soon, she had continued to breathe deeply as her mind began to wander into a dream state.

David Nolan:
When David receives no reply, he sighs heavily. He had hoped the curse would be lifted. He glances to his wife as he sets Neal down in the crib. All his hope is gone. There's no way that they'll ever be awake at the same time ever again.

David heads into the kitchen and flips to a fresh page on the pad they had used for communicating. He scratches the back of his head before picking up a pen and writing:

"I miss you. So much has happened.
Please go find Emma. She'll explain it
all. I love you.

David carries the notepad into the bedroom and sets in on Snow's chest. Before he crawls into bed next to her, he studies her face. Even in a deep sleep, she still seems to be smiling, making her dimples even more profound. Her eyes somehow manage to sparkle through closed eyelids. She seems so peaceful. David carefully slips into the bed next to Snow, squeezes her hand, and props himself up on his right elbow. He leans up and over his wife before placing a soft kiss against her warm lips. David then shifts to lay down and waits for the curse to overtake him, but it doesn't. His eyes stay open as he stares up at the ceiling. He then jolts up and looks over to Snow. "Snow?! Mary Margaret?!"

Snow White:
Even when awake, Snow seemed to be giving up slowly. The fact that she couldn't have the warmth of David anymore was bothering her, she could never have his warming embrace. The thought of having to explain to her son that his father is stuck in a forever sleep that alternates every time their lips would touch.

Dreams began to cloud her mind, however they started out as dreams before finally turning into nightmares. Nightmares of losing her family forever. It was until finally that a sudden wave had washed over.

She wasn't stuck in the dream state, her body was no longer asleep. She didn't understand what was going on. Was David putting himself asleep now? She didn't want him to go back to sleep.

Opening her eyes slowly, her eyes began to focus on everything around them until finally they focused on the awake figure of her husband. "D-David?" Snow began as she cupped his cheek. "Is it over? Has the curse finally been lifted?" She asked before tears began spilling from her eyes.

Ruby Lucas
((I'm sooo behind in threads 😣))

David Nolan:
David's concerned expression transforms into one of pure joy as his hand reaches up to touch hers on his cheek. He hooks his free arm around his wife's back before pulling her close to his body in a tight embrace. "It's over, Snow. It's over." He speaks against her temple as his eyes close.

He thought he'd never be able to hold Snow this way again, much less speak to her. His kisses her temple gently before he scoops her up into his lap. "I've missed you more than anything. I love you." David pulls away just enough to look down into Mary Margaret's eyes as his thumb gently brushes a tear off of her cheek.

Snow White:
Listening to David's soft voice, Snow still couldn't believe that curse had finally been lifted. "It's finally over." She whispered as she felt David pull her into an embrace. The embrace that she been longing for for so long. Her temple remained up against his, her eyes still flooding with plenty of tears.

Being able to see kiss him, talk to him, and much more made her world a lot more brighter. Feeling his lips press against her temple, she had let out soft happy whimper. It was until that David had pulled her into his lap.

"I missed you so much, you have no idea." She murmured softly. "And I love you so much!"

David Nolan:
David holds Snow close to his chest, not wanting to ever let go. He hadn't been able to do this in weeks and he sure as hell wasn't ready to move at all yet. Although, he needed to tell her what had happened, but he didn't need to let go of her to tell her.

"Snow, something happened and before I tell you, I need you to know that everything is okay now." He traces small circles into her back as he clears his thoughts out to share them with her. "The whole town was pulled through portals by a hat that looked very similar to Jefferson's. Every hour or so we were taken somewhere else until we landed back in Storybrooke. The second portal I went through, I was transformed into a vampire and then coming back home, James, he uh… well he possessed my body somehow and…" How was he supposed to tell his wife he had crushed Emma's heart? "Well, he crushed Emma's heart. Killian saved her. They share a heart like us now."

Snow White:
Laying her head down onto his shoulder, Snow never wanted to move. She didn't want this moment to be taken from them, if they were to get up to do something. She missed this, more than anything. Being asleep for the many weeks, she had missed so much.

Perking up slowly, at the sound of David's voice, Snow had looked into his eyes. "Okay..now?" She asked as she listened to him speak. Her eyes nearly filled with fear as thoughts of James still being in David. She was quick to jump out of David's lap. "How can I be sure that this isn't James now..? With him pretending to be my husband?" She whimpered.

David Nolan:
"Would I be telling you this if I were still James? It's me, Snow." He sighed heavily as his hand continued to rub her back. David's mind went back to the moment he had found out that it was Snow he had saved from the man who tried to torture him. That was something that was shared only between the two of them; not even James would know. "We saved each other before we had even met. You were in that cart and you refused to let me look at you because you were wanted by the Evil Queen. I gave you the key to let yourself out after I was gone."

Snow White:
Pain filled her eyes, Snow had just accused her husband of being his evil twin brother. "I'm sorry.." She whispered as she listened David mention their first moments together when they first met. She had rushed toward him as she got back into his warm embrace. "I'm sorry.." She said again but this time with more sadness in her voice. She never meant to accuse her husband who was actually her husband to be James. "I..I..love you." She whispered as she pressed their lips together.

David Nolan:
David kisses Snow back before he slowly pulls away. His hand moves to cup her cheek as he grins down to her. "I love you too." He's about to speak again when he hears a loud crashing sound outside the window. David jumps slightly as his head turns quickly to look out the window. What he doesn't realize was that the bang was from +Zelena Mills destroying the town.

"What the hell…" David untangles himself from Snow and pushes himself up to his feet to rush to a window. He can't quite see what's happening from their view. He turns back to Snow with an annoyed expression. "Do we dare go see what's happening?"

Snow White:
The feeling of his was warm and enjoying but that feeling soon ended when David had pulled away. Snow's eyes seemed to look into his eyes deeply before feeling his soft hand cup her cheek. A gentle smile spread across her lips. "Oh, but I love you more David." She whispered sweetly.

The gentle smile was quick to change into a concerned frown when a loud crashing could be heard from outside. She noticed how her husband was quick to jump up to see find the cause of the noise. "I..I..don't know."

Emma Swan:
((Coming from Zelena's post))

As Emma watches the others leave the clock tower, she reaches out and grips onto Killian's sleeve to keep him from following. "Wait…," they are finally alone after all the madness and she wants to take advantage of that before anything else can happen. Her left hand slowly lifts before she places it over his heart. Emma draws in a deep breath as her palm flattens into his chest to feel the steady beating of his heart.

"I felt your pain. It wasn't to the same extent, but I could feel my heart hammering. That's why I came looking for you." Her eyes stay on her hand as she speaks, but eventually she looks up to meet his eyes. She hasn't properly thanked him yet, but she truly doesn't know how to thank him for making that big of a sacrifice. "I— Thank you, Killian." Her left hand then moves to the back of his neck as her thumb gently caresses his skin just below his hairline. "I love you."

Rumple Gold:
When Gold reaches the shop from the clock tower, he elects to use the door despite the fact that most of the front and side facades have been blasted away. He takes advantage of the slower pace of the others who follow, and rights the cabinets and larger items that had been knocked over, presumably during Zelena's rampage. He uses some magic to collect items and return them to their proper locations, this making it easier to asses what was missing.

Next, Gold reaches into his breast pocket, removing the wand that Zelena had used to collect the potion she had created. In this state it resembles a loaded weapon, so taking a large bottle and inserting the tip of the wand into it, he releases the spell absorbed within. He breathes a bit easier.

On the counter near the cash register sits a small metal box with gears and levers - Pandora's box. Inside is where he had earlier sent the gems to get them away from Zelena.

Tinkerbelle Greene:
Tink stopped in front of Rumple's shop. It was a disaster, just like everything else.
Zelena did a number on it. She must've really hated Rumple.

She walked inside the Pon shop and looked around. A bunch of old antiques all over.

She watches as Rumple takes out the wand.
Instantly, she remembers that she handed the stone to Emma.

Darn it!

She mentally groaned in frustration.
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