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How to become beta tester
Help us translating SL
How to post useful bug reports
- Every time a crash happens, click "Report", write a message and press send.
- When posting a report on the community, always attach your DEVICE INFO and INSTRUCTIONS about how to reproduce the problem.

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Hello together,
Here's my setup. A maritim look I worked on during two rainy days of my vacation

Icons: Lines Free
Wallpaper: selfmade (photographed by my wife)
Widget: selfmade with KWGT - compass is showing the current battery level and the wind icon is always heading along the actually wind direction


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Hello guys... Huge fan of your work....I have a issue that the widget I add for double tap on an icon on home screen doesn't update itself....I bought it after a lot of struggle with the messy process in our country... It's one of my favourite apps so far.... Please help...And I guess the animations are not smooth... Switching b/w widget page etc which is why I stopped using the widget screen....It would be wonderful to see material animations.... But first'.... Widget isn't updating....Fix it pleeeeeeaaaasseeee.....
Thank u

Xperia z3 Compact Pro version. Cant make a backup

Using an xiaomi redmi note 4 , with miui global stable, i can get new events for whassap messages and messages (SMS) but is impossilbe recive notifications about missed calls, dissapear icons too in the drawer

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This might be too dark for some people, but I like it.

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One of my simple setups--just a basic set of 6 of SL's default bubbles. Theme Azure, with Neon White icons for categories. Picture is off of a friend's FB page. 
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After not changing anything in my configuration for a long time, I wanted to replace one app in one of the folders on home screen and the whole folder stopped siplaying icon. I reinstalled the app and restored my preferences, not all preferences were restored, but whatever. Now my main issue is that when I open a folder on homescreen, the text under the icons is too dark, I can't read it and I can't change it. Tried different themes but nothing changed (I use a semi transparent background for the folder and my wallpaper is quite dark)

I would love to see those "tap and swipe" gestures from NovaLauncher also in Smartlauncher because they are easier to preform than "swipe with two fingers" which feel a bit strange. (In addition to single and double swipe gestures)
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