Business Set-Up

Absence of taxes, highly developed banking system, flawless business rights protection system, guaranteed entry and exit of capital- all this conditions provided for successful creation and running of your business in UAE.

As practice shows, not everything is so smooth. Often entrepreneurs not fully understanding UAE laws and regulations open their companies on less beneficial conditions and have issues in running their business.

Star Group FZC will provide you with all aspects of running business in UAE, in addition we will assist you in preparing full set of documents for company registration and bank account opening.

Marketing Services

Market research significantly reduce the uncertainty in making important marketing decisions that can effectively distribute the economic potential to achieve new heights in business!

Company Star Group FZC conducts qualitative and quantitative market research, using modern methods of marketing analysis and information retrieval, while providing services to our clients with professionalism and years of experience of its staff and experts!
Star Group FZC main marketing services:
  - Marketing Analysis
    Analysis include opportunity of sales of your products, goods and services (correlation of price and quality) on markets of UAE, Europe and Kazakhstan, search of potential suppliers or buyers of products/goods/services.
  - Development of marketing strategies
    Includes analysis of weak and strong points of business, analysis of competitors’ base, research of clients and partners’ relationship, development of marketing plan and more.
  - Assistance with product promotion
    Includes analysis of trading activity, analysis of efficiency of points of sale, methods for demand increasing and others
  - International Marketing
    Includes analysis of foreign markets, analysis of practicability of entering foreign market, carrying out effective marketing research.
We can provide Marketing Services separetly or together with Sales Managment.

Corporate Consulting

The main goal of any type of consulting – effective assistance in analysis of administrative and other problems of the client, followed by finding the most effective ways to ensure the optimal use of time and material resources. When providing consulting services performs such tasks consulting, analysis of the current status and effectiveness of business processes in the company, defining the main goals of the company, development of the strategic plan of company development, modeling of processes in the key areas of financial, investment and economic activity, development and implementation of practical recommendations.

Star Group FZC provides an advanced business consulting is an effective and reliable basis for the optimal use of resources to Your Company and implement the most promising and ambitious business plans. We create striking and effective optimization solutions and business development, conduct market research, to identify the most efficient ways of increasing profits.

Contacting Star Group FZC to provide consulting and marketing services gives you the opportunity to obtain an independent view of the business to identify problems and weaknesses and to outline possible ways out of this situation. All our solutions are unique, whether it is business optimization, market analysis, and business plan development, reengineering business processes or the implementation of KPI. Each of our projects in business consulting aims to develop solutions suitable for Your Company with all its disabilities, opportunities, current culture and politics.

Sales Managment

One of most important factors of successful business is reliable partners. Partners, who will not fail, who you can trust. If you are in sales business, you know that it is very important to have reliable suppliers, who will not fail with product quality, delivery time, and necessary documentation.

Star group FZC can provide you all round assistance in finding responsible, reliable suppliers and partners for your business

Main stages of work with suppliers:
  - According to marketing research, we together with you choose the best supplier of goods or services
  - Organizing meeting on level of managing director with chosen supplier. In addition, take part in negotiations for providing beneficial conditions for you.
  - Preparing draft agreement for supply of products
  - If required, provide to you the best transportation and logistics services
  - Follow up full process of goods delivery from preparing pre-order and paying for the order until delivery of goods to your warehouse

Investment Projects

Star Group FZC offers high-quality service in investment field, combined great experience of its professionals and full understanding of clients’ needs and market tendencies of UAE, Europe and Kazakhstan.

Investor services:
  - Identification projects for investment
  - Evaluation of investment and recognition of its perspective development
  - Creating strategic decisions for increasing of projects capitalization
  - Marketing support
  - Market research
  - Legal services and backing
  - Receiving approval documentation in government municipalities
  - Investment Project Management

Representation Services

Not always, there are financial or time opportunities for entrepreneurs to set up a company or open representative office on territory of different county.

We Star Group FZC ready to represent your interests in UAE.

On your instruction, we can:
  - Have negotiations with government municipalities, banks, law firms and others
  - Control timeliness of receiving necessary documentation and payments
  - Signing agreements with your suppliers and buyers. Controlling timely execution of terms of these agreements
  - Arranging property search, in case needed, making necessary payment for found property.
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