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Hello and welcome to Primrose Academy of the Arts. Our Academy is for students age 11-18 years old. We were established in the early 1900s as a musical academy and we have since grown into visual arts, acting, and fashion. We do offer core classes (science, math, literature/language arts/English, and social studies/history), however our main focus is on the arts. 

Please look under the Classes tab to see what classes are available ((more will be introduced as I add more mods or "Teachers")) for you take. Our teachers can be found under the staff list ((you may apply to be a teacher, however I make no guarantees you will be approved)). 

If you are in the middle school division (ages 11-13), you may not post in the Talent Agency. That is for the high school division (ages 14-18) only. Also, all middle school students will live in the on campus dorms. This will not be debated and anyone who breaks this rule with punished.

All other rules can be found in each topic. Please have fun! 

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~This years Primrose Uniforms~

(girls) Aika Jade, +Asuka Hitachiin, +Seneca Primrose, Jay Ries -
(boys) +Armani Juno, +Kaoru Hitachiin, +Hadi Jade

((Note 5/30/16: I can't tag Jay? And I will likely add more variety in here with the accessories.))

Hey, guys? Can ya'll do me a favor?

Please stop approving spam/bot accounts. I don't want them in here. Just check that they have actual legit posts on their page before you approve them.

Thank you.

So, it has come to my attention that a lot of spam accounts had joined the community. Because of that, this community is now "ask to join" enabled. Please forgive this, but I cannot let it happen.

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Name: Kie Smith (Hitachiin)
Age: 18
Position:  Student
Division: Music & Theatre
Level: Upper High
Gender: Female 
Bio: Kie, upon realizing that needed a school that catered to my interests, I turned into Ouran's sister arts school, Primrose. Realing Kaoru was there also help make the decision as it would help me transition schools if I knew someone.  

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Name: Jay Ries

Age: 16 (ish) 

Position: Student

Division: Arts

Level: Lower High  

Gender: Female

Bio: Jay is a bit of a quiet girl. She has blue eyes and light brown (slightly reddish hair. And please ignore the last picture's hair) (She keeps her wings hidden)

Do not take her quietness as just being timid. She is stronger then most people realize. - Nicholas Ramius
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Name: Kaoru Hitachiin

Age: 18 years old

Position: Student | Teacher  

Division: Music | Arts | Theatre  

Level: Middle | Lower High | Upper High  

Gender: Male | Female | Other  

Bio: Kaoru is the second son ((barely, as he is a twin)) of a Fashion Designer mother and a Computer Software Manufacturing father, who went to Ouran for the first half of what American's would consider his Sophomore year ((Primrose Year 5)), at which his mother decided to transfer him to Primrose in order to teach him independence from his brother Hikaru. He has been to Primrose since, living off campus with a dorm mate named Armani, who quickly became his best friend as he was very similar to Hikaru. About half way through Year 6, they formed Love*Bite, a duo in no real genre, and Armani graduated early, becoming a teacher. Now, he is in his last year ((Year 7)) at Primrose. 

Where do I make the profile?

All students must first put in an application ((see appropriate tab)) and an owner must approve of it. A template can now be found in the about. Any questions? Please see the student council.

Thank you for making me a mod!
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