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Is this community still active or abandoned? I see no activity... anyway, hopefully this will be seen.

This is regarding Android Issue Tracker Issue #37324144: "Gradle plugin 2.4.0-alpha 4 doesn't recognize if annotation processor in provided is also added to annotationProcessor configuration". I'm using gradle:2.4.0-alpha6 and can still reproduce this.

I have, in my dependencies, the following:
annotationProcessor "org.immutables:value:2.4.4"
provided "org.immutables:value:2.4.4"
provided "org.immutables:gson:2.4.4"
provided "org.immutables:builder:2.4.4"

The project syncs (with Gradle) without issue, but when I try to build/run it, I get the following error:
Error:Execution failed for task ':app:javaPreCompileStageDebugUnitTest'.
> Annotation processors must be explicitly declared now. The following dependencies on the compile classpath are found to contain annotation processor. Please add them to the annotationProcessor configuration.
- value-2.4.4.jar
Alternatively, set android.defaultConfig.javaCompileOptions.annotationProcessorOptions.includeCompileClasspath = true to continue with previous behavior. Note that this option is deprecated and will be removed in the future.
See for more details.

Now according to the page mentioned in the error message, what I have above is correct (declared the dependency as annotationProcessor and repeated is as compile). However this still causes the failure. I've tried with both compile and provided both yielding the same results. For this specific library, because the annotations are compile time only, provided is the correct configuration.

Based on the described proper usage (attached link) I believe this is a valid bug and both compile and provided configurations should be accepted as long as the dependency is also properly marked as annotaionProcessor.

The original issue seems to be missing some details, which I think is why it's marked as "Won't fix (intended behavior)"

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We have released Android Studio 2.2 to the stable channel yesterday. Don't miss our release announcement:

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Announcing SQLScout 2.0.5: View, manage and update SQLite databases in your Android device, in real time, from Android Studio.
There is no need to download database files from your device anymore. No more time spent on roundtrips or app redeployments. Increased productivity, FTW!
Version 2.0.5 fixes compatibility issues with Android Studio 2.2.

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Announcing SQLScout 2.0: View, manage and update SQLite databases in your Android device, in real time, from Android Studio.
There is no need to download database files from your device anymore. No more time spent on roundtrips or app redeployments. Increased productivity, FTW!
Starting with version 2.0, SQLScout is free for Open Source projects!

Android Studio 2.0 has been promoted to a stable release!

A big thanks to everyone in this community who has helped us testing this release in Canary and Beta for months. We’re really excited that it’s now ready for use by all Android developers.

As you can see, we've also created a new Android Studio page on Google+, which we'll be using alongside this community to post official announcements, tips and tricks, and other good stuff.

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Take our Android Studio survey!

The Android Studio team wants to hear your feedback in order create features that most benefit you.

Are you new to Android Studio and Android development? Then welcome!! and read on.

If you're looking for first steps, please check out one of our two Udacity courses (depending on your level).

Absolute beginner:


And finally, this community is intended for answering questions about Android Studio and related tools. If you have general Android development questions, you'll probably have more luck over in the Android Development community:

Thanks for coming by to our community. We hope you are able to resolve your questions quickly and to your satisfaction.

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Oh COME ON GOOGLE! I thought 2.0 was orders of magnitude faster builds? Mine just doubled.

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Is there anyway to specify product and build specific source files in Android studio? I'm able to override files for different products ( but not at the level of build types.

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I use AndroidX86 on VirtualBox to run and debug my apps because of better speed than google sdk emulator and I wrote a guide on howto do this . Anyone knows how could I convert Google Android SDK Qemu System Images to VDI bootable virtualbox disk ? AndroidX86 is not currently updated to last Android release.
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