Changelog SL 5.1 build 035
- Fixed a problem related to accessibility service
- Fixed a bug that caused the readability overlay to not work;

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The visibility button on home page disappears when I change the icons size on Home Page (Home Page > Layout > Resize and change icon size)

Can you import a setup from any other launcher's backup?

Changelog SL 5.1 build 034
- Fixed a problem that caused a repetitive request for permission when recovering a widget;
- Fixed some minor bugs related to themes and widgets;

We are releasing more frequent updates because we are getting closer to the stable release. However, we will probably postpone the distribution of SL 5.1 to the last week of August, since next week I'll be on summer holiday (finally).

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New setup
- Smart Launcher
- icon pack: Smart Launcher

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Wallpaper is from Mac OS Mojave
Icon pack:

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Widget: kwgt inspired by the play store screenshot of Smart Launcher

Icons: Alphapix

Not sure this had been discussed already ..
Any chance for implementation of Google now, swipe left using any extra plug in....

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+Arcindo Lucas : restoring a backup.

+Vincenzo Colucci : see the issue with restoring Inoreader (I have to remove the widget, and then add it back, for it to connect to its feed). Also, my calendar widget (Business Calendar 2--not restored in this recording for reasons of privacy) returns an error the first time I tap to restore it, and I have to re-select the version of the widget I want to use. And I get the request to give SL permission to set widgets with every widget. These have been issues for the past few builds.
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