Hi, is there api for get my usage of mapsApi quota? We need to add that data to our monitoring system.

Where should I place the .getPlace() method? It is executing even without calling the changeplace function and showing an error in the console.

On a side note, my app has multiple search boxes and their indexes are represented by variable j.

console output:

"Script error. (line 0)

function changeplace(j){
places[j] = autocomplete[j].getPlace();

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Hi I want say how I can animate the line of map using api. I found some stuff on web but I only find using start/end but I create a multiline and I don't use the route, so I want say if someone could help me.


Why can't we save options like avoid tolls all the time like on the iphone? This seems like a total no brainer. it's very annoying.

Kiero poder ver wallapop y k vean las fotos de los articulos k yengo en mi perfil de wallapop

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Hi everyone,
One of my Application's features need to show the track history of vehicle. In order to implement this feature I am using Google Road API. I am passing 100 lat lng points to it but the resulting response is not on road. it contains many jumps.
Help required.

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How to Setting up your Windows 10 update machine to learn Javascript with Node JS

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I'm trying to explain Web API's to high school students using analogies and LEGO. Does this analogy make sense? https://youtu.be/qW1qhb8r8xI
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