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We do lots of digitisation at UOW and I've long wanted a place to share our stories, talk about what is coming up for us next, check in to make sure we're not duplicating something someone else is already doing, find collaborators etc etc.

So, often the best way is to just put it out there and get it started.

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Hello everyone,

We are looking for a new team member to join Monash University Library's Digitisation Centre. The position plays an important role in delivering the Library's digitised special collections (, along with other library and repository duties.

Please share if you know anyone who is interested in digitisation, special collections, repositories and technology.

Many thanks,
Monash Collections Online
Monash Collections Online

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Hi folks,

At the VALA 2018 conference today a tweet exchange occurred around an idea to have a national register of digitisation activities. While I'm keen to get the ball rolling with putting up a document [see link] ;) I also recognise this approach may not be the best first move. Who knows? You tell me. Also, the GLAM Peak folks may have some interest in a community exercise like this.

I aim to follow up with Ely Wallis (Museums Victoria) next week given she has mentioned that in the early days of the Biodiversity Heritage Library - Australia a site was built that would do the job with a few tweaks. For the BHLAU folks the site was used as a bid list for digitisation but the site could be revived as a register.

Interested to know others thoughts about how to tackle this.


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Happy New Year everyone. I thought I might share our 2017 update, which gives a bit of a behind the scenes look of what we do at UQ Library digitisation.

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I'm at NDFNZ this week - there's live streaming! Follow along from home :)

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Hi everyone,

Just want to let you know that if you would like find out more about project news and updates from the University Digitisation Centre at The University of Melbourne, subscribe here:

Many thanks :o)

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Hi all,

Thought I would just share some of what my colleagues and I, and our little digitisation unit, do here at The University of Melbourne:

Enjoy and feel free to ask any questions. Thanks. :o)

Hi! I've just joined this group and I would like to introduce myself. My name is Stacey Zarifopoulos and I heard about this digitisation community from Paige Wright from The University of Newcastle, who I met at the National Library & Information Technicians' Symposium in September this year in Sydney.
I am a Digitisation Officer at The University of Melbourne and interested in all things digitisation & GLAMR. I look forward to meeting you all. Thanks.

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UOW Archives have just completed the first stage of migrating our digital Cultural Collections onto NZMS's Recollect platform - We're keen to get some feedback so let me know what you think.

Quick question on colour calibration for scanners. Do you use a dedicated colour calibration program for all equipment? Or does each scanner have its own process?
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