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:( no one play with me i walk away

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Gardevoir's only my starting Pokémon and boy she's hot and sexy.

+Captain Tutu​ you need to take your community back it's being raided I've run one of them off bit there are more

Name Scott
Age 16
Gender Male
Sex Bi
Bio I'm Scott Egbert and I love Gardevoir.

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Name Gardevoir
Gender Female
Personality Sexy
Where I found it: Evolved from Kirlia

Anyone here?

Name: Adam

Age: 19, but looks younger

Personality: Kind and caring, but can be sexual.

Sexuality: Bisexual

Pokemon I want: Doesn't really matter. Any.

Bio: Adam was born into a family of Pokemon trainers. All of his relatives had trained Pokemon for their lives, having close bonds to them. His older brother exposed him to pokephillia, where Adam started to get addicted to it. It was one of the main reasons he would catch Pokemon, though he cared for them a lot. He started looking for his own Pokemon when he turned 17, looking to build strong relationships with them. And the rest is history.

Can I advertise my community here?

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So I'm thinking of changing pokemon to something other than a ghost type so I was thinking o becoming a sylveon, but what do you guys think?
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Stay a gengar
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