Hey guys know it's been a while but if anyone wants to start role playing feel free

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This an introduction into the pack. First let me say WELCOME EVERYONE. I am glad you decided to join this pack, I am beta second in command this means that should anything ever happen to the alphas I will take the great honor of taking their place as alpha and be your leader. If that ever comes to pass I hope that I will be a wise and just leader. Having said that all must come to me when joining and give me your pack name, placing and why you chose it, finally all that is left is a photo of what you would look like in real life. An example of all of this is: My name is Lilac Ivy. I am beta and I chose this because I believe I am trust worthy and fit for the task of being second in command. Since this is my community no one can change my position and anyone who decides to moves someones place must discuss with me before doing so. Think of me as the alpha's advisors and the Guardian of this Pack. I want you to come to me if you have any problems and one thing I WILL ABSOLUTELY NOT ALLOW IS SEXUAL CONTENT!!! There can be mates but I don't want any smut in this community and anyone who breaks this rule is immediately out of the pack. Cussing is allowed just keep it so that this doesn't get banned. I think that is about it. Oh and if you want to know what I look like as a wolf in real life there will be a photo down below. Thank you for joining and I hope you have fun.
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