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Name: Rosalina
Age: 19 years old
Gender: Female
Lego dimension origin: The lego movie
Family: Vitruvius is her dad.
Backstory: When she was thirteen years old, she was walking around in Bricksburg when Lord Business saw her and fell in love with her. When she was alone long enough, he came out of his lair and kidnapped her and imprisoned her in his lair. Vitruvius heard of this and sent out the Master builders to rescue her. Many of them risked their lives to rescue her.
Bio: Rosalina is shown to have a crush on Lloyd from Ninjago. In Lego dimensions, she is seen sneaking the power plant where Lord Business is at and freeing Homer. Unfourtunatly, he finds this out and uses her as bait for Wyldstyle.
Other: Rosalina is the princess of the Master builders.

Can someone at least rp with me??

got kidnapped by Master Chen

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Name: Anna
Age: 16 years old
Gender: Female
Lego dimension origin: Batman series
Side: Good
Likes: Batman, Robin, good guys, Rosalina, and helping out when needed.
Dislikes: Joker, bad guys, Lord Business (what a weirdo), Lord Vortech, and when she can't understand people.
Looks: See below:
Bio: She has a pet duck named Luna.

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Name: Miles
Full name: Miles Business
Age: 5 years old
Gender: Male
Home: Bricksburg
Lego dimensions origin: The lego movie
Parents: Miles is the son of Lord Business and Rosalina (who is pregnant with his younger sister Rosetta).
Bio: He is seen sneaking in the power plant where his dad is at and trying to rescue Homer from the Micro managers when he gets caught and kidnapped by Lord Business. Rosalina (his mother) is basically there to get them both free. He's basically a child in Lego dimensions.
Backstory: Rosalina snuck away from Lord Business' lair when she was sixteen years old and when he was born. He found this out and sent Bad Cop to hunt her down. When he failed, he vowed that he would find Miles and be sure he would never get out like his mother did.
Friends: Michael Beard (son of Metal Beard) and Madeline Cop (daughter of Bad Cop)
Appearance: Sorry, I only have what he looks like sixteen years old. Will work on his five year old self.

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Here is what Miles Business' younger sister Rosetta will soon look like.

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Name: Wyldstyle

Real name: Lucy

Age: 23 1/2

Home: Bricksburg (The LEGO Movie world)

Friends: DC Comics Batman, Gandalf, Emmet (Boyfriend), Unikitty, Benny, MetalBeard, Batman, Etc.

Foe: Lord Business (She hates him til he destroyed the Kragle and became good), Etc.

Personality: Tomboyish and spunky, though has a soft spot for Emmet, and considers him to be "The Special". At first she was opposed of Emmet being the special since she said she wanted to be "The Special", but after seeing the sacrifice Emmet went through, Wyldstyle agreed to him being "The Special".

Backstory: Made up Both of her Parents were Killed when Lucy was only 8 yrs old, she thought that her younger sister- Beatrice, was Killed also after her parents died, she was heartbroken hard time. At the age of 14, Lucy met Vitruvius & learned how to fight & Believed in Everything, even she heard about the Made up Prophecy that Vitruvius confirmed it to Lord Business. Wyldstyle wanted to be one, So she has been looking for the Piece of Resistance for 8 1/2 years straight till Emmet met her at the Construction site. Wyldstyle was only 23 1/2 yrs old when Emmet found the Piece of Resistance.
For Real At first, she fell in love with Batman, but after Batman dumped her, Emmet made her feel better by saying how he liked Wyldstyle's real name "Lucy", which made her bond with Emmet. She was sad after Emmet sacrificed himself to jump into the Abyss of no return, but then felt inspired by him after his sacrifice. After Emmet got back into the Lego World, she hugged Emmet and decided to be his girlfriend instead and dump Batman, which Batman allowed and told Wyldstyle that she can be happy with the man she loved most.

"LEGO Dimensions" startoff as: Wyldstyle was with the other Master Builders at Cloud Cuckoo Land, when DC Comics Batman and Grandalf popped into The LEGO Movie World. After witnessing MetalBeard fell to the vortex and a petty fight between DC Comics Batman and LEGO Movie Batman, she, DC Batman, and Gandalf fell into another vortex, finding themselves on the Yellow Brick Road in Oz, starting their adventure to save the LEGO Multiverse.

//BTW She's my mom :3//
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(Open rp, I need someone to do Lord Business. Yes, he's in lego dimensions.^^)
with the heroes helping them look for Homer when the Mircro managers show up Ugh, Business you idiot. I thought you said you weren't going to be up to no good.

walking around a little bit when you...

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name: the doctor
age: around 2,500 
home: TARDIS 
Friends: Clara,Batman,Wyldstyle and the other person from lord of the ring
foe: Cyberman,Dalek
What happen: If i die i change my past self
Meet: Chell, Scooby-doo, Doc Brown and the simsions
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