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To wrap up 2016 and look ahead to 2017, share one online "gift" with colleagues in your #INeLearn Community of Practice. It could be a lesson, a resource, a blog post, or anything else you think might be helpful for a peer in your content area or grade level. You can share something you created or that you found and have used.

I am doing research on scheduling options for school. Can you tell me how your school does scheduling (primarily K-6 but any ideas would help)? How many specials do they go to, what are they, how often do they go? Is your school on block scheduling, periods, something else? What about the gifted and talented program, how is it scheduled? Any thoughts, suggestions, ideas, what works, what doesn't would be greatly appreciated.

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Make sure to visit our webpage where you'll find a holiday message from the Office of eLearning Team! #INeLearn  

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"Link & Learn" About Our 2015 NPEI Keynoters: This year we will have the five foremost ‪#‎PEGeeks‬ on the planet as our keynoters. Please take a few moments to click on the five handy links below to learn more about this excellent group of Physical Educators:
(1) Andy Vasily has been teaching at fully authorized IB schools over the past 11 years in Japan, Azerbaijan, Cambodia, and China. He currently works at the Nanjing International School in China. He enjoys sharing and helping others to provide the best learning experiences possible for their students. Andy believes in the power of sharing as it makes us all better at what we do. Andy's website is
Nathan Horne is a physical education specialist currently based in Singapore. He is the founder of the definitive guide to Inquiry & Technology in Physical Education. He is committed to collaborating with other 21st century physical educators to improve the standard of instruction all around the world. Nathan's website is
Dr. Ash Casey is a researcher, lecturer and academic. He has a talent for breaking down academic research into practical, everyday PE application. As the founder of, Ash has created a collaborative space where teachers can learn from each other and grow professionally. He believes that shared practices can improve young people’s experiences of physical activity. Ash's website is
Jarrod Robinson is a physical education teacher from Victoria Australia, with a passion and enthusiasm for the role emerging technologies play within teaching and learning. He is first and foremost an advocate for lifelong movement and physical activity. Jarrod is known throughout the online community as “The PE Geek.” Jarrod's website is
Joey Feith is a young and energetic physical educator from Montreal, Canada. He is the creator of, an online resource. Described as one of the leading physical education innovators, Joey’s work in the development of has been hailed as creating a new standard for a globally-connected online community for K-12 physical educators! Joey's website is
To view the National PE Institute website, please click here >

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The Indiana Connected Educators Conference has tons of great sessions for educators of all stripes, including teachers of Health and PE! Check out the session offerings here:

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Diabetes is most emerging problem now a days.Diabetes can be controlled by avoiding some things.
1. Sugar.
2. Carbs.
3. Alcohol
4. Smoking.
5. Cokes and soda.
6. Oil.
7. Fruits which contain sugar.

#diabetes #ControlDiabetes

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Welcome to the community of practice - an open space for collaboration and resource sharing! Feel free to introduce yourself, share a link, request a resource, or suggest additional categories for sharing within the group. If you are new to Google+, the link below will help you get started!
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