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Hello all.
I look forward to seeing and reading your posts and learning more of Photoshop and Lightroom beyond the basics. Here I have posted a self portrait
It reflects a certain mood and I wanted to capture the intensity of said mood, and this image tells the story.
I give you "Bent".

Hello all,
  Here is a self portrait I made to capture a certain mood. Although it looks quite serious, I was just having fun.
Shot with my trusty D70s. I still love it!

Hey everybody! Nice to be here

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Looking for cancer survivors

My name is Erena Shimoda, an underwater portrait photographer.
A little about me: One of the most impactful projects that I’ve spearheaded is running a fundraising
campaign to help cancer survivors rediscover their beauty through underwater portrait photography in July 2013:
The campaign ended successfully, and I met 13 survivors at the end of 2013. And the 14th survivor in 2015:
I'm coming to Boston for a presentation at Apple store in July. This is my 3rd store location to show beautiful images and share stories. I would love to invite you to the event and I want to hear what you think!!
I have a Boston survivor to share the underwater experience and Q &A at the end of the session. Also I'm giving out limited metal prints,  unlimited postcard and more!
Also If you know cancer survivors in Boston, I would love to meet them and do an underwater photo shoot. Please let me know!
Thank you so much.
Have a great day!
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I'm Mike.  Been using Photoshop for about a year so,  I guess I'm still a noob.  The image was taken with a 72 dpi Galaxy Note II.

I used selective color to gently over saturate/clean up some of the colors and then a gradient filter to desaturate uniformly.  I used a 10px Gaussian blur on a B/W snapshot then used high-pass at 1000px.  I think the layer was set to Hard Light afterward.  I used the default dodge/burn/clone stamp tools and masking layers.  No external plugins were used.  Thanks for looking.

Any help views, insight, or guidance is always appreciated.

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Hello everyone, my name is Nikolay and I explore composition in Photoshop and lights effects in Lightroom.

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Hello everyone...
My name is Bhaumik Nayak... I am new to this photography thing... I have been following this community since long time... And I must say I liked and enjoyed almost each and every post you guys had shared and thank you for sharing... Basically You inspired me to jump into this vast and never ending field...

It would be great if you give your expert inputs on my work... Thank you in advance for your future support... 

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Hi everyone, i'm new comer, i'm a user of #PhotoshopCS   and sometime #Lightroom5 . Happy to find people who love picture and photography like me.  From Ivory Coast - West Africa

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A Photographer and Photoshopper since 1995 and live in South Africa ...
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Long shadows
Wallpaper that I've designed ...

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Hello everyone my name is Titilola. I'm a street photographer from NYC but have been living in the Middle East for 13+ years. I currently reside in Saudi Arabia. I have been using LR since last year and also use VSCO. I shoot with a Fuji XE2. 
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