Alright guys, back to school time, we've been in for awhile so lets test those skills

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Who do you want as an enemy?
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Living dead
Sea creatures
Living dead
Sea creatures

Hello I say We need someone to go fetch some of the wild trolls we have armor then once we get the trolls we tame them, put armor on them and we go fight the enemy!!!!!!! (Please give me suggestions on the enemy i will put a poll)

If you are part of this community please make a profile I have a whole description on how to make it. Once you make a profile then have fun with us!!!

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watch it

Wolf Reaper, I wanted to inform you that I have finished my smithing practice. Whenever you need me to make the armors for the trolls, just inform me.

I'm eating silently but suddenly I fell something in my stomach and i vomit landing on one I'm a loner I say to myself

Name: Big bad Wolf
Wolf Number: 8
Weapons: Flail
Powers: Overpowering Swag
Speed: 69/100
Intelligence: 99.99/100
Hand to Hand Combat:69
Power: 93/100
Money: 7.50

Name: Darth Wolf
Age: 15
Grade: 9th
Gender: Female
Wolf Number: 7
Weapons: Tomahawk
Powers: Possession, Full body, mind-control
Speed: 95/100
Intelligence: 90/100
Hand to Hand Combat: 80/100
Power: 75/100
Money: 6800$

Was eating quietly lunch while reading a quite interesting scroll about the elements. Suddenly, a bunch of "the strong" ones comes towards me. They start mocking me, and playing with my scroll. I pull out my tomahawk, saying "This is going to be fun". With quicker than the light, moves, I injured them heavily. Blood was all running like a river. As I used my fire breath, I decided not to kill them, just this time, to show mercy. They fled, saying that I'm a monster. I admit it. I had blood all over my white mane, and I enjoyed it. 
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