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TBH, I think you should read this I go
If you don't want to read it, it's ok

Have you felt like the world doesn't love you?
Like they want to push you away?
Have you ever felt like people don't see you?

And you feel like you're in the way?

 And suddenly you feel
As if everyone hates you
And everyone just points their finger and look at you for your mistakes?
You do good and they want great
And no matter what you do, they still want to take?

Have you felt like you give your love
And they throw it back?
Have you given your heart 
And they go on attack?
And you seem there's nothing left?

Guess what?
I've felt that all before

And here's what I have to say

You need to fight like a warrior 
Protect your love
And protect your heart 
And fight for you
Let yesterday burn and put it in a fire
Live like a warrior 

No, the world doesn't hate you
They don't want to push you away
People like me do see you
And you are never in my way
Or anyone's way
Nobody hates you
And we don't point my finger looking at your mistakes 
We know you're trying your best
And we find your best the best of everything 

We'll never throw love back at you
We’ll always love you 
If you give your heart on anything 
We’ll never go on attack We’ll support you for what you do

You know...2 people have done that to me
And I thought to myself 
I need to fight to be strong

Us as a society believe that you can fight like a warrior 
And we will help you and be there for you 
Remember that 

Some things you need to let go of
They're only going to hold you down 
Just like weights on your shoulder 
They're only going to make you drown

We all have these moments
But always remember
Be brave and don't be afraid
Don't let go
You only have one life
So do your best 
And be brave 
Don't give up
Because I'm going to tell you this

If you want to suicide 
Think again 
You only have one round in life
And there's no going back 
Think twice 
Will I miss anything?
Will anybody miss me?
Will I regret suiciding?
And what will I loose?

I’m here
We all are
We’lll always be here 
For you 
And so many others will 

We believe that you can fight like a warrior 
I'm fighting like one
And I suggest you do as well 
I have had that feeling that the more I do, and you give your heart to go on attack 
And all of a sudden you feel as if everyone hates you...
I felt that now

You are important in this world 
Everyone is
You matter to people 
Everyone does 
I know you matter
And I know you are important to me
Everyone is important and matter to me
If they didn't, I wouldn't be making this speech to you 

Remember that people love you 
We love you 
And we are here for you
We’re here for you everyday 

If anything like that starts to happen 
Fight like a warrior 
And live like a warrior 
I believe in you
And I'll always be here 
Keep fighting 
And fight like a warrior

Depression doesn't mean you are worthless
Because nobody is
And I mean nobody
Sometimes,I too feel worthless
Sad things happen
And they affect me and my mental well being
And i feel the pain you feel.

But let me tell you this:
You are not alone.
And you never will be alone
The bad times have never come to stay,they have come to pass!

Sometimes,you need to have self confidence in yourself
If you believe you can be happy
You will
I believe in you
We all believe in you

So always remember:

We’re always here
And well never leave

We will always be there
And we will respond
To you

Lots of Love

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I get picked on because of my weight, glasses, hair,the way I look I'm in fourth grade now with a mean teacher and more bullies I have dealt with this since pre school


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ok guys, so im going into a very touchy and sad subject today. bullying. bullying needs to stop. ok? It hurts more then you can imagine. Ive been told to go die many times and I cried everytime I got home from it. I stood up for it but it never worked! and If you say a guy told a girl on here to kill herself and the bf sttod up but he kept saying that. I went to that guy on here to stand up for her and he insulted me. WE HAVE TO END THIS!😢😭 you dont even understand what the people you bully go through everyday other then school. They could be
you dont know ok!!!!!!!! ( there is nithing wrong with me) BUT STOP. Yeah sure you get "fun out of it" SHUT UP! JUST QUIT AND EVERYONE WOULD BE HAPPY. you wonder why you're friends hate you and just ugh! MAYBE IF WE WERE ALL NICE PEOPLE WE COULD ALL BE FRIENDS!!! SPREAD THE WORD #BULLYFREE !!!!

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Stop bullying my best friends

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Okay if you don't like someone that don't maen u have to be mean to them thay are like all of us but some kids just love being ass holes
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