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I was invited here, but this place seems inactive. So here's an active community.

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azure haseo
weapons: twin blade's
powers:mach speeds, energy blast's,fear it's self
personaliy:straight forward
skill's:he can make thing's he touch's with his hand's feel fear

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name Fang Blackflame Valentin
gender Male
age 17
skill I think fast and act faster, I can move faster then alot of people, athletic,great with all weapons
class 3-A
race part demon and Angel
personality smart,strong,compassionate for others abd there problems,im strong willed and loyal to my friends and theres nothing I wont do to protect those I care about
likes the heat and the sun, music, being outside, looking at lions and all other cats
dislikes nothing the bad people
bio when my mother was alive I loved to be around her and there wasnithi g rwalky wrong eithmy life until they attack these strange looking creatures had attacked my house and my family they died trying to save me and they sent me to a place that was goingbto show me the way I have a home now with but it was left by my parents for me just living n case something happened to them so thats me in a nutshell

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Name: Maiya Koneko (Neko)
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Personality: curious, shy, kind, good listener, loyal
Weapon form(s): sword, scythe
Meister: +Zach Hall
Bio: Maiya earned the nickname Neko because she can be as curious as a cat. She grew up on the streets and was able to advance herself enough to be able to hold her own in a fight. She has a strange soul which makes it hard for her to find a meister who can fight with the weapons she can transform into and match soul wavelengths. She was accepted into the academy but is socially awkward since she isn't used to people being so nice.
(Her eyes are actually a bright lime green)
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name:tyo flare
personality:shadey and secretive
weapon forme:katana
skills:high stamina and speed
pet:dark red fox 
bio:born full human, his father is an evil death sythe working for the kishan
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who wants to be my mister i am a katana and i have a pet fox

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name: Dark
age: 17
gender: female
personality: dark and merciless
skills: hand to hand combat
powers: darkness
bio: she is unknown to all records
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name: Phire Kosmos
age: 14
gender: female
personalty: shy and short tempered
skill: Solar Flare
powers: ability to cast fire
bio: known as The Flame Witch of Hell, she is destructive when angered
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name: Black Gold
age: 18
gender: male
weapon form: chainsaw
personality: dark and cold
bio: a golden chainsaw with a golden soul, Black Gold was never used for many years because no one was strong enough to tame him
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 Name: Aria 
 Personality: Quite.Shy,Crazy Intelligent,Sweet to some people
 Skills: Agility ,stealth
 Weapon Wieldable: Chainsaws ,Knives,Swords (any knife style weapon)
Appearance: Blue hair red eyes
 (photo and/ or description) Soul Appearance:
(photo and/or description) Bio: N/A
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