So, I uploaded my last 2 assignments yesterday. I now have zero assignments in my accepted list. This hasn't happened since 1st quarter 2015. It's coming to the end of summer here too, so the likelihood of new assignments coming through is very minimal. It'll be interesting to see what happens next.

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Did anyone else have all their shoots in their accepted queue disappear this past Saturday the 22nd? The photography team email specifically said all shoots needed to be uploaded by the 26th and that any shoots that came in after the change to paid would stay in the queue. All of mine have disappeared and I have hosts telling me that they received an email from a reassigned photographer. I've sent an email to the photo team but have not heard back. A few of them I have even already shot and now can't upload.

So I know have some real world experience of the new "pay rise" that the new pricing structure has implemented. So last week I completed an assignment for AirBnB and this has now paid out.

So the assignment was a 30mile round trip to photograph a double room, in a shared house. Last month this would have paid me £60 + mileage giving a payout around £69. It's fairly typical for the kind of shoot I have here for AirBnB and the mileage I might do.

After the pay increase, this assignment has paid a total of £46 including the mileage, so basically I've dropped £23 per assignment! I will allow someone else to do the maths... it's -33%

Last year I billed AirBnB just over £5k including mileage, by the above figures I would expect this to now drop to around £3300 mark for the same amount of work! Scary!

I've always really enjoyed the work for AirBnB and it's opened the doors to endless reshoots which I've charged at full rate for. But will I head out to use it as a networking tool now, or just better target the guesthouse/B&B market with direct marketing and cut out this middle man?

Isn´t it awesome to go through the "new" style guide, which apparently now forbids the use of flash entirely... and then find that some of the photos given as examples where done using strobes?
In at least one of the examples you can even see the photographer!...on his knees!...using flash!

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Got new email. Knowing Airbnb cost 30 billions of dollars I can't believe reading this. "Small team", "challenging to continue", "this limitation", "we didn’t have the resources". With such amount of money Airbnb makes worldwide, I can't understand what a problem to hire couple of hundreds reviewers to photo department? Reading this email I feel like if photo department is just a small, semi-connected to main business, unimportant project just for fun without any serious resources and support.

Hi guys,
I've been an Airbnb photographer since 2012 but some days ago I received an email from Airbnb photography team saying that my account has been paused and that my photos don't meet their standard anymore.
I'm quite surprised because they never complained about anything except sometimes about the expositions of the windows. They didn’t give me any reasons, but they only told me that they are going on a new direction.
Did somebody else receive the same email?

It seems that it is the end of any reasonable amount of workload from Airbnb.
Do anyone know any other international renting sites with similar free photography program? I read on some forums that Homeaway was sending photograper to some hosts. And saw job vacation for photographer in Singapur. But couldn't find where to apply to such position in other countries and cities.

Hello fellow photographers. I was wondering if any of you would care to share your technique for getting some kind of highlight detail in the windows while still keep a proper Airbnb style guide interior exposure. Mine is using live view and adjusting shutter speed until I see a little detail in the window, and then bounce flashing my diffused strobe set at 1/16th power to fill the interior shadows. I don't know about you, but it's very frustrating letting a beautiful view window get completely blown out, and since bracketing is frowned upon, I have no choice except to use this weak secondary choice. Any thoughts?
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