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Dear Students,

If you have not already, please register for your summer courses today.

Summer courses with low enrollment are at risk of being cancelled. Because we use the cohort model, we know how many students should be in our courses and we know they should all be full. It causes a lot of additional paperwork and back and forth with administration to keep a course open on the promise that we have students planning to enroll, but have not yet done so.

Follow the course rotation and please enroll in your required courses. If you have questions or concerns, reach out to your advisor.

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IDT strong at 2016 commencement!

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Master's Students Important Announcement
You are likely eligible to receive an IDT Certificate in addition to your MS degree. If you have taken (or plan to take) all four courses of one track of our Certificate as part of your MS degree, you are eligible to receive the certificate. This is free!

Design and Development Track:
IDT 7060, IDT 7070, IDT 7080, and IDT 7090

Educational Technology Track:
IDT 7061, IDT 7062, IDT 7063, and IDT 7064

If you have completed (or plan to complete) all four courses in one of the tracks and have not applied for our Certificate, here is what you need to do.

1. Fill out the Change of Status form to add the Certificate to your MS degree.
-Under preferred term of admission, select the current term.
-Under Degree, select Graduate Certificate Program
-Under Major, select Instructional Design and Technology
-Under Concentration, Select Instructional Design and Technology

Fax this form to Graduate Admissions: 901-678-5023

2. Once you have completed all four courses, log in to the Graduate School Candidacy Form site and complete the candidacy form for your Certificate.

For those of you graduating this semester, it will be too late to receive your certificate on Saturday, but they will mail it to after summer commencement.

I am looking forward to seeing those of you that will be joining us for lunch with faculty candidate, Dr. Betul Czerkawski, today. If you are available, it is not too late.

We will have two additional IDT Faculty candidates on campus next week. Dr. Betul Czerkawski will be with us on Wednesday, May 4th, and Dr. Andrew Tawfik will be with us on Thursday, May 5th.

We will meet in the IDT Studio (Ball 320) at 12pm sharp and walk over to the Tiger Den. The committee will pay for your lunch, then we will leave you with the candidate.

Also, the candidate will give a presentation about her research at 10:10 and one about her teaching at 11:15. You are invited to attend those as well. 

Registration for summer is in full swing. Please take a minute and register for your summer courses. Our administration is looking at course enrollment to determine which classes will "make". If you have any questions about the courses you should be in, need a PIN cleared, or a permit issued, please reach out to your advisor. 

If you are a state employee waiting on the fee waiver deadline to pass, this note does not apply to you.  

If you will be joining us for lunch today with faculty applicant Amanda Rockinson-Szapkiw, please comment in the affirmative below. We are trying to get a count so that lunch can be ordered. 

Lunch will be from 12-1 in the IDT Studio. 

We hope you will attend!!

Acceptance notices for the 2016 AECT convention have been sent out. If you were accepted to present and would like travel funding, please send me an email ASAP. Once we know how many students need support, we can better determine our budget allocation. Congratulations to those presenting! 

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Congratulations to +Dora Berry​ on a successful comprehensive exam defense! She is now officially ABD!

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IDT Doctoral Student Takes Top Honors at the Student Research Forum. Congratulations to Daniel Taylor!
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