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mu 0.9.18 offers a number of improvements across the board. For example, people with huge maildirs can use a special "lazy-checking" mode to speed up indexing; it's now possible to view rich-text message in an embedded webkit-view, and the release adds support for org-mode
9.x. Some specific improvements have also been brought to the handling of encrypted messages. There also many small fixes and tweaks in mu4e, all based on user-feedback.

For all the details, see <>
Download and fork mu 0.9.18 here: <>

find file or directory in project

change log:

- key bindings optimized for evil users

- can copy the relative path (relative to current file)

- can create facebook reactjs import statement or org file link with relative path

Emacs 13 unearthed?

Warning: May contain trace amounts of Gosling.

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Interesting news

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till tonight. Download my #emacs tutorial free at say some good words, thanks.

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Philippine Emacs Users' Group had its first meetup last Wednesday:

It was just a simple get-together of some 6 people, I talked a bit about some ways to set up customizing emacs (from .emacs to .emacs.d/init.el and using stuff like use-package, git submodules, and previewing tarsius_' borg,) while Karlo Licudine talked about his experience of using Emacs (having started just a few months ago, and on Window for Haxe programming to boot!)

We'll definitely have a next meetup this July!

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