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Pleace don't spam!
I have an announcement.

There are some members who try to tag mods in spam posts but can't remember our names, so i have something for you....

Here are the moderators so you can tag them
+Osama Bin Laden 
+Jat Pack 
+Leo, That one guy 
+Jon Sheffield 
+Kai .W 
And me +Bender Rodriguez
If you see anybody trashing the community with spam, tag the mods and we'll get rid of it and banned them.
Thanks... Comment below do any suggestions for the community. When you see a post that is offensive to you, please don't take it seriously .... Don't get butthurt... Unless there is an insult directed toward you. Thank you, have a great day.

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Love it!:*

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Hi guys whatsapp?:)

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IMVU niceeeee!nice.
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