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Thanks to +A. Raich we managed to obtain the ownership of the subreddit /r/smartlauncher. This doesn't mean that Reddit has been chosen as the new host for our community, but we now have a subreddit and we'd like to let you know. If you want, please feel free to use this new channel :)

1. Since last few updates I can long press on app icon & tap any option. The popup disappears as I stop holding the app icon pressed.
2. I want to contribute the 2018 feature pack but on pressing the Purchase button do nothing.

Where can I find the privacy policy for smart drawer? I'm interested in purchasing pro, but since I can't get a refund (or at least that's what the one-click purchase popup says) I'd like to know what I'm getting into.

I'd probably get smart launcher, but the privacy policy says I must consent to being served ads... I get enough ads. I'm ok with paying not to see them.

Alguno ha tenido problemas con los archivos de vídeo, image ó audio en Whastapp?
No te deja ver ó eschucar, tampoco te deja enviar.

Just installed build 136K. Received a pop message that some Widget had crashed and to contact the vender. However there is no information about which of the many apps has failed. Help.

Hey! After the latest update(s), I cannot hide apps in the app drawer anymore IF they have a long press action menu. Is there a workaround or is it a bug?

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Mon Thème SmartLaucher 5 - 2019
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The upwards gesture to access the Smart Search prevents me from scrolling down my calendar app widget. I can't find any option to disable the gesture. Does anyone face similar issue and how did you work around it?

I suspect this began to happen since last update. The widget used is Eventflow and it can't be scrolled anymore. Any vertical gesture will lead to Smart Search.

Thank you in advance!

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