i was walking down the streets of New York when i saw you taking something from a familly.
Hey!! i run up at you, barking. As i got closer to you i tackle you down

What do you think your doing?! i asked, growling at you, you then..

-need somebody to play a bit rough but then becomes nice. Not 'rough' like that*

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Name: Dream
Age: 5
Gender: female
Size: small pup 
Breed: english springer spaniel pointer mix

Pups: No!

Personality: out going, dose't mind getting her paws dirty, loyal, and responsible to other. and she's always getting away from the pound and dog catchers

Bio:  She was once a family pup but they give her away to somebody else that didn't took care of her so she just ran away. Now she lives in a small abandoned house. taking care of herself 

other: she use to live with her mother and other two brother. since she was the smallest they had to leave her behind with an far away family friend

2 and a half
Medium (but smallish for medium)
Breed: Australian Kelpie and Unknown
Mate/Pups: Nououououou.
Description: Black with brown patches between/over eyes... lots of brown patches.  White tuft on chest.  Left ear curves downward, is floppy.  Right ear is not.  Tail is naturally curly.
Personality: A natural alpha, and he knows it.  Unfortunately, people don't like being told who's in charge unless it's them.  Smart and nearly fearless, with a big tendency to bark a lot at any equally assertive dogs, as well as any and all squirrels.
Biography: Was shunted around from home to home a lot and hit by a car twice.
Other: is based off of a dog I had recently irl.

~open~ chain sits on a rock near the forest. His head held high and chest poofed out

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Name: Chain
Age: 1 year and 7 months
Gender: male
Size: large
Breed: German shepherd
Mate: None yet. Impress him
Pups: none yet 
Personality: Kind but rugged. Acts like a loner
Bio: Born in a household but owner died and he ran away with his mother. One day his mother was hit by a car while trying to save him. Lots of adult dogs attacked him, leaving him with trust issues
Other: has a small phobia of cars.  Trust issues

Open..... Chain sits in corner of a dark alleyway. His fur blending him into the shadows. He is hungry but is scared
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