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1. For make a common enemy, use the Enemies Profile template and post in Enemies Profile
2. For make a mid-boss, use the Mid-Boss Profile template and post in Mid-Boss Profile
3. For make a boss or a villain, use the Villains Profile template and post in Villains Profile
4. For the health of a common enemy, the health is in numbers (like 4500, 983, 200000...), not in percentaje (100%, 50%, 25%...)

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Name: Thed
Age: 11
Gender: Male
Species: Nestrian/Spix Macaw/Rabbit (Jonah's Evil Clon)
Birthplace: USA (Real Life), Clones Laboratory (In this VideoGame)
Allies: Darklord of Destruction
Enemies: Aridia, Georgi Malchev, Orange Ball and Pink Ball
Evil Plans: Annihilate Aridia and became King of Destruction
Boss Number: ??? (He starts as Mid-Boss)
Forms/Evolution: Demithed -> Thed (Nestrian) (Don't detele this)
""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""-> Spixthed -> Jonahthed -> Mutantdevitt
Bio: An evil clon with forms of many characters (Finny the Nestrian, Tiago the Spix Macaw, Jonah the Rabbit...). Initially, Thed was good Nestrian and accompanied Aridia. In the ruins, he degenerates into her In-Training form and evolves into his Spix Macaw form in the Ruins. Later, he was a Nestrian very attentive and less intelligent of Aridia's team. Then, he lost interest on Aridia and betrays her friends and her, he turns into his Spix Macaw form. In the Darklord of Destruction's castle, Spixthed has been armour evolved into Jonahthed. After his defeat with his Rabbit form, he evolves into Mutantdevitt. Later, after Mutantdevitt is defeat, he turns into an evil version of Whisper (Yo-Kai Watch). After the Darklord's Defeat, Darklord, Thed and Darlord's Demon Whisper were transported to an holy dimension and they were annihilated by the light.

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Announcement: We're making some changes to Aridia: Evolution Wars.
Here are the changes:
1. Theodore eyre-davis, who is aridiapizarro's new enemy, will now be the villain. Yep, you heard me right. No more Mr. Innocent Boy. From now on, he will be Spixthed V.666. He will appear as the main villain of the game. And that's just the beginning.
2. We've also changed the cover art since the previous one was a bit boring(no offense). The new cover art for Aridia: Evolution Wars can be found below.
Thanks for reading this announcement. From, Georgi Malchov. 

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Name: Godly Invincible Georgi Malchov
Health point: 666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666
Level: In-Training
Attack: You Can't Hide
Strength: The blood of its dead victims
Weakness: The Power of Jesus Christ and his father God
Place where he appears: The Deep Remains of Hell

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(NOTE: This is a joke profile, so don't take it too seriously.)
Name: 2016/17 TSG 1899 Hoffenhein third kit
Age: 1899
Gender: None
Species: Association football kit
Sexuality: Soccer
Nationality: German
Evolution line: Not included because it's obviously a soccer kit
Allies: 2016/17 TSG 1899 Hoffenhein home kit
Enemies: Bayern Munich
Destiny: Be worn by the TSG1899H players.
Bio: A football kit and nothing else.

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Name: Azure
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Species: Dewott
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Nationality: Australia
Allies: Aridia, Orange Ball, Georgi Malchev, Pink Ball, Tayshawn Brooks, Exa the Iwanko, Calumon
Enemies: Darklord of Destruction, Darklord of Destruction's Demon Whisper, Dave Evil God, Yang the Frogadier
Side: Good
Bio: Exa's Adopted Older Brother and orphaned pokémon. He remember when he was an Oshawott, their parents were killed by Darklord of Destruction, they scratched his right leg and he had a scar. His destiny is became a Knight of Shells.

Brb got some homework to do(and my usual routine of peeing before I start).

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Aridia is in the Digital World, she's asleep and 3 minutes later, she opens her eyes
Aridia: Owwwww! Where I am?
Then, she look at the Digital World's sky
Aridia: Huh? That's rare... Wakes up (OPEN ROLEPLAY)

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In Part 1: Scene 2 of this Game, Georgi Malchev added a form for me who is called Sailor Aridia, a spoof of Sailor Moon. This is what Sailor Aridia looks.

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What type of character you should choose for +theodore eyre-davis in Aridia Evolution Wars?
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Hero/Main Character
Secundary Character
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