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A handy guide for graphic designers. #Microjobs #Freelancer #Graphicdesigner

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Freelancing In India originally shared:
One day workshop with insights of freelancing industry and strategy to accelerate your earnings.

Why to attend this workshop?
1. Understanding Freelancing
2. Understanding Freelancing Strategy
3. Learn Tools
4. Accelerate Earnings
5. Prepare a convincing portfolio
6. Art of getting business, cracking bids and earning repeat clients.

Duration: 5 hours including open forum and networking hour over some coffee / brunch

Who can attend?

FREELANCERS, obviously, Beginners as well as Professionals.
Being more specific, freelancers who use creativity to attract and work with clients online. Graphic designers, Logo designers, Web designers, Web Developers, Android developers, software creators, technical writers, creative writers, coaches, commercial artists and more.

I am just starting out, only created an account. Will it be helpful for me?
YES. This workshop is designed for people / students / professionals / housewives / retired persons who have been doing freelancing (or getting work through referrals) for a little while, but are not able to make it though. Yeah, not getting projects OR negative feedbacks OR haven’t got any payment.
The processes will work for a complete fresher, as well. Infect, starting fresh could work to your advantage.

Why this is priced at Rs 3000?
The least any freelancer, in India can charge Rs 300/ hour. This workshop is a career investment that will take about 4 hours to complete, but will provide you exponential returns, knowing that you kick start your work!!

What if I don’t participate or interact in the workshop?
That’s your call. If you just attend the workshop, make notes and study them once back at home, that will work absolutely fine. You can anytime get in touch with us over email or visit our premises. We encourage you to share your doubts / experiences with us and others on our dedicated facebook group. We regularly share tools, best practices, case studies and tips that will work best for you. Be a part of our community (don’t worry it is again optional)

Will there be more material to learn?
The plan is to add more learning material on demand and feedback of the attendees. We also have an extended 30 hour class room session, you can enroll if you want to kick start your freelancing career with a bang. What best, we guarantee $50 first project to begin with.
Joining our facebook community will help you access free and forever learning material on regular basis.

How is the workshop paced?
No, we are not participating in any race. The pace of workshop will be governed by the participants and in a way that they can personally be benefited with their freelancing / business goals. Expect brainstorming exercises, role plays , digging some case studies and understanding mindset as well as working culture of your potential clients.

Still having concerns?
Give us a call on 9041194747, we will answer your every question.

See you there. Be on time as Time is indeed money when it comes to freelancing.

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