Im having trouble keeping my continental grip on my racket for smashes and serves. how can i improve this.

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Searching for a compatible tennis partners? Looking to play more tennis?

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Learn from Jarkko Nieminen!
While many tennis camps teach the fundamentals very well, we go beyond them to teach you how to hit like a pro, and how to win. Build confidence in your tennis strengths, and develop game strategies to defeat your opponents by going through Jarkko’s own drills and best practices.

Our 10 sessions focus on what’s most important to help you improve and see immediate results on the court.

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🏆 20GER ➖ ROGER FEDERER LEGEND ‘All Over The World’ ➖ 20 Grand Slam Titles (30 Finals) ➖ March 11, 2018 🏆
After the last results obtained by the immense Roger, my friend Gianni Fiorentini and I decided to publish a series of videos as our 'Special Tribute' to the great Champion.
🏆 This is our 4th video made together about this theme, after:
-1) a ‘General Tribute’ dedicated to the great Champion, that you can see here: -2) a 'Specific Tribute' dedicated to the 97 ATP titles won by Roger Federer, that you can see here: -3) another 'Specific Tribute' dedicated to Federer’s 304 weeks at ATP #1 (237 consecutive weeks), that you can see here:

🏆 In January 2018 Federer won his 20th Grand Slam Tournament. Nadal is second with 16 victories, as shown in the video, in which we have included an animation that shows the results obtained by Federer in the Grand Slam Tournaments from 2003 until today, first worldwide and then divided according to the 4 geographical allocations.
Federer has won “1/3” of Grand Slam Tournaments from 2003 onwards.
Almost “3/4” times Federer has at least reached Grand Slam SemiFinal.
With Wimbledon 2004 begins a series of “23” consecutive results (minimum SF gained by Federer) ending with AO 2010.
This video also shows in details the “Most Grand Slam Singles Titles: all time & open era” Rankings (Federer is always the first) and the “Most Consecutive Grand Slam Singles Finals” Ranking, in which Federer is in position #1 with a series of 10 Finals and also in position #2 with another series of 8 consecutive Finals.
What a Champion!

🏆 This is our second collaboration, after the realization of FASSTT (Full Animated Score & Statistics Tennis Tracker, 2017), whose Playlist is here:

🏆 Please subscribe to My Main Channel here:

➽ Watch my Playlist 'TENNIS - Roger Federer: harmony, elegance, poetry, uniqueness and genius', which starts here:

➽ Watch here my Playlist about the 'Intergenerational Rankings' that I called 'Dominance Index':

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Do You Want To Save 30 Years of Learning to Coach a Tennis Team the Hard Way?

Bill Patton has close to 30 years experience of coaching and has learned from the mistakes of others a well. This A to Z guide can save you many years of trouble, and make help you guide your program well from the beginning, give you a refreshed mindset, or help you make some changes in the program to keep it fresh and exciting.

88 short chapters are easy to read in a few minutes and can give you the nugget of truth you need for today, and an idea to chew on to make your own. Bill doesn't claim to have all the answers, and doesn't advise everyone to do it his way, but he does raise the issues so you can think about them ahead of time and have a course of action.

Skills, Drills, Tips and Tricks for a Magical Season!

Feel free to reach out bill@pattonschooloftennisdotcom
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