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Just posted in the other group, real interesting show, never really listened to this series but worth a shot. What are your thoughts for 'Quiet Please'?

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Easy One Button Daily OTR Brodcasts App

Push one button and listen to some of the great old time radio broadcasts that were heard on this very day in history. No fuss, no menus, just it back and listen. New shows every day.

For those who know the various podcasts I run, this app collects all the shows for the daily podcasts and streams them to your device. No podcasting app needed.


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Tammy Grimes died last Sunday(October 30th). She served as The CBS RMT 's host during its last year.

Well, a horror film called "Lights Out" is currently in the theaters. The story sounds like it's from the mind of Arch Oboler- a supernatural entity torments a family in the dark. 

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This is still around. Enjoy it while it lasts, fans.   This showcases ALL genres.

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Twitter Based Historic Broadcast Delivery System

Some people like podcasts, some like streams, others like tweets. Whatever your favorite method odds are you are able to get some historic broadcasts each and every day.
I have set up the @BroadcastPast Twitter account to tweet out descriptions and links to some of these broadcasts every day.
I started things by tapping into the collections of Jean Shepherd, FibberMcGee and Molly, The Goon Shows and early Just A Minutes. Over time and with user input this will grow.
To enjoy these offerings head over to Twitter, Follow @BroadcastPast, and then click on the shows you want to hear.

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Fresh Brewed Daily Podcasts For Your Old Time Radio Listening Pleasure

Over the last couple of years I have been building the gewgaws and thingymabobs to have some of my favorite old time radio shows sent to me automagicaly each day. I went for picking those shows that actually were broadcast on that day in history. I used the vast stores of shows posted on the Internet Archive as the source.

To listen to these simply add the RSS feeds listed here into your podcast listening program of choice, be it iTunes or bashpodder or BeyondPodder..... If you need help with subscribing to these post up a question here and answers should follow. 

So, for your one click enjoyment of daily generated OTR that played on this day in history, which ever day it happens to be you are listening on... I give you....

Fib-A-Day Podcast - Being Fibber McGee and his better half. If folks want I could also craft up a Throckmorton-A-Day podcast.

The Hot-Buttered Podcast - Movies on the radio, radio on the movies. Lux, Screen Guild, Academy Award, etc etc.

O For Orson Podcast - The broadcasts of the man who once said he wanted written on his gravestone, "He never Did Love Boat" Orson Welles

The Shep-A-Day Fathead Podcast  - Being the broadcasts of Jean Shepherd yakking up a storm, berating his engineers or just spinning a yarn about when he was just this kid ...

Storied Fiction Podcast - SF, fantasy, a few present day fantasticals. Think Dimension X, Theater Five , etc etc.

The Hard Boiled Podcast - Johnny Dollar, Philip Marlow, Bold Adventure, etc etc. Grit, gumshoes and guns.

Kids Serialized Adventures Podcast - Not just for kids but shows that speak to the younglings. Superman, Jerry of the Circus, Tom Corbet, The Comic Weekly Man, Magic Island. Note , these shows do not line up with their original broadcast dates. I set them up so they run one or two at at time and in sequence so they can be listening each day as a true serial.

This Day In History - News and event broadcasts from history.

This Day In Funny - Comedy tonight.... You Bet Your Life and Bob And Ray are just two of the shows you will hear on this stream .

The Broadcast Day Podcast - If you can not get enough of all of the above and want it all in one big daily podcast that you can listen to as you go through your day... The Broadcast Day Podcast includes all of the above in one go.

I'm sure there are CBS Radio Mystery Fans in this community. I usually listen to Mp3 copies of that show's episodes after sundown. 'Doesn't feel right to listen to it in the daytime.

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