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I want to be download

Admin Please UNbanned My number admin +60194905422 and This also 0174505056..I didn do anything wrong sir suddenlly was banned.. Please sor im really need the beetalk bcaused i used beetalk to promote my busness and many of my customer at beetalk sir. I hope u can unbanned sir .. Really need ur help sir. May god bless you sir for helping me sir.

please help beetalk is banned

my beetalk is banned please help me +85298448335

09785389028 beetalk has banned.I want my account

ทำยังไงถึงจะโหลด BeeTalk ลงในคอมได้
ใครรู้ช่วยบอกนะค่ะ ทั้งหาวิธี โหลดทั้งวันล่ะ

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