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Name: Tanner Nuva/Agent Tanner Nuva

Gender: Male


Elemental power: Ice and Light

Wepon: Blade of Ice

Works for: B.R.I.C.K.

Nickname:The Titanium Agent or B.R.I.C.K. Rookie
Age: 25 years old


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Name:Woman Doomsday
Age:None of your business
Relationship: Married to Mother Doomsday (...thats my dad...) and gave birth to Sapiens Doomsday (me)
You will know its her when...: you think you see young Garmadon with a mustache...
Likes: hiding from her weird husband and reading comic books

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Name red X
Identity: unknown
Age: 15
Gender male
Element: fire
Strength: can do spinjutso, hack into stuff, tech genius, master of stealth and master thief
Weapons: katanas, bombs and x shuirkens
Weakness: can let his anger cloud his judgement
Nature: has a temper, cocky and can be sweet person
Bio: he's lived his whole life having to steal to live but when he was seven he was taken in by lord garmadon but after garmadon was banished to another dimension was back to having to steal to live 

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