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Design Journal Entry 3

Building Layout Firmed Up
-Room locations and purposes are more or less set.
-I did a lot of work building the atrium in to the center feature of the building. If practical, I would like to explore natural ventilation in this space.
-The building has a central core with an elevator, a stairway and maintenance spaces.
-Restrooms are located on each floor and stacked vertically.
-Three stairways provide ample egress for fire safety.
-East and West stairways are enclosed in fire-rated stair towers.

Building Envelope
-Window and wall heights are set.
-Light shades enhance the quality of day-lighting in the atrium.
-I haven’t determined my window strategy for the East and West facades yet.
-Shading Features
– After running the insight lighting model, it looks like I need to add more windows on the North face of the building.

Link to Revit model:

Design Journal 3


Revit Model:

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Building Layout Firmed Up
- Bathrooms sized in accordance with class discussion
- 5 stair cases
- Classroom sizes and storage space identified
- Utility space for cafeteria will be located adjacent to the building

Building Envelope
- Window v. Wall ratio was optimized with insight energy analysis and positioned to maximize interior natural day lighting (aka tall windows)
- Walkways on south face provide shading to lower floor
- Light shelves on the north face increase natural day lighting for both floors and provide some shading

Here is a screen shot of the school building:

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Check in #3:

I have a rough draft of the Revit model. It needs some trouble shooting and some refining work! e.g. Need to figure out how to make my windows on the exterior wall (which are slanted) also slanted... I also need to further refine my floor plan so the everything still fits with the offset in planes. (trying to keep the core overlapped vertically, etc.)

Link to Design Journal:

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CEE 120B/220B - Spring 2017 - Session 7

The first 58 minutes of the session is available in the recording. The last 35 minutes or so was not successfully recorded -- the software crashed. The last 35 minutes of the session was continued viewing of the Daylighting Sample Buildings (in the attached ZIP file) looking at how to model different daylighting strategies in Revit.

We can look at specific strategies that will work best for your building when we meet for check-ins later this week or next.

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1) Building layout firmed up:
Space plan:

Revit model: (pre-meeting submission)

2) Worked on the front design of the building (inspired by the McMurthy Building)

3) Still working on the location of the windows and shading mechanisms, and materials for the exterior walls

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To summarize:
Summer cooling load increases electricity demand
Humid air decreases the efficiency of natural ventilation used for cooling

Investigated effects of going from 2 floors to 3. No noticeable improvement.

Keeping north facing window-to-wall ratio below 40%, improving glass' ability to keep heat out.

Keeping offices on the south side of the building, for occupant comfort during the summer

Updates made to floor plan:
Increased sizes of bathrooms
Lined up bathrooms on both floors
Floor plan can be found at:
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